Broken - A poem of memory

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A dark poem about a heart that won't heal.

Submitted: February 01, 2015

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Submitted: February 01, 2015






Broken hearts don’t always mend,

Scattered dreams blown on the wind,

Songs we sung so long ago,

Shall be all I’ll ever know,


Once the sun it shined so bright,

Silver stars twinkled at night,

And your breath upon my cheek,

Pulled me through the hardest week,


Then the day your kiss turned sour,

I can still recall the hour,

Love that before had been mine,

Given now to one so fine,


Handsome, tall and fair of speech,

Pulling you far from my reach,

How you turned and mocked me then,

Nevermore to love again,


Prosperity is your star,

Wealth and fame – you’ve journeyed far,

Children born and houses built,

Tears for me you never spilt,


As the years turn now to grey,

Though the memories do stay,

Sure release comes to my head,

Broken hearts don’t haunt the dead,


Soon I will be free from you,

No more hurt then can you do,

On this earth no more to trod,

Comforted by loving God


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