In The Rain

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Jacob Crofts is spending a regular Saturday at the park when he spots a girl who affects him in a way he’s never experienced. But when she disappears before he can talk to her, he wonders if he’ll see her again.

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



A day without you is like a year without rain.

Selena Gomez


I’d been coming to the park every Saturday for the two years with my best mate, Ethan Dare to play football. The park was usually full of women and I shamelessly spent half the time checking them out. I expected this Saturday to be no different and I wasn’t disappointed. Two blondes had already jogged past and I’d almost ended up with a football in the head. I was waiting for Ethan to grab the ball when I spotted her jogging. As I took in her luscious dark brown hair, intense blue eyes and tanned skin, I felt the usual expected surge of lust but underneath was a hint of something else, something I couldn’t put my finger on. While I tried to guess what it was, something slammed into the side of my head and I fell to the ground.

“What the hell? I asked. Ethan grinned and pulled me to my feet.

“You’re drooling,” he informed me. I rolled my eyes disgustedly.

“Let’s just play football,” I muttered. Ethan smirked and backed away. I twirled the ball in my hands as I waited for him to get in position and glanced in the girl’s direction again. She had stopped and was now stretching. I was admiring her legs when a rain drop suddenly fell on my nose. A second later, it started to pour. When I turned to call to Ethan, I saw he was walking back to me.

“You’ve got your car, haven’t you?” I called.

“Yep,” he said. I turned to see what the girl was doing, only to discover she was gone.

“What’s your problem?” Ethan asked as he reached me.

“Nothing,” I said sourly. I was pissed I hadn’t got the girl’s number and the rain didn’t help my mood. I’d hated storms of any kind since I was a kid

“Let’s go then,” Ethan said.


I’d seen hundreds of girls at the park during my time there, but no other had impacted me like this girl from that rainy Saturday. I was still thinking about her the following Monday as I walked into our weekly meeting at work. I’d been working for the council since I finished school four years earlier at eighteen and I’d slowly begin to tune out during these Monday meetings. The meeting started out with each department’s report and I found myself drifting away.

“…. so I’d like to introduce my new assistant, Isabella Taylor,” the director’s voice cut into my thoughts and I glanced up as Isabella walked in. As I took in her brown hair and blue eyes, I almost fell off my seat. I recognised Isabella immediately as the girl from the park.

“I looked forward to working with you all,” Isabella said. She looked around the room and her eyes lingered on me before she smiled.

“Is there any other business?” the director asked. When no one spoke up, he declared the meeting closed and everyone shuffled out of the board room. I tried reached Isabella but when I reached the spot she’d been standing on, she was gone. I walked back to my desk in disappoint.


I spent the rest of the week working from another office and failed to see Isabella again. I was in a foul mood when I met up with Ethan on Saturday.

“Who spit in your cereal this morning?” he asked as we marked the field out.

“What do you mean?” I asked, more sharply than I meant.

“You’ve been giving off this vibe all morning,” he said.

“You know that girl I saw last week?” I asked.

“Brown hair, blue eyes and a smoking body?” Ethan replied.

“That’s the one,” I confirmed.

“Don’t remember her,” Ethan said. I threw the ball at him.

“She turned up at my work on Monday,” I said.

“Did you get the digits?” Ethan inquired.

“Nope,” I mumbled. “I was in another office for the rest of the week.”

“Sucks for you,” Ethan said. “Come on, let’s play. It looks like rain.” His last words were said as he glanced up at the sky. It had been bleak all week but today the clouds were ominously grey.


I was two points down and chasing Ethan when he suddenly stopped.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. When Ethan turned to me, he was smiling.

“Over there,” he said, pointing toward the path that ran through the path. I glanced over and dropped the ball. Isabella was jogging along and as I watched, she glanced up. Our eyes met and she smiled.

“I’ll leave you alone,” Ethan grabbed the ball and ran toward his car. I barely noticed. Isabella had stopped jogging and was walking toward me.

“I know you,” she said.

“Jacob Crofts,” I said. “We work together.”

“I’ve seen you before though,” she said. “Last Saturday when I was running.”

“You saw me?” I said.

“Your eyes were on stalks,” she joked. “It was hard not to miss.” I opened my mouth to reply and then closed it as a drop fell. Another followed and soon it was pouring.

“Do you want a lift home?” I asked before remembering Ethan had been my ride.

“There’s a bus stop just up there,” she said. “I can take that.”

“I’ll come with you,” I declared, holding up my hand when she protested.

By the time we reached the stop, we were soaked through. We huddled under the stop. Isabella was peering down the road when I noticed she was shivering.

“Are you cold?” I asked.

“A little,” she admitted. I moved closer to her

“I’m sorry I can’t do better,” I said. Isabella smiled at me.

“It’s ok,” she said but I was distracted by a drop rolling down her face. I wiped it away before realising how close our lips were. I started to lean in and then suddenly paused. Isabella caressed my cheek before closing the distance. As our lips touched, the chill of the rain vanished. Isabella deepened the kiss and I decided perhaps storms weren’t that bad.

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