Rise of the Fallen (by Megan Davis)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is an excerpt from a story I'm randomly adding on to. This excerpt isn't finished. I have it written down, but not typed up yet.


Reina gasped at the air like a fish out of water. She was mostly conscious, but her vision was unfocussed. Sai knew this. Sai, being able to conjur powers beyond this world, was to be in charge of making sure Reina recovered. Just a few days ago, she had been no more alive than a rock. Hikaru, a man with friends in quite high places, had made a good attempt at ending Reina's life. Dharc, a man with opposite qualities and a strong, mutual hatred toward Hikaru, had no choice but to save her. He saved her not only because of an obvious attachment to her, but also because of a wretching will to know why she was targeted by a man like Hikaru. Regardless of whether or not there was a reason--which Sai was sure there was one for something as forbidden as killing your own kind--Hikaru's actions were definitely hostile.

Sai knew by the look on Reina's small, delicate face that she was horrified and above all else confused. He refused to speak until she calmed enough to form words. He didn't want to startle her in fear of quickening her heart to an unmanageable rate. He could already hear it thrashing like a vicious animal in a very weak cage. She made a small yelp, then continued to mumble until her eyes were able to focus. Sai  gazed patiently at the frantic black pupils that lie in pools of speckled violet. With a cough followed a whispered question. Although the very question was anticipated by Sai, it took a while to be answered. She spoke again, unsure if she'd been heard the first time.

"Where am I?" she asked in a cracked voice. Sai had heard the question the first time, of course; his hearing was excellent. The habit of hesitating before speaking to think of the best reply restrained his answer.

"Dharc brought you here. This is his house,"  he said slowly, making sure each work sunk in. He gave her a simple answer even though he knew her question inquired more than just their whereabouts. He wanted to make sure his words were processed before accessing anything too complicated. He didn't need her mind to be boggled with information she can't absorb. Right now he needed her to remember, so he could figure out how much she knew.

Reina blinked at his simple statement. Dharc struck a familiar chord in her memory. Dharc, a quiet guy, didn't talk to stangers--or anyone really. He never liked Hikaru. Hikaru... Her eyes widened as everything fell back into place. Her jaw dropped slightly.

"Hi--Hikaru!" she stuttered, "He tried to kill me..." her voice trailed off as her glassy eyes stared toward the great chandelier hanging over them both. She was looking at the light, but Sai could tell she was once again seeing Hikaru. The night played back in her mind.

She remembered being safe in Hikaru's warm embrace. She looked up at him and smiled. He met her face with a smile, but not a warm one. It was devious; contorted with a spiteful smirk. She pulled back, startled, while two glorious rays of light spead from his shoulder blades--wings. She remembered the pain almost clouded by her shock stab though her chest and into her heart. She saw her own blood swell and spill out around a dagger that was forced into her chest by Hikaru. She gaped at him. The world swirled around and his face was distorted by her wanning consciousness. The words were an unclear mumble, but still recognizable: "Half-breed scum!". Then everything faded into nothingness...

She reconsidered her last statement.

"I--I died?" she gasped painfully. Her eyes flowed over Sai's unfamiliar face like purple lava. They stared in disbelieve and cofusion at the lack of sense. They longed to draw an answer from his lips. If nothing else just to get a clue.

"You did," Sai reassured her, "that's why I'm here. My name is Sai. Dharc came to find me after retrieving your body. He gave up part-- well, most--of his life energy to transfer it to you." He saw distrust in her precious, jemstone eyes.

"I don't understand," she whispered.

"I see you're not familiar with anything outside of this realm," he mumbled. When he recieved nothing but a confused daze from the poor girl, he continued, "I have immortal powers. In fact, I don't even originate in this dimension. Dharc summoned me here two days ago to help you," he paused as shock crossed her features, "Dharc and Hikaru are also immortal, as are you. But..." he trailed off, "I had come to believe you were one of his kind."

She squinted at him. "One of...Hikaru's kind?" she inquired.

"A Risen. I thought you knew," he replied, almost questioning. Her eyes begged him to explain further. "Hikaru is part of the Risen race. They are angelic-modeled beings made to rule your world from the shadows. They are the conductors of this realm. However, with the Risen, came the Fallen. This world was build upon balance, the Fallens have to exsist as long as the Risens do. Dharc is one of these Fallens," he started to tap into his inner scholar, "Even though both sides are immortal, the Risens get all the power and left the Fallens with nothing to their names but their own powers. However, the Risens' power has thrown off balance and the Fallens have been rebellious. The world has been waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled--to restore balance and asure a Fallen victory," he blinked, realizing he'd gotten off subject, "But uh...that information seems a little beyond you." He studdied her blank face. She blinked once, then furrowed her brow.

"What are you talking about?" she finally inquired, "What? do you think I'm stupid? Who would believe that? I must be dreaming or something," she said, remembering the grand wings stretching out from Hikaru's back.

"But how could you be in a dream state? You just experienced pain," he observed.

"Then I've probably just gone insane, or maybe I've already died!"

"You're not dead, Reina. I made sure of that myself. Even if I hadn't resurrected you, you cannot deny that you breathe. And as far as being insane, you might well be! And if you are, you might as well go along with all that I tell you. Who else do you have to trust? The Risens want you dead. So, if you appear before me because you are insane, so be it. Regardless of your sanity being intact or not, you are here. You have no reason to deny this."

Sai was caught off-guard by her not believing in her own kind. Not as suprised as he was that she didn't even know what she was to begin with. He watched her ponder; watched as she came to an unsure conclusion.

"So...you're telling me I'm a Risen?," she asked doubtfully.

"I assume so. I can sense the Risen blood in you, but it's not pure. You must be something else, too,"

"Human?" she suggested, probably wishing to be partly normal.

Sai shook his head, "Impossible. A mortal cannot withstand the birth of an immortal child. They are very, very few exceptions."

Reina was, of course, puzzled and overwhelmed,--no thanks to Sai's over-explaining--but she would have to adapt. She slowly and carefully pulled herself into a sitting position.

"It appears that you are better," Sai said quietly. She nodded in responce.

"Where's Dharc? He's here, isn't he?" she asked. 

"Yes, he's here. He should be safe for a while," Sai said while getting to his feet.

"Can I see him?" she asked while getting up unsteadiliy. Sai held her shoulders to help her keep her balance.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Ebony Wyvern. All rights reserved.

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