Speed Limit

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Brightly just wants to forget she's the preacher's kid and get on with her life. Except no one else seems to want that- except for Sam Michelson.

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013




Brightly glared at the cop car's rear end. The freaking sign said fifty-five and the jerk was going 50. What was he playing at? She looked at the clock's dashboard. It was exactly 9:15. That would make it forty minutes that she was late for her own damn surprise party. How nice. She closed in on the cop then held back. He did not just drop to 45. With one last glare, she flicked her turn signal and swerved around the cop. Not a second later, the lights were blaring. She shook her head and cussed under her breath. She pulled over and waited impatiently for the jerk to get out of his car, drag this little thing along and give her a fucking ticket. The officer approached her window slowly, hitched up his pants, and knocked on her window.

“Can I help you, officer?” she asked sweetly. He didn't crack a smile. He bent down to her level and she immediately knew who this was. Sam Michelson. The new hotshot. If she wasn't in such a mood, maybe she would have taken the time to look over his features and recognize one of the finest specimen's on God's earth, but that is not the way things play out.


She didn't have time for this.

“Cut the bullcrap. What the hell where you doing there?” the officer blanched and pulled back. “What are you on a freaking power trip or something? The sign said fifty miles per hour. Can you not read? If I were a cop, I'd fucking pull you over for driving like my grandpa's a-hole. If you're gonna put on that uniform and pretend to be some tough guy, at least have the decency to go the freaking speed limit. If you're gonna give me a ticket, you better be freaking ready to go to court. Otherwise, get back in your car and let me get to my birthday party.”

“Are you drunk!” he demanded.

“No, I'm not drunk. I'd like to be so if you hurry this thing along, that'd be great. Want me to do a breathalyzer? Imma take you to court for that too and if you're gonna do it, do it fast.”

“What climbed up--

“Are you gonna give me a ticket?”

“I've half a mind to do it.”

“Yeah well, the other half is gonna watch me drive away. Got a problem with that?” He blinked several times, shook his head, and stood back. He extended his hand out as if rolling out a carpet. She rolled her eyes, put the car in drive and roared out of there. She looked in the mirror's rear view, saw him laugh before getting in his car.


Brightly kicked her boots and twirled in Taylor Jenkins' arms. Finally, she was twenty-one! It seemed like it had taken forever to get there. Finally, she could drink without the disapproving looks of the town on her back. That reminded her, her throat was quite parched. She laughed and twirled out of Taylor's arms and headed to the bar. The bartender slid her a Heady Topper and she took a large gulp.

“Are you trying to get drunk?” someone asked. She rolled her eyes and gave her memorized line.

“Unless you buying me my way to the toilet, take a walk.”

“Classy.” She turned to glare at the jerk who dared interrupt her drinking and her glare froze. Sam Michelson grinned. “So you remember me, good.”

“Listen, about the other night--

“It's all good,” he laughed and she liked the deep throatiness of it. Was she drunk already? “I needed the laugh.” She studied his face for a moment. He had clear blue eyes that pierced into her face as she studied him. His jaw was covered in day old stubble and she wanted to feel that brush her neck as he sucked on her skin. He had supple lips that were suppressed back from holding a smile. “You were right, I was totally on a power trip.” She smiled and hoped he hadn't noticed her checking him out.

“I'm surprised you didn't arrest me.”

“I'd like to see you in cuffs, but not behind the police cage.”

Beer spewed out of Brightly's mouth.

“I'm not gonna lie, Brightly. I've been thinking about you every freaking hour of the day since that night. I don't know how many scenarios I've played in my mind in how I'd approach you. It couldn't have been any better seeing you up here by yourself. This must be the first time you've been alone this entire night!”

“You stalking me?” she squeaked once she was able to compose herself.

“Yearning, lusting, wanting, whatever you want to call it, I've been doing it.” He smiled a slow seductive smile and her eyes traveled down his body. Hard rock. “You wanna dance or you gonna check me out all night?” She blushed and looked him over once again.

“What's your intentions here, Michelson? You gonna be like every other tease before you?”

“I have no intention of teasing you,” he laughed. Then his face turned serious and he looked at her intently. “Not for long at least.” Her breath caught in her throat and she took a sip of beer.

“I'm the preacher's kid.”

“I don't think you're a kid anymore.” Her eyebrows disappeared under her eyebrows as she scrutinized him.

“Alright, dance with me.”

“Gladly.” He extended his hand and she willingly took it. She could feel eyes on them as he led her toward the center of the dance floor. Tim McGraw's “I'm Amazed by You” blared in the speakers and he pulled her close. “You smell like heaven.” She didn't say anything as his hand settled on her lower back pressing him to his body. His right hand grasped her left gently in his hold as they swayed to the music.

“How'd you know I'd be here?”

“I have my sources,” he laughed. The soft rumble on her head made her stomach flip in all the right ways.

“I don't know if I'm creeped out yet.” He laughed again and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“I think you're turned on.” She was about to reply when the song cut and a fast beat started playing. He swung her away from him and whipped her back. She tipped her head back and let out a laugh as he swung her around the dance floor. It felt good to be twenty-one. It felt good to be young.




Jeremiah couldn't stop staring as Brightly let Sam manhandle her around the dance floor to nearly every song. How'd she change so fast! The last time he was in town, she still seemed like that sixteen year old still madly in love with him. Suddenly, it was like he'd turn invisible. Was everyone right? Had she really forgotten him? And what the hell was Sam doin' anyway? He knew that was his girl. He'd talked about her enough all throughout their four years as roommates for him to know that she was a “hell nah” territory. He glared at his best friend. Why was he doing this? After all he'd done to get him a job in this town, this was how he repaid him?

“Hey, Jer,” Koraline Smithy touched his arms gently. “How about taking me for swing?” He blinked at the small thing before him. She wasn't more than eighteen. “On the dance floor I mean.” She had the nerve to pretend to blush.

“Nah, maybe another time,” he answered sourly. He continued to glare at the couple on the dance floor.

“Brightly sure looks like she's having fun,” Karoline teased. “You think she gonna let him take her home tonight?”

“Koraline, you better shut your hole,” he growled. Karoline huffed and stormed away. He watched as Sam spun Brightly away from him and she wheeled back laughing. The world stopped. Without hesitation, Sam's lips crushed down on Brightly. With the impact of the kiss, he probably broke her teeth. What the hell was Sam doin'? In horror, he watched as Brightly's fingers clasped behind his neck pulling him in closer for a kiss that took Jeremiah's breath away. In another second, Sam had whisked her off dance floor and disappeared.



Brightly's mouth hurt as Sam's lips pressed against hers. It hurt, but oh did she want more. He pushed her against the brick wall of the saloon and buried his head in her neck. She moaned as he nipped at her skin with his mouth and teeth. His subtle rubbed against her and it felt way better than she couSld have imagined. She missed his lips. She grabbed his hair and pulled him hungrily back to hers. Her insides quivered with each flick of his tongue inside her mouth.

“Ah please,” she moaned.

“I don't know where to take you,” he mumbled against her lips. She fought with the clasp of his jeans and growled in frustration as the button refused to come undone. “Maybe we should stop to think—”

“Tease,” she glared at him. His mouth came crushing down on hers again more hungrily. “Truck?”

“Full of crap.”

“If you had the intent of seducing me,” she hit his arms. “Why the hell did you come with a full truck!” He laughed and nipped her bottom lip with his teeth.

“I didn't think I could. God, you're just so damn beautiful.” He pressed harder into her body and she could feel the brick wall clinging to her hair and shirt. His lips searched hers, pleading, wanting. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she could feel him fighting against the material of his jeans.

“Please just fuck me,”

“No,” he said slowly rubbing against her. “I want to make love to you, but not here.”

“Damn it, Sammy.” she moaned into his neck.

“Please don't moan my name like that,” he begged, but pushed harder.

“Take me home,” she whimpered.

“Too far,” he looked around desperately. “Bathroom?”

“Not that cheap,” she laughed. “Rain check?” He shook his head.

“Think you can make it to my truck?” She bit her lip and he growled. “Please don't do that. I'm gonna let you down, Brightly, and you're gonna hang on, okay?” She nodded slowly. “Imma take you home and take you apart slowly, okay?” Again she nodded. “You can't let go, though, okay?” She blinked slowly as if in a dream. “Brightly, please stop looking at me like that.”

“Like I want you to tear me apart slowly?” she smiled.

“Yeah, exactly like that.” He grabbed her behind and slowly slid her off him. “I miss you there already.”

“I think you should turn on your lights when we leave.”

“Isn't that abuse of power?

“Like you haven't done it before.” He grasped her hand tightly and sped walked them out of the bar. Arriving at his truck he opened the door and she hopped in. The minute they were on the road, his hands were on her thigh. Her fingers traced the outline of his ear and traveled down his neck then back to his ear. “You can't drive any faster?” His hands traveled to her inner thigh and his finger moved slowly over the front of her jeans.


“Not what I meant. Freaking drive faster.” In record time, they arrived at Sam's apartment. He rushed over to the passenger side and she fell into his arms with kisses. They treacherously climbed the steps to his apartment. Once inside, he pressed her against the door.

“Where were we?” His lips found hers and again she wrapped herself around him. They stumbled awkwardly to his couch. On her back, he kissed over her clothes and she growled in frustration. “Patience.” he teased. She grabbed him between his legs and gently stroked him. “Gah!”

“Don't tease me and tell me to be patient,” she advised. She popped his buttons open and shimmied them off his body. She pushed him into his back and took him in her mouth. He moaned as her tongue gently flicked his tip. Her tongue wrapped his length taunting and teasing him. Her teeth gripped him and he gently pushed her head forward taking more of him in his mouth. “You taste so good,” she moaned.

“I want to be inside you,” he moaned.

“Not yet,” she bit him and he exploded in her mouth. In awe he watched as she continuously gulped down all of it. When she was done, she came back to his mouth and nibbled his ear. “Think I can make you do it again?” He was ready to come right then and there, but he grabbed the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down. One hand on her behind, his tongue in her mouth, he unclasped her bra. She ripped his shirt open until skin was touching skin. He could feel the weight of her breasts settle on his chest. He kissed her neck, one breast at a time and sucked on each nipple. He played with her and she moaned begging for more. His lips traveled down her stomach and she raised herself above him as he traveled down. He was pleasantly surprised to find no underwear. She was already wet as his tongue plunged into her core. She screamed as his tongue whipped in and out of her reaching the deepest corners. He lapped at rivers rushed out her body.

“Cum baby,” he ordered softly. He could tell it tickled as she closed around his mouth. He used his fingers to tear her open and massage her trust back. His fingers probbed her, gently coaxing her on. He licked her slowly, dragging moans out her as her body shook. He gently kissed her as she slowly finished. He slowly kissed back up her body and found her lips. She moaned as he teased her. He pulled back to kiss her droopy eyelids. “Baby, we're not done yet.”

“Please,” she begged. He shook his head and flipped her beneath him.

“I'm going to get a condom, you wait right here.”

“Pill,” she managed sleepily. His middle finger slid down her neck, between her breasts, and stopped right below her navel. She wiggled beneath him and he gritted his teeth.

“Do you want this,” he teased wagging his finger. She nodded. He slid his penis over her legs, leaving wet trails and over her throbbing vagina. “Or do you really want that?” She thrust her hips forward and he let it rest against her. Her walls closed around him doing push ups trying to get him in. He slid his hands gruffly into hers and raised them above her head. “How do you do that?” he growled. Her legs wrapped around him, forcing him into her and her eyes green eyes widened in shock. “Good to see you're still awake.” He slammed into her and her nails scratched down his back. She nipped playfully at his chest and he rhythmically grind his hips into her. His hands wove into her hair and he couldn't remember the last time he had actually made love to someone. He kissed her nose and slowly drove in and out of her. “Brightly?” Before he could add anything more, she had flipped him under him and was on top without him even pulling out of her. She laughed playfully as she teasingly kissed his lips. Her hair fell all around him and he couldn't stop staring at her beautiful face. She circled over him pulling him in then out and ceaselessly repeating. He grabbed her hips to keep in control.

“Come with me,” she leaned over and kissed his happy trail. Her tongue flicked his belly button all the while keeping the crazy swiveling of his her hips. She sucked each nipple bringing him to a close then letting him go. He'd never felt so inexperienced in his life. He pushed deeper into her and he got the satisfaction of watching her come undone. Not long after, he exploded into her body. She dropped into his chest laughing. “It would have been nice if you would have stayed with me.” She kissed his chest and searched his eyes. He was still inside her and she wiggled to remind him. He gasped and grasped her hips tightly.

“Fuck, Brightly!”

“Wanna go again?”




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