The Good Boy

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You can do everything right.

Submitted: August 31, 2013

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Submitted: August 31, 2013



The teacher was teaching, somebody knocked at the door, then the door opened slowly, the boy came into the class. He was a little out of breath. He was poor. His face was pale  , with ragged clothes and old shoes, and was standing near the door.


The teacher was serious, unkind and he was always being rough on him. The teacher looked at him and asked angrily, "Why are you late?, where have you been?", The boy's face was stalwart and strong and he had the courage to say to the teacher why he is late, when he would talk and said just, " I...", the teacher didn't allow him to talk anymore.


"You should clean all of the class and it's the punishment for you and ...",


"I can explain ..."


 "Don't interrupt me when I am speaking to you and I think you can't do anything right."



Another day, The boy was late again, the teacher looked at him angrily. The teacher was feeling like he had found his hobby. But there was another side to his character.  He didn't want to punish him and he needed to show off in the class. The teacher said,


"Just like I said, you can't do anything right."


"But I can", the boy said strongly and bravely. The teacher looked at him wrathfully, "what did you say?", the boy said,


"I can do everything."


"How arrogant are you to talk like that?", the teacher said angrily.


The teacher looked at him for a moment and he wanted to crush his confidence, he decided that gave him homework more than his ability, he picked up a book and said, "You must do this homework until tomorrow.", the boy took and glanced at the book and said, "But this is too much."


The teacher said, "You can't do anything right", the boy couldn't anything to say.


The teacher broke into a smile and feeling like had defeated a big country. "So, we wait until tomorrow."



Tomorrow morning the boy came into the class a little late, but he was happy. It seemed that he had done his homework. The teacher said, "You're late again", "But I have done what you ask.", the boy answered, "I know but you're late and you will be punished ." the teacher said.



Day after day the teacher found something to punish him, until one day he called to the school and said he couldn't go to the school.  His daughter had an asthma attack.

That day his daughter was very sick. He was driving to hospital with his daughter, suddenly, his car broke down .


He checked out the car and he couldn't fix it, and he looked at his daughter, every second was making her asthma worse. There wasn't any car in that road, he looked at the road and his daughter nervously, he couldn't do anything at that moment.


The boy was running and saw his teacher was standing near the car. This time was the first time he had seen his teacher that was nervously and his hand was shaking.

The boy went toward the teacher and asked, "Can I help you?", the teacher said, "No, just go.", "If your car has a problem I can fix it.", the boy said politely.


"No, you can't, go", the teacher said angrily.


"I can.", the boy said strongly and continued," My father's job is machinist and I can repair the car."


The teacher looked at him for a moment and didn't say anything.


"What choice do you have?", The boy said forcefully.


The teacher couldn't say anything and saw his daughter that wasn't in good condition

and he paused and said, "Do it."


The boy started to repair the car. The teacher was astounded, the boy was working  like he had done this work for thousands of the years. After fixing the car, they went together

to hospital.



They were in hospital and the teacher was happy because his daughter was safe and sound.


The boy looked at them and went toward the door. The teacher called him and asked, "can you tell me now why you are always being late?"


" Because I have to help my father for fix the cars every night and I can't wake up early.", The boy said.


The teacher said, "One more thing." This time was, like the boy was a king and he was a slave, He couldn't look at the boy's eyes directly, and continued,


"You can do everything right."

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