Capture of An Elf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Echoing Halls is active with getting a more recent captive, an Elf, their 20th capture.

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



The night was young and so was Nicole, Mistress of Echoing Halls Manor, or at least she appeared to be with her flawless skin and sparkling blue eyes. The sparkle in them was from the fact that tonight she was on the hunt. Her husband, the Master of Echoing Halls Manor, had agreed to let her follow along on a trip with some of their servants that had been trained to catch rare and unique creatures for their underground menagerie. The group had been scouting out what they guessed to be an Elf, something they'd tried a few times to catch with others but hadn't managed just yet. Their hunting skills were not flawless after all and many had died over the years. Thankfully slaves were quite easy to replace.

The Elf had been tracked to a small town where he apparently was staying. The group tracking him moved in with ease, some carried tranq guns while others carried various ways to trap him, including some magical sources. This night seemed to be promising to the woman in the tank top, skinny jeans, and sneakers. There was a man/woman at every exit of the building which the Elf had went in. Some leaned up against the wall casually, hiding their weapons, while others just stood there attempting to blend in. Nicole, herself, walked right on into the building, it appeared to be a pub/inn combo. Rather then look for the Elf man, she walked over to the bar and slid onto the stool. "A cocktail of some kind, surprise me." Her voice was soft through her pale lips as she spoke, giving the bar man a polite smile.

Kendal had drifted into a this small town several days ago, he felt he had already stayed to long. He had been forced to leave his comfortable home in the city due to some rather...unfortunate events. A group of people had attacked him, clumsy humans, they provided no sport at all but he still had to leave. he collected up several items and fled the city. he had arrived a few days ago and now something felt very wrong. The Bar room seemed smaller, the people seemed the crowd. His chestnut eyes scanned over the people, many of them rough and tumble people, but there were a few people that didn't belong, they were trying to fit in, but in trying to fit they failed. Pointless he thought, he wasn't exactly hiding himself, dressed carefully, in a well cut suit of black and gery, his rediish/brown trimmed and well kept, he even had his blade at his hip. He stood up from his table, taller by a head than anyone else in the room and strode over to the bar.

He looked at bar keeper "I'll be retiring to my room for tonight, I shall be departing at first light, I would like some food sent to my room before I sleep" he said, he put a few notes on the bar before walking off towards his room. His eyes were drawn to a woman at the bar, she also didn't belong and something was strange, he felt something from her, something more, or at least different, than the humans in the bar. He smiled and knew he'd been found again, he leaned over her shoulder "You should have brought more people" he said before continuing on.

The smile that lit up her face when the Elf man spoke to her over her shoulder would be obvious enough to give herself away if he hadn't already guessed it. She turned her head to watch him as he ascended the steps to his room. Obviously this creature was intelligent, maybe more so than any of the others they kept beneath their lovely palace. That fact only intrigued her and made her yearn to have him. She could learn so much from this creature, perhaps she'd need two books to fully write all the facts about him! That thought excited her more and she could feel the heart beat within her chest quickening. With a slide of the hand she offered the bar keep a few hundreds to turn the other cheek as she laced the food the Elf man had ordered with a high dosage of animal tranquilizer along with his drink as well. Then offered the person that was going to bring it to him a hefty sum of cash as well to keep their mouth shut. It was all very under the table business and simple as pie. Amazing how humans greed for paper could turn them into bad people so easily. After that was taken care of she decided to wait, taking a small sip of the cocktail that was just set in front of her. The liquor was nearly impossible to taste but the fruity taste in it was delicious. She let it wash over her tongue with a smile before giving a compliment to the bar tender about his skills.

He had a grin on his face as he walked up the stairs, she wasn't human, he didn't know what she was but this time, they, whoever they were, were being more subtle, more subversive than before. He hopped up the stairs with an ageless grace than he couldn't hide even if he tried, each movement, flowed into the next, perfect timing and precision. He turned and looked over the bar room for a moment, his eyes spotted those that were trying to hide in plain sight, to another human they might have been able to, but those subtle movements, slight movements of the eyes and hands, they might as well have been dancing and shouting it out to him. He smiled, maybe tonight might be more interesting, he thought.

He slide quietly into his room, it would be a few moments before his food arrived, it was likely drugged with something, that woman had an air about her, something stirred in him at the thought of her. he shook it off, he needed to check, he had his Glavie-sword, an hireloom from his forgotten people, the blade as sharp now as the day it was forged. He had brought other items, throwing knives, a small buckler-shield and some armour. He quickly attacked the elegant golden bands, he only had the vambraces, boots and greaves, no chest piece or helmet, they were safely locked away in a Swiss vault. He stood alone, drew his sword and swung it in grate arcs, spinning it madly, but with perfect technique and movement. There was a sudden knock at his door, he sheathed his silver blade and pulled it open. His muscles tensed as he did, expecting to be rushed but there was only his plate of food on the floor. He pulled the plate in and closed the door, he could smell his food, he could also smell the chemicals in it, a human wouldn't have been able to, but he wasn't human. "Were it so easy" he said to himself, sliding the plate under the bed and continuing his practice with his blade, he knew there was no point in running, they would see it, and he was no coward.

Watching the way the tall, obviously male moved with such grace made her smile even more. This creature truly would be one to show off once they had it captured. Standing up she made a motion with her hand for the people not guarding the exits to join her. Once they huddled around her she murmurs. "Listen up... I laced his food but I doubt he'll fall for it. We've lost this thing before and we will NOT lose him again, understood?" Her voice was rather harsh but it got the point across, leaving the servants nodding fearfully. It was after the nods that she continued, obviously taking over the whole expedition. "The plan is simple, none of you will be able to touch him because you are all pathetic humans. Best luck we have of getting this thing is me. So you all will be used as a distraction, I want you to bust down his door, start shooting the tranqs at him, go had to hand if you need to. Just keep his attention off me. I'll do some magic tricks and get in close then jab him with a tranq of my own, got it?" Her voice had turned hush so that the people had to lean in to hear, they all nodded after a moment and she grinned. She could practically taste the victory.

After instructing the men at the exits to keep their post she followed the group of servants up the stairs and to the creatures room. Standing back in the hallway as two of the men kicked the door down and rushed inside. Her hand grasped a tranquilizer dart within its grasp as she closed her eyes, concentrating for a moment. When her eyes opened they were pure black orbs rather then their old blue color. Summoning her inner demoness to help her speed increase to that of a supernatural one rather then mortal. As soon as the men began to attack him she waited for an opening then rushed in quickly and aimed her strike at the center of his back.

He reacted with lighting speed and precision, he swiped his blade up and down, killing two of the humans instantly, their bodies blocked the other for second which he used. He kicked the tumbling body of one of the humans back. He leapt back, standing sword held high, watching the humans rush. He closed his eyes for a breath, then opened them, the humans were moving so slow, he thought, he stepped and sliced one down, spinning under the strike of his comrade, weaving around another strike. he brought his glavie up and down in arcs of flashing silver, cutting the hand from one and carving the chest of another. Three dead, one maimed, he thought, her stepped back, avoiding the strike of another. He moved like water, not so much as dodging their blows, just simply not being there when the blow fell.

He grimmance for a second, maybe I am wrong, he thought, no sport again. He thought as he stepped into the cluster of men and women, seeking a challenge, forced into the defence, his glavie moved like he did, parrying each strike as his body weaved around the blows. his senses clicked into place, this was to easy, it was a trap. He reacted with all of his speed and strength. He was almost to late, the needle clawed into his flesh, depositing some of the drug but not all of it. He turned to face the assailant and he smiled when he seen her. He could feel the drug already slowing him, his arms became heavy and sluggish, he tried to slash his glavie across her chest but he already knew his action would fail, he's been tricked and he'd fell for it. "Well played" he say softy as he tried to stumble away clumsily blocking blow and lashing back.

Some of the drug was deposited and that was really all she needed. The moment his body began to move sluggish, nearly humanly slow, he was done for. "ANOTHER TRANQ!" She ordered loudly, jumping back away from the blade as it slashed out at her. The humans were too fucking slow, impatiently she snatched two tranqs from one of the servants bodies and leaped forward as he tried to stumble away, nailing the two tranqs into him before skirting away. That would keep him out long enough for them to get him into his enclosure and possibly for most of the day. A triumphant grin was upon her face though when she looked at the body count she frowned. Oh her husband would not be happy about this, but hopefully he would be impressed enough with their newest member.

He stumbled back, the world started spinning around, his movements felt heavy, horribly heavy. He felt two more of the needles jab into his chest. He whinced feeling the mix of chemicals flood into his body. Even his body couldn't resist that amount for to long. he fingers felt weak, he tried to grasp his glavie but his fingers stopped responding to his commands and it clattered away, that priceless heirloom clattering away. He looked at the woman, he admired her somewhat. His eyes looked into her and she snapped back into focus, he grinned "Till next time" he stumbled, his voice somewhat slurred. He feel to his knees his eyes locked on to hers, he would have his revenge somehow, that was his last thought before he collpased to the floor, totally unconscious.

Allowing her gaze to meet his she gave a small smile at his slurred words before watching the Elf's body slump to the floor unconscious. "Grab his things." Nicole barked the orders to her servants. "Pick him up! Careful!" She continued to order before grabbing her cell phone from her pocket and dialing a number. On the second ring there was an answer. "We got him." With that she hung up and gave a nod for the crew to go out the door. The group whisked away down the stair case getting a few stares from the people in the bar below. However it was nothing a bit of money couldn't erase from their greedy little minds. Once out the front door they were met by a black SUV which they quickly packed theirselves, their prisoner, and his things into.

The drive from the town back home was far from a short one, four hours to be exact, during which Nicole pumped the Elf male full of another dose of tranquilizer, just in case. She was not about to let their quary get away, plus she had no clue how much his body would really need to keep him out. Rather then driving the normal route that leads up to the house they took an old dirt road that led down into an under ground garage. Once inside the big metal door inscribed with runes closed and locked shut. The Elf wasn't immediately put into his cell, first Nicole took his fingerprint, a sample of his blood, and implaced a tracking chip within him. The chip was the more complex process as they had to slice open the center of his back then slide it in and finally sew him back up. Thankfully it was only about the size of a dime and since it was in the middle of his back he'd have a hell of a time reaching it to get it out.

Finally the time came for him to be placed within his enclosure. The first enclosure was rather basic and most like a prison cell. The only difference was that of the runes carved into the iron bars to help keep magical creatures from escaping through magical means. He would eventually be upgraded to a more natural enclosure for him that suited him better, but this was his current one until they learned more about him. The servants stripped his body of everything and his objects were then locked away within a vault. A small plate of food consisting of a sandwich, plain chips, and a few baby carrots was provided for him along with a small plastic pitcher of water. After all was set up and he was within the room placed on the small mattress that provided his sleeping area, Nicole grabbed her notebook and sat down outside of the barred area to wait for their newest addition to wake.

The tranqs didn't keep him under for long, his body quickly fought against them, but that only resulted in him being slightly awake, awake enough to hear the door shut, to feel the bumps in the road before he was jabbed again, putting him back under. A three hours later he came back to semi-awake, unable to really move or say anything, he could only try and focus his mind, it was a struggle just to form a thought, let alone carry it out. The bumps and rocks in the road helped him focus his mind, helped him from drifting.

He felt his body being heaved but everything was flash, a blurr of light and sound, but he felt his skin being pierced keenly enough, but he remined silent, not that he could scream anyway. His mind began to clean but it would still be a few more hours before he would be back to normal.

He blinked the haziness from his eyes and looked around, the drab grey room, the mattress and plate of food. He grunts as he pushes himself to his feet, his body retaining his natural grace. He rubbed his head a little, trying to rub away that nawing sensation that drugs always had on him. His eyes focused quickly, his body fighting harder against the drugs, then he seen her. His first reaction was the tense and reach for his sword, but it wasn't there. He smiled at her, noting she was writing. He noted, happily, that he was still dressed, "Well this not the formal meeting I had hoped fore, but I guess it will do" he said, his high class English accent ringing out.

The woman gave a small smile to him as he awoke, noting his slight accent and writing the word 'accent' with a question mark beside it. The question mark was to remind her to find out why he had this accent. She would undoubtedly be asking many questions of this creature, such as his history and his specialties. She gave a small grin to him, polite enough in her demeanor. "Good morning mister....?" She trailed off looking up to him questioningly to await his response. She was in the same simple clothes from before though she sat in a rather comfy looking lounge chair outside of the cage bars by a few feet. Just enough he wouldn't be able to reach her if he tried. They were all about safety in this place, well... at least when it came to the Mistress of the household. Her leg was crossed over the top of the other and she sat at the edge of her seat. The notepad resting against her leg as her pen stayed poised above the page, ready to write her discoveries.

He smiled, he knew he was frimly trapped, at least for now and he wasn't going to waste his energy fighting, energy that could be used later. He gave a samll nod to her "My name is Kendal Tyris" he said politely to her. he knelt down to pick up the plate, taking a carrot and taking a bite, eating it happily, he had little need for food, but he always enjoyed eating it. He walked over to the mattress and took a seat upon it, feeling uncomfortable being so low he stood back up "I would appreciate a chair, if you would be so kind" he asked politely.

'Kendall Tyris' she immediately wrote it down within her notebook, making a few underlines underneath that before she gave a smile. "Nice to meet you Mister Tyris, my name is Nicole Colletorre but you can jut call me Nicole. Now my associates believe you to be an Elf? Is that correct? And what is your age if you don't mind me asking?" This interview was going splendidly and as long as the male continued to be so easy to handle he would be sure to be upgraded to a much more spacious and plush area. Possibly even given outdoor privileges, but it was too soon to tell just yet. All the same she made a side note on her paper of his polite and calm mannerism. Then he spoke again and asked for a chair and slowly she stood up. "One moment." It took only a moment for her to return with a folded metal chair that she slid halfway between the bars, enough so he could reach it. Then returned to her own chair and place. "You will be upgraded to something more suitable in time, this is just where we place the new additions until we learn what would be more adequate for them."

He nodded and pulled the chair into the cell and unfolded it and sat down. That felt much better. He smiled at her "I think you called my kind 'Elf', a crude translation of 'En-Taro', it means Firstborn in English, and my age...well, I'll say I am very old, and we shall leave it that I think" he said politely. he had forgotten the simply joy of just, talking, it had been many many years since any one knew what he was and asked about, even his long memory had forgotten so much. "Nicole, I like that name, its simple, elegant...and it belies what you really are, which is anything but human, but even I can't put my finger on it" he said leaning back looking at her "and very pretty also" he added, nodding politely to her. Everything he said was calculated, he was trying to bring her guard down, he wanted to make her think he was co-operating, and it was half true, he was enjoying just talking, but he was not used to bars and cage.

Instantly he had caught her attention, she scribbled down 'En-Taro' then put down its definition beside, smiling despite herself. Though she paused at his aversion of giving an exact answer to her other question. Looking back up to him she frowned. "I'm sorry but I have to have some form of number estimate. Very old could mean hundreds or thousands or simply seventy or eighty. Could you give me a little more accurate of a number please?" Her voice was all business though she tried to keep it as friendly as possible as well as being polite. After all some of these creatures were not animals, they deserved a bit of respect. Then he complimented her name and she gave him a smile. "Thank you." Though to give him more information about herself she hesitated on doing. Instead of giving him much info she replied, "It's French, though when I was given it I was very much human, I can assure you."

He smiled warmly, it was fake, but after practising it for thousands of years it looked as real as the real thing. "So you were once a human, well you are a fine example of Humanity, and I remember France, I remember Gaul as well, fascinating people" he said happily to her. He pondered giver her his age, then he realised he didn't know his age, his people her immortal, they never measured it the way humans do. He looked at her "I am older than humanity, I can't remember exactly how old, my kind never measured time in days, months or years, we measured it in ages, such as the Age of Birth, then the Age of Peace and Strife and so on, but I am older than the Human race, I remember seeing them walking across the plains with sticks as spears while I was in my armour" he replied, no pride, just a matter of fact.

Her own smile was just as fake when he complimented her, he was trying too hard and it was evident. Though she wrote down his words about Gaul and his words about being older then humanity. That fact caught her off guard and she blinked a little. The slight widening of her eyes as she scribbled down notes. Then she glanced to her watch and frowned before standing up, her hand resting upon her hips, holding the note book. "Well Mister Tyris, my time with you is up for today I will see you tomorrow and we will discuss things more." She reached out a slave that passed by carrying a bucket of water for one of their more... animalistic guests. Making the slave girl pause and look to Nicole questioningly. "The giant spider can wait for his water, he usually just spills it anyways. Right now I want you to make sure our smooth talking friend is placed under heavy surveillance. He should be noted as an extreme case and the utmost precautions should be set to all those that tend to him. Understood?" The girl gave a nod and Nicole turned her now blue eyes back to the Elf with a smile. "You'll find flattery doesn't get you far except to tell me you are smart enough to escape if you wish, which you obviously do. I'd suggest getting comfortable in this cell Mister Tyris." With thank the woman gave a departing nod and trotted off down the passage way out of sight.

He smiled watching her stand up, he took in her body. it was only the first day, he had plenty of time and he suspected much of it would be with her in the coming days. He eyed the note book, he would have to get hold of that he thought to himself, he could use it to barter perhaps. He spotted the girl as well, he eyed her carefully, taking her in before stepping up the to the bars and giving the slave-girl a small smile and a nod. He eyed Nicole as she looked at him, he merely smiled and nodded at her "I'll make a note of it" he replied back to her. When Nicole left he turned his gaze to the slave-girl. He just smiled at her, gave a gentile bow and walked back off to his 'bed' and lay down upon it, with nothing to do he merely waited, like he had done countless times over the ages.

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