In The Summertime

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Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



The sun was shining bright, and I was high.. Extremely high. Possibly the highest I’ve ever been, in my short life. The massive willow tree I was leaning on was swaying comfortably, rocking me back and forth like a mother does a child. I looked over lazily, at my two mates Sean and James and offered to pass the joint but they both wordlessly refused. I laughed then, realizing that they too in fact were probably just as high, if not more so than I. I licked my index finger, and thumb then closed them around the lit end of the J, it sizzled then went out. It was a pretty small joint by normal standards, but its contents we high quality, and quite, quite potent. Putting it in my pocket, I ripped it much to my dismay. The disappointment didn’t last long, I’m sure you know why. I was in the middle realm, between sleeping and being awake. My parents are gonna be home soon, I thought jovially, knowing it would be bad, even disastrous but not really caring, in my drug induced euphoria. I slept then long and peacefully, until my father tapped me awake with a sour look on his face several hours later.

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