The Dry Watering Hole: An Inspiration

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This short story told in "campfire lingo" will teach a lesson.
This is a small adventure in the action and adventure genre

Submitted: December 13, 2016

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Submitted: December 13, 2016



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The Dry Watering Hole: An Inspiration

"At dusk my men and I set up camp. I watch as the colors the sun brilliantly display fade, likewise the early morning dew that I dream for in America, my home. I pull out my only reminder of Julianne-other than my memories-a picture of her and I on our wedding day. My heart longs for home."


"The sun has faded now and the little illuminations for the earth gradually twinkle and reveal their beauty. Passing my men's fire I head into the tent where I will be residing for tonight. Quickly drifting off to sleep for the journey was long and will still be, morning arrives and the light of the sun rises in the east. "Some things never change." I say to myself. The atmosphere is quiet but I can hear my men rustling about. I get dressed and step outside to be greeted by the warm, dry air and the magnificent, blazing sun. Suddenly, a sharp pain like a shard of glass rockets my head forward. I fall to my knees and skid my hands on the parched ground. It feels like sandpaper as the ground tears through skin. That is when darkness takes over just like it had released me from my peaceful sleep only a minute before."

"Then what? Please tell meee!" They say

"Ok, but you must not interrupt." He says

"A pain awakens me and my arms try to defend myself from whatever tore flesh from my neck. The sound of beating wings invites me to find a vulture flying away. I try to prop myself up but my body feels like it has failed me compared to earlier. That thought leads to another, "How much time has passed, and for that matter why am I sprawled in the middle of our camp? At least, our camp area. The 4 tents that were there previously standing were altogether no more. "Who were they?" I asked my self "My own men? No, they were good people" "Then who?" I sat up for I now could because of my gained energy. I had no food and-more importantly, no water or contact of any person. Just me and my thoughts. I tried to stand and with a lot of effort, I could. Knowing that I needed to find water in this dry heat, I started walking from the place where my camp had been and now is no more. Starting the walk toward the nearest direction of an old watering hole that I remembered from the map. Since I had no watch, I had to use the sun to keep time. 1...2...3...4. Four Hours went by I was feeling worn out and very thirsty. Finally, after two more hours, I saw the watering hole with one dim and lonely tree just at the edge of the hole. The water was brown, dark brown, like moist dirt. I didn't care though, I ran toward the water with a high spirit but, when I neared the hole my spirit was crushed, for there was no water. Only a drying hole of dirt. Frantically digging I hoped for water...none. Since the map showed only this one on it, all I could do is sit under the tree and the little shade it provided. "I won't last in this heat, and if I'm very lucky-or unlucky-to survive 4 days. As the day turned in to night I was glad that it got cooler. Shoveling myself a small hole in the dirt I tried to keep as cool as possible. The ground is not much use since it is only hard chunks. Two days pass and my body is achy. My mouth is dried out and my tongue and lips are cracked. The third day is the worst. I am shaky and frequent spasms are impossible to control. My skin is scaly and hangs down like loops of cord, and the worst part, the vomiting. I start vomiting in the afternoon, coughing too. By this time I cannot stand and have am still baking under the scalding sun. It's hard to breath and my throat is closed up. I think of Julianne who will never see me again. I get dizzy and black spots cloud my vision. Then I hear a helicopter, a heaven on earth, but by this time the darkness clouds my vision completely and the last thing I hear is a woman saying, "He's alive!" Then I lose consciousness."


"I am in a heavy black cloud. Nothing to see. Nothing to hear. Just this heaviness in my whole body. So heavy that I cannot move. I can't remember how to open my eyes. Then I start to hear noises. The buzz of machines. Clicking of feet near me. Quiet talking. I lie still. I strain to hear and makes sense of it all. Where am I and why? I hear a tv, "A man by the name of Dave Daniels was found today barely surviving almost 4 days..." I tune out the words And return to the incoming information of the room. I feel some light shining on my closed eyes - a pinkish glow. I struggle to open them. Success. I am in a bright white room. Someone is bending over me. She says my name. And again. I try to remember how to talk. No words come, but I blink hard. Vision still blurry. Again she calls me. Again I try to answer. Suddenly I clear my throat. I try to shout. But my mouth only forms meaningless shapes. I focus on the figure over me and recognize the features of my wife standing over me. Finally, I feel like I can speak. I say the two words that come to my mind, "He's alive!"


"Well. TIme for you boys to go to bed." He says.

"Aww. Dad please tell us another!"  They say.

"No, sorry but you need to listen to your father" She says.

"Ok. Tomorrow?" One Says.

"Tomorrow." He says. 

A grin on the fathers face makes the quiet, old man smiled and Quietly said to himself "Memories."

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