Three Girlfriends, One Mother and Four Shadowy Men ...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
One of the three girlfriends is supposed to be much prettier and more charming than the others. Also she has a knack of luring away her friends' boyfriends ....

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



"I have a headache," Cindy said in an annoyed voice into the receiver of her phone.
"Oh," the mild and low-set female voice in the other end of the line said, "now again, doesn't that happen a little too often these days?"
Cindy was about to scream in annoyance at this actually quite proper statement: It happened too often, and as usual her mother was right in her implications, i.e. that she either had to do something about it or stop talking about it all the time. There and then she decided not to mention  it again. She resented being treated like a three year old toddler so she just let her mother's well-intentioned warnings and adminitions seep into one ear and out the other.
"Yes, mother, thank you," she said after a lengthy tirade, "but I have to leave now. Betty is supposed to be here for me in just five minutes ..."
Her mother hurriedly heaped another load of advice on her poor, spinning head, but then, at long last, she let her off the mother-daughter-hook. Heaving a sight of relief Cindy put down the receiver in a very decisive manner. She knew that her annoyance at her mother was basically unfair as she always had stood up for her, always had been there for her, and always had loved her. Cindy also loved her although she at the same time was very annoyed by her for being such a busybody. However, the main reason for her annoyance was the fact that she almost ALWAYS was right. Not only now and then, no 99,9% of the time this elderly widow who had been a housewife for most of her adult life was right.
When Cindy told her of her new friend, Betty, her mother had taken one look at this paragon of friendship and then she had said: "Doesn't she wear a little too much make-up?"
That trick-question was meant to make Cindy look beyond her friend's somewhat showy friendliness, her cringing and constant flattery as she was not to be trusted because her excessive use of make-up revealed that at the bottom of her heart she was vain and probably also dishonest in her feelings.
Cindy saw this implicit, and very harsh judgment as totally unfair, but she understood the logic in her mother's non-spoken message. It was brought forth as explicit as had she uttered it in words and, what was worse, most probably she was right. She had reason to find that Betty wasn't the best candidate to any friendship award. Actually, she had proven herself less than reliable on several occeasions.
Mind, not dishonest, but more like non-trustworthy. At one point Betty had let her down by "stealing" her then boyfriend - or rather more or less ex-boyfriend. She and Carl hadn't stopped seeing each other at the tiem it happened, but the romance was waning into a friendship of a kind when Betty had stepped in and simply seduced him away from her. A few weeks after introducing them to each other he had fallen in love with the much more vivacious Betty and Cindy had seen him drift into her arms. Their affair had only lasted for a couple of months when Betty had fallen for a new man in the life of Cindy. She had even laughed about it, telling her about her new interest like it was one big joke. To Cindy it was an affront that she once more went for the man in her life, but to Betty it was a natural event: Cindy got interested - Betty got the man.
Another one of her friends, Marylou, had called her a maneater, but Cindy didn't want to see her that way. To her she was a vivacious and charming new friend who had the looks so that she could outshine her any time, but who didn't do this to hurt her, only because Nature had made her that much more charming and pretty than herself.
However, right now she was very cautious not to mention her newest boyfriend, Steven, whom she knew would interest her friend even more than the other two men in her life. This time she didn't intend to introduce them to each other until she knew what her own budding feelings had turned into and until he had declared himself somehow. Was he or wasn't he interested in her, did he or didn't he love her? That was the question.

The day after Cindy and her mother had talked on the phone she was told by a common friend that Betty had won the LOTTO.
 - Betty rich!!! Cindy thought to herself, it felt so crazy, so utterly strange that she didn't know what more to say about it when she told her mother.
"That's wonderful for her," her mother said and every part of her statement indicated that it shouldn't be that wonderful. "I wonder what she is going to do now."
"Yes, me too," Cindy said.
"So you haven't talked to her?"
"Yes, but only for a few minutes as she was very busy. Her Mom was there ..."
"I can imagine how happy Mrs. Lancaster must feel at this twist of fate." Again Cindy felt how her mother got several messages into this short comment. First of all: 1) A mother would be happy if a child got rich (Meaning: Why didn't you win/get rich?); 2) It's nothing but a twist of fate so in reality it's no achievement of hers (Meaning: Don't be jealous, Darling, it's nothing special, only a strike of luck).
Actually, Cindy was more worried that now she would lose her friend because she, being whom she was, would be drawn towards glamour and fun at another league than up to now.

And right she was. Betty moved to New York, she bought a big condominium and a shop for fashinable, fun and "special" clothes and gadgets and she also sold some jewelry over the internet. All of it seemed a success and even Cindy's mother had to agree that it was a fine trait ni her that she didn't just live the high life, but now started working in the line she had always wanted to engage in. "Well, but it is strange that you haven't heard much from her. For instance, why hasn't she invited you to come and see her? Has she grown conceited or what's going on?"
"I think she has fallen in love and has a new boyfriend. An actor at that," Cindy said. To her it was nothing more than a rumour, but she was glad to have it to feed the curiosity of her inquisitive mother.
"An actor? I see, how interesting, but still she hasn't phoned you and perhaps asked you to come and see her?"
"Yes, she has phoned me, but not to invite me. Actually, she is coming to see her family here and also wants us to get together."
"Mrs. Lancaster must be thrilled ..."
(Cindy smiled to herself at this statement, seemingly so innocent, but in reality so full of implications. What her mother meant was: 1) After all Betty has acheived something which must thrill her mother - that's the way of making mothers happy .... 2) When are you goingt o make me happy that way?)
"Yes, I think so," Cindy said, not wanting to discuss WHAT made Betty's mother happy.

The next day Betty came to town and she was greeted like royalty. Cindy kept her budding jealousy at bay, telling herself that after all Betty had made it her own way. It wasn't only the money who had made it possible for her, but also her own personality and what was more important, her own ideas. Without the money she would never have succeeded, but with them in her pocket she had everything she needed to get success at her chosen line of work.
As to her boyfriend then he was to come later, but it was ovious that she evaded any questions about him. Instead she was very interested in hearing about the new man in Cindy's life, Steven, whom Marilou had told her about. She was presented with some photos of him and at once she declared that he was just wonderful and that she would love to meet him.
Cindy was just about to find some excuse not to introduce him to her, but then she changed her mind. - Let this be the Betty-test, she thought, if he falls for her or as much as glares too long at her he is out, no matter what!
To her this was a dramatic moment as she really was in love with this nice and handsome man, not lukewarm relationships like with the other two whom Betty had lured away from her. When he came Betty's eyes grew big and rounded, then they narrowed into something resembling cat's eyes. While Cindy caught her in staring at him he didn't seem interested like the other two had been and she heaved a sigh of relief.
Betty grew more and more hectic, mechanicallly spending all her charm on this new asset of her friend's.
- Basically, this is simply unacceptable. It's too much, Cindy thought, but as she also was amused at the futility in her attempts at seduction she just made a mental note of the incident. Now she felt sure that Steve was Betty-proof and that was a great relief to her. However, she never knew how Betty felt when her boyfriend, the renowned actor, came to see her, but obviously wasn't without an interest in her friend, Cindy. That was a twist of the screw none of them had expected, least of all Cindy, so that all of a sudden she had two admirers and Betty none or only a rather lukewarm one. However, somehow it felt proper and quite all right. It even made her forget her regrets at the former incidents, but not her Steve whom she loved more and more day by day.

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