Capture of a Neko Mimi Dragonian Hybrid

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Echoing Halls is about to have another prisoner within its walls. They are capturing a young princess this time with the help of their brand new Head Hunter. A male Yautja!

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Kitten Longhart was making the finishing touches on the Tavern cleaning up, moving around wiping tables off and placing the chairs up on the tables as well. She hated really being the only one in her family to close most nights because she always got stuck cleaning, but since the night hadn't all to busy she closed the Tavern for the night. Now that the main room was clean and the dance floor was mopped up as well she moved behind the counter of the bar and reached under it to grab a clean glass and a can of coke. Placing a few cubes of ice in her glass she would pop her soda and pour it into the glass. Drinking some of it she set it on the counter before she made her way into the kitchen to make sure she had everything put up and cleaned.

Swift Claw watched through the roof of the tavern. His quarry had left the room and no one else was in the building. He quickly pulled a tiny laser cutter from a pouch on his hip. Adjusting the frequency of the laser to cut a minute hole in the roof. The laser came to life and easily penetrated the materials the roof was composed of. His hand steady as a statue as the laser disintegrated the material and left no sign of the damage to the roof. Quickly he let a razor thin wire descend through the hole just above her drink. The computer in his bio monitor kept track of his prey's heat signature on a small mini map on his heads up display. In seconds the wire was in place. Weighted by a tiny elongated piece of metal. He expertly applied the toxin he had prepared along the wire until several drops of the innocuous liquid mixed into the liquid. Pulling the wire back up and replacing it in the poach on his hip as he waited for his prey to return to finish her drink.

Nicole Colletorre was sitting within the odd male creatures ship and watching his movements via multiple monitors in front of her. She stood there, arms crossed across her chest as she watched from his perspective. From what she had understood, there was a camera in his helmet that was broadcasting directly to her. At the moment she was watching the light of a laser cut through the roof. All this aliens gadgets sure had proved helpful over the course of his working with them. She blinked in surprise as the clever being dripped liquid down a wire into the female creatures drink. Her lips turning up into a smile at this, perhaps this capture would go smoothly unlike so many others that had gone wrong and ended with a loss in their numbers.

Kitten Longhart finished up in the kitchen and when she came back out towards the bar she was untying her half apron she was wearing and placed it under the bar. Pulling her dress down some and placing her long silver hair over one shoulder she moved back over towards her drink and continued to drink it. She didn't find anything funny about it but after she downed it she blinked a few times and twitched her ears wondering if she was hearing anything around the Tavern. "Mew?" She whispered to herself. She knew the others upstairs would be asleep, she had locked up the hot tub room and the club area. Now she was gathering up her jacket and turned off the lights, stepping out into the night air she closed her eyes for a moment starting to feel a little weird but she tried to shake it off. The wind was blowing through the night sky, after locking the door she decided she was going to go to the lake in the woods. Reaching down she took off her heels and held them as she made her way through the woody area. Looking around her she wondered if she was being watched or if it was just the way she was feeling now for some reason. Stepping into the small clearing with a nice water mini lake, trees surrounded the area as she made her way towards a boulder and sitting upon it and looking down at the water before she looked up at the sky and rubbed her head wondering what was wrong with her.

Swift Claw watched as she drank the contents of the glass and finished closing the tavern. Swift Claw thought about jumping to the nearest tree and follow her from the canopy. He thought twice about it as the thought of falling through the roof from the effort passed through his mind. Slowly and agile, for a creature of his size and weight, he moved along the roof silently. His gaze never leaving his quarry. Letting himself roll from the roof and hang for a second in the air. His knees bending perfectly distributing weight as he landed on the soft earth. He quickly and stealthily began to trail behind the female he was hunting. Switching the visual mode he was in so he could get more information about how the toxin was affecting her body chemistry. So far the toxin seemed to be having the desired effects. He followed her into the treeline and after a little while they came to the lake he had found her at many times this week. They were alone and she seemed to be unaware of his presence. The effects of the toxin were definitely having an effect on her. He was happy this hunt would go flawlessly. Watching from a safe distance of being overheard. He silently prepared the deice on the underside of his wrist that would shoot the tranquilizer dart. Looking up to watch her a little more. Taking aim for a few seconds. Waiting till he was sure that everything was perfect. The silent mechanism firing the dart straight and true into the neck of the his prey. The fine needle coated with a antiseptic that would make the strike of the tiny needle almost completely unnoticed. Possibly entirely depending on the stage of the toxin flowing through her.

Nicole Colletorre had moved closer to the screen of the monitor in anticipation, peering at it excitedly. She even held her breath as the dart went flying, letting out a gasp of relief when it hit the prey. This hunt was nearly over and it had went down flawlessly.

Kitten Longhart hadn't really heard anything out of the ordinary as she looked around and up at the sky once more. Something was going on in her body that she was trying to figure out but she knew she didn't drink any alcohol at the Tavern...Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a sting in her neck. After a moment of blinking and looking around her hand went to her neck and she mewed lowering her ears as she tried to take out the dart, but her body was starting to feel weirder so she rolled off the boulder for a moment and closed her eyes. Trying to calm herself her body was starting to weaken her as she stepped more and more slowly towards the trees. Mewing her vision blurred and soon she fell on her stomach, her eyes closing and her body relaxing as she was knocked out. Last thing she remembered was being at the lake late at night.

Swift Claw moved over to his quarry silently. His cloaking device still active. He looked over the readings scrolling across his heads up display. She was unconscious. Bending his knees and gently scooping her off the sandy beach. taking only a moment to cover any signs on the ground that they had been there. When he was satisfied he made the quick run to his cloaked ship. Arriving minutes later and walking through the open hatch and setting his capture in the chair next to Mrs. Colletorre.

Nicole Colletorre gave a grin to Swift when he returned, patting his rather large back once. "That was utterly outstanding, the wire trick was very very impressive, ingenious!" Then she proceeded to look over the hybrid creature, smiling happily. Another successful hunt.

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