False Reality ...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


As I lay on my back the clouds in the sky twist and transform in to beautiful creatures.
My own mind is unable to grasp the enormity of these majestic animals.
I feel invincible as small as I am compared to the enormous sky and when I reach out my arms they dance with me.
The grass has never seemed so green, nor the sky more blue.
The entire world glitters, and I can promise you that never again in your life will you witness something so sublime.
The caress of the wind on my face has never been so soft, and I am so full with a feeling of being alive that it's simply indescribable.
I could feel my blood flowing through my veins.
However nothing lasts forever and as the turmoil in my mind slowly becomes numb,
I play with the second pill in my hand.
As it dances around my palm I am just consumed with thoughts of you.
For thats what you are to me.
When I let you in my life you control my sense of reality.
Smiles seem to last longer.
Butterflies leave me short of breathe.
But just like this pill, when the bell jar is lifted... And I breathe the air of reality...
The sky is still, and the creatures I once danced with turn back into the grey flat clouds that bring rain.
The grass turns back to it's dull color and the insects begin to bite once more.
The wind that once kissed my cheek now sends shivers through my body.
Smiles when I hear your name have long past,
and the butterflies have flown away.
Loving you was a false reality.

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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