Kitten Longhart's Integration Process - Phase One

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The following is a bit about what happened to Kitten Longhart after her capture by Echoing Halls. Also the debut of Leonardo Colletorre, Nicole's husband.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Leonardo Colletorre leaned against the wall adjacent to the wall of cages.While they were not dirty and falling apart they still were big enough for the captives to simply roam in a small circle around. The room was white and sterile as if they had been sent to a laboratory. This was phase one of his "integration process" His blue eyes studied the specimen inside the cage as he looked to his Hunter Swift who was standing in the doorway. He might as del consider him a bodyguard. "Did you do a biometric scan before you put her in the cage?" He asked the Hunter looking over. A few people passed by him rolling a cart to the Lizards cage down the way. The demon grabbed a tracker injector off the cart as it passed by.

Swift Claw looking over to Mr. Colletorre and nodding in answer to the query, before looking back to his most recent capture. Still unused to not killing his prey. Something felt wrong about this, but he was willing to give this a chance if it meant learning what made these humans such deadly prey. Taking a step closer to the cage as he thought he saw movement from the small female lying on the floor of the cage.

Kitten Longhart twitched her ear softly as she thought she could hear noises. She mewed gently and soon her leg moved, groaning softly she slowly opened her eyes though her vision was blurry. Mewing once more she whispered "W...Where am I?" She brought a hand up to her head and rested it there trying to get rid of a pounding headache she was feeling all of a sudden.

Leonardo Colletorre Looking down at the specimen as she woke he kneeled down to look her in the eyes. "Welcome to the Colletorre Estate. My name is Leonardo. You have been specifically chosen to join my exhibit of exotic species and creatures. I assure you, you are safe." Standing up he saw his hunters fidgetiness. "Swift I am having trouble with a band of "freedom fighters" I know you have been wanting a hunt. Consider them yours. I don't expect them to be returned to the mansion." He knew the hunter knew what he meant looking back as the demon reached through the cage pressing the tubed device to her spine as a small sock went her her body and faded. He plated the chip in her spine as he moved his hand back out he stood again.

Swift Claw watching with disgust as the tracking device was planted in the poor creatures spine. The idea of captivity for his kind was worse than a quick death. Watching the female closely. These moments would be the most dangerous when she realized that she was now a captive. Anything could happen and he had no interest in having to killing this creature. As Mr. Colletorre stood, Swift Claw nodded again his understanding tot he remark made by the male beside him.

Kitten Longhart tried to move away from the strange male that approached her and she realized she was in a cage and her eyes went wide. "Mew!" She squealed but then she jumped a little as she would turn fast when she felt something near her back and then look up at the one named Swift. "W..what do you want?" She asked and wrapped her tail around her waist frightened as she looked between both of them and started to breathe harder...."Why exactly am I hear....I..I wanna go home" She whimpered lowering her ears backing up to the back of the cage and swallowing hard she looked around her. "I..I hate cages" She whispered more to herself but loud enough for the others to hear her.

Leonardo Colletorre looked down at her and sighed. He may be a demon but eve this part was hard for him at times. Kneeling down he looked at the woman. "I have taken you from the world for a little bit to keep you safe and secure so no one can hurt you. If you behave and do as your told I have no problem in time letting you go home okay? But I am going to just run some simple tests with you later? I promise the cage will change after the tests. He stood up and punched in a number on the keypad as the cage moved an whirled changing into a small what would seem like hotel room. still barred in the front, holographic images of the outside in real time were projected on the walls like windows. "If you behave I can let you out of the cage to a safer place and then eventually if you are good il let you go, sound good?"

Swift Claw watched as the creature began to panic. The sad expression on his face hidden behind the mask. Normally this female would never have been hunted. There was no sport in it. The only challenge in the hunt was that he was not to kill her. Watching as Mr. Colletorre tried to comfort the creature about the circumstances it found itself in.

Kitten Longhart lifted her blue eyes up to meet the males as he was about at her level now she swallowed hard and mewed gently listening to what he was saying. Biting her lip she shook her head fast and then gasped when the cage changed. She mewed and closed her eyes trying to clear her head and the sudden blurriness it had she whispered " tests, you can't" She stated. Her dragon side in her was stirring and she was holding back as best she could to let it out. She mewed softly while she looked between the two. But out of curiosity she asked "What kind of tests..My father told me to never let anyone test on me." She whimpered and tried to make sure she stayed away from the male mentioning tests.

Swift Claw saw something change suddenly in the readings of his heads up display. Unsure of what was going happening to the small female. His shoulder mounted plasma cannon coming to life as his targeting computer acquired her. Three red dots appearing on her forehead as his view zoomed in and began doing a more comprehensive scan.

"Don't worry. I promise they won't hurt or put you in danger. I just want to see your physical strength, mental comprehension skills, social ones, and cognitive. Most of them time you will never even notice them I promise. In the mean time i you need any type of for water anything you let my assistant know and he or she will help you out. Their is television, games movies. Enough to keep you very distracted and safe. I promise you we will not hurt you. Can you promise you will be good for me?" Leonardo Colletorre asked her kindly. As if he was talking to his daughter looking back and Swift nodding in thanks "Don't worry I am sure she is just nervous Stand down and thank you."

Swift Claw puts his hand on Mr. Colletorre's shoulder. Still focusing his scan on the change in the female. "Something is happening. I don't know what, but she is not exactly what she appears to be." Still unable to make any sense of the readings flashing across his heads up display.

"None of this came up earlier?" Leonardo Colletorre asked looking back at the hunter.

Kitten Longhart was trying to wrap all this into her head as she groaned softly and bit her lip while she would lower her ears mewing. Tests? Cages? She was a captive in a way and she couldn't go home. Closing her eyes for a moment she swallowed hard and when her eyes shot open again her eyes were pure white, and she cried out suddenly as she fell onto all fours and her body started to glow some. Her bones were breaking and mending themselves as she was changing her shape. Going from her neko form to a slightly bigger form and as the light started to dim down she was on all fours panting, breathing hard and her muscles shaking but now there was a dragon in the cage and her head looked up at them with white eyes still. She bared her teeth and growled at them.

Leonardo Colletorre standing up calmly he studied her change before he stepped back. Even he took precautions. He looked to Swift. "Pacify please. I feel she needs time to sleep on all of this. Do not harm her just help her sleep please." He asked kindly to his hunter looking at him.

"No. There was never an opportunity. This may be some kind of defensive trait of her species. She was never aware of me when I hunted her. Not even during the capture." Said Swift Claw quickly bringing his arm to bare. No need to aim when this close. The mechanism on his wrist letting fly another dart into the females new form. The mechanism already loading a second if the new forms metabolism required another sedative.

Kitten Longhart felt the hit of the dart and growled again moving closer to the front of the cage. Her tail now banging against the bars behind her and she looked between the two males. She felt a little weaker but with this form she had a little more energy. Growling she stuck her paw through the bars and swiped at them. Speaking another language as she did about wanting out. She even looked scared in this form as well as she twitched from her muscles and groaned softly, thoughts running through her head and tears falling from her eyes as well.

Leonardo Colletorre sighed as he walked to the dragon placing his hand on her head. the slash seeming to fade through him. He was used to taming beasts, especially frightened ones. simply stating. "Calm" as he mind began to calm down showing her his past and history to prove his friendly intentions as her body felt like it was hit with morphine calming her entire body. His eyes glowing a deep icy blue before fading back.

Swift Claw watched and waited to see if the second dart would be needed. He was not happy with the idea of using a second. Two were enough to kill a full sized man. He looked on and made a mental note as the claw slashed through Mr. Colletorre as if he weren't there. The plasma cannon powering down. His wrist still leveled to fire if needed.

Kitten Longhart swallowed hard as she looked up at the male silently and her body wobbled some before she ended up falling onto her tummy silently. More tears were falling from her eyes but they were an ice blue. As if pure water that could heal someone. Her breathing calming and her eyes were becoming heavy. She swallowed hard, but she wouldn't be able to tell them that her dress was ripped that she was wearing and when and if she shifted back she was going to be naked. She still had thoughts running through her head as she lay on the floor looking up at them silently and scared still but she was calmer.

Leonardo Colletorre snapped his fingers as a new wardrobe would be brought to her. If this was anything like a werewolf she ripped her clothes. Not wanting her naked he lies fresh clothes and turns to Swift. "Give some of the hands a sedative or two in case we aren't here and she grows angry and restless again. Other wise good work today Swift. Thank you." he said nodding as he looked back. "I am sorry we had to do that, please rest and we will speak tomorrow good night all."

Swift Claw lowered his wrist as the female began to calm. Surprised that his host had been able to calm the creature with just a word and a touch. "I will stay with her for a while. My equipment stays with me."

Kitten Longhart just laid where she was scared and watching them. She was going to be left here in the cage all night. She sighed softly trying to take it all in but she decided to not try any more. She swallowed hard and looked to Swift with her white eyes. The male had something to do with her being brought here....Now she felt she was never going home or seeing her family again.

Swift Claw turned to look at the female. "I will stay with you. You are safe here. I will not let anyone harm you." His hand moving to the wrist computer. He touched a key and vanished. For a second nothing happened and then the eyes of his mask flashed yellow, letting her know he was still around.

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