When Cat Came Into The World

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God decided that after making all the big cats like e.g. lions and tigers, the bad feline reputation could do with a charming, but small cat. That's why he made Cat ....

Submitted: January 02, 2010

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Submitted: January 02, 2010



Did you ever think about just HOW the cat learnt to be so agile and sneaky and cute and everything else that goes with being a cat? You didn't? I thought that much so here is the story of the making of the feline:
Right after God had made all the big cats, lions, tigers, leopards and so on, he realized that the entire feline race would get a bad reputation from all these ferocious creatures who only thought of hunting down and eating all other animals. Actually, the wise lioness told him of her fear that it would lead to a bad end if the cats didn't have any charming characteristics that could make the others like them no matter what.
God nodded his wise head and mused for a while, then he said: "Everyone likes what's little. No matter what, we accept even culprits of all kinds if they are small and cute. You, the leopard and the tiger have already been made so it's too late for you, but I shall make another one. A small and charming bandit."
The lioness sighed, she had hoped that God could have done something about the reputation of herself and her family, but then she shrugged. OK, she wouldn't be cute, but her pups would as long as they just that, i.e. pups. Also it might be fun to have a small relative that would make felines popular.
While she was thinking these thoughts God had made a list of charming, feline characteristics. "Agile and limber is nice," he said, "a soft fur is paramount and it should also have a pleasant voice ..."
He drew and designed for a while and suddenly, there it was, the very first cat. It was the most charming, little tabby and it looked at God and then it opened its tiny mouth and said: "Miaow, when am I to have some food, I want to be scratched behind my ears, and you could see to it that I had a mouse to play with ..."
God looked at it, quite dumbfounded. None of the other animals had been this self-assured, but it was obvious that Cat considered herself the one in command.
When she started to rub her soft-furred back at his feet and legs, all the time purring and making him feel her very best friend he succumbed to her charm and brought her some nice food.
Cat took one look at this nice, celestial food, nibbled a little and then stuck her tail up - wagging it a little - and turned her back on him. Lioness watched in amazement, even she would have eaten that nice food, but Cat obviously wouldn't. God brought out some other very, very nice food and presented it to Cat. She nibbled a tiny part of it and then just turned her back on it, shook her paws one by one and started to lick them with a most disdainful facial expression. Then God asked her what she wanted to eat, but she only said: "I don't know, I'm not picky, I eat anything, only it mustn't be disgusting like these two dishes."
"Disgusting?" Lioness roared, already with her nose and mouth and teeth in the food for Cat. "It's delicious, you little, spoilt brat!"
"Spoilt brat?" Cat said, purring and looking innocent. "I'm a poor, starved animal, and nobody scratches my back or my ears. I don't even have a single toy like one small ball, a bird's nest or a mouse ..."
"Neither have I," roared the lioness, "why should you have it then?"
Cat looked at her in disbelief and sat down, her tail making a perfect circle around her entire body. Had Lioness known Cat as we humans do she would have known that although small compared to herself she was a Valkurie, a princess from the old myths of magic and bewitchments. To her she appeared to be nothing but a snack-sized brat who suffered from some delusions about her own grandeur and importance.
"Well, well, ladies," God said, "no fights, after all you are cousins and should respect that fact."
Cat raised an eyebrow - yes, cats did have real eyebrows at that time - and just looked imploringly at him. He reacted the way she wanted by scratching her back and her ears and then she said: "I'm staaarving, I'm dying from hunger, and I'm so boooored ...."
"OK," God said and brought out 5-7 dishes. "Make your choice and you shall have it."
Cat looked at all these nice dishes and nibbled a little of them all with a sneaky expression in her beautiful cat's face. By now she had had more than one dish by nibbling all of them and still she might have more if only she refused to eat any of them. The pleasant thought of her sneakiness made her purr and exude all the charm she had in her tiny body. God looked at her, shook his head and smiled.
"You are a handfull," he said, "I can see that you shall be loved as well as being considered the most annoying, selfish, and difficult creature on Earth."
"Annoying and selfish!" Cat exclaimed and with a wail of outrage at this insult she ran to the tall tree with the apples in the centre of Paradise. Up the stem she ran and then, when she came to the top, she started to meaow pitifully.
"Oh no," God said, "you are a nuisance, but you may sit there for a while and think things over while I make a new creature, called the human, a Mr. Adam and his wife, Mrs. Eve. Also you should meet the inhabitant of that tree, i.e. Mr. Snake, who will teach you how to avoid dangers of all sorts."
"I'm new," wailed Cat, "how can I avoid dangers of things and creatures I don't know anything about?"
"I shall give you nine lives," God said, "that's what you will need, being you. Others only have one life, but you can't do with less than nine ..."
Cat thought about what God had said, but it didn't make her come down from the tree. No, after watching how Adam and Eve were made and how they ate an apple from the tree she had to be fetched down by the angel Gabriel himself and that wasn't the last time that happened to her.

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