Angle I Needed

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Someone Showed Me There`s More To Life

Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014



You was a fool to break all the reals tearing away at my heart and messing with my mind crashing down my dream closing the door of my heart

Now l look away to find a true man as you know as l do l never really loved you but still you wanted us to be

Now lv found my life is lonely no one to share my dreams for your a fool and break the reals your not for me

l often wonder where l would be if l never said l do that day l wanted to shout out your not for me its true but with promises of debt free and happy moments to l wanted what was best and love had no home with you

my mind would often wonder my dreams came crashing down A hope of someone wonderful to show me the true light so l wait for heaven to show me the right man to push me forward and help me to understand

lm not or may say l was not a person to believe but that was just me l needed a genital push and you my friend came in to my life and mike you set me free for it was you my Irish angle and l say thank you from me My Mike

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