A Brief Recollection to the Girl in the Mirror

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Hey you, we need to talk.

Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



Funny how I always seem to find someone in you worth the price of waking up to everyday.

Sometimes it is your faith in our God, your expression of gratitude for me, at times it is

your realization that nothing is permanent, forever in conflict with one of your many fears: that everything earthly is temporary.

You find this knowledge a relief and a great horror.

There are times your charms win me over,

that smile makes me forget the tears we hid behind closed doors.

Those eyes make me believe that there is enough light in you to share with all the worlds and their moons twice over.

At times it is the way you express me. The way our bond as flesh and spirit seem to inspire great works in a variety of ways.

I loath, I adore, I despise, I cherish all that is you and all that is felt will never be enough to fill the void of having you part from me now.

Let us part in a manner of speaking, from the internal reflection until our conflict of interest and sudden empass has once more been resolved in a meeting of much

needed prayer.

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