Toad-Prince, Toad-Prince ... (: formerly published)

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When one's lover turns into a toad then it may lead to all kinds of weirdness ....

Submitted: January 04, 2010

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Submitted: January 04, 2010



One look at him and she fainted
she swooned and more than passed out
yes, off she went to Paradise
complaining all the way as was her right
when the love of her life turned toad
green, fat and warty

"Whatever happened?" she cried 
"Oh, the toad?" Saint P said
"Yes, and I NEVER kissed a toad!"
"Your fault," Saint P answered
"you should have kissed them all."
After that she didn't like Paradise
no, and that's why she saw Mr. Satan
"Poor you," he said, "how inconsiderate"
"I wanna file a complaint," she said
"Yeees, better pay the toad a visit then"

Off they went, she like a fumingly red star
he more sedate in blackest black
one look at the old house was enough
full of little toad-princes, the offspring of
a human prince and a loving princess
at once she recognized her husband
"No toad anymore?" she screamed
"why didn't you tell me?"
"My dear, I'm not here to please, but to tease"
That was the second she screamt
Mr. Satan fled, complaints fluttering in his trails

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