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What really went on in the Garden of Eden before Eve was created to be Adam's companion.

Submitted: March 05, 2007

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Submitted: March 05, 2007



Tonight, he pushed her down to the ground like every other night before this and tried to force himself on her.

“Get off me, you filthy pig! I will not give in to you.” Lilith grimaced and struggled underneath Adam, who hovered over her pale body. She attempted to push him aside, but Adam pinned her down, not allowing her to get away. He overpowered her in every physical aspect because he was created stronger than his female counterpart. Little did he know, he only surpassed her in everything except for his mind. Adam was not endowed with a superior intelligence. Tonight, he desired her. He wanted to prove his manliness by dominating this untamed lioness. Lilith had a tall and slender body of a pre-adolescent boy. She wore her hair short and often carried an inconspicuous, yet evil smile. This fatal attraction drew Adam into her like a moth to a flame. Lilith knew how to use this to her advantage. However, this superiority back-fired on her tonight. She had no way of winning this physical fight.

“I will not allow you to be on top of me.” Adam commanded. “This is how it is, and will always going to be. I will have it no other way.”

The garden illuminated their bodies under sheer moon light. Completely unashamed, they exposed themselves in blatant nudity. Not even the midnight chills drove them to seek cover.

Because one of them had his blood boiling, it was imperative to find an outlet to release this unrelenting fire. Adam's temperature rose.

“What is it that you’re afraid of?” Lilith sneered. Her scornful facial expression showed zero signs of submission. Lilith answered to no one.

“The great one, who made you to be with me, gave me the rights and full authority over you. Thus, you must obey, my love. My words rule over yours.” Adam responded.

“Don’t be ridiculous, baby…” She shook her head. “What’s so different between you and me? When we’re made, He created us from the same soil and given life in the same form. I will not succumb to this. I am your equal!”

“Lilith, I’m afraid you must go quietly into the night. I will no allow any further argument from you.”

“No, you are not going to win this.” Lilith threw rocks and debris at him. “Because I’m leaving this God-forsaken place!”


To Adam’s surprise, Lilith aimed and kicked hard at his groins. While he wallowed in pain, she looked up to the moon and gave Adam a final look.

“You are disgusting.” Lilith stared coldly. “And obviously weak. You will never become anything like me, no matter how hard you try. To think that you deserve the same rights and privileges degrades me.”

Adam groaned while trying to regain his composure. He watched this stunningly sexy woman, wild and incontrollable, spitting words into his face. He knew he was going to lose her because he had predicted this moment. It played over and over again in his mind.

“Where are you going to go? How will you find a way out of this place?”

Lilith laughed hysterically, as if stricken by a possessive spell. She went on laughing, and it seemed to go on forever. Adam watched her indulging in her crazy frenzy. There was nothing he could do.

She continued to laugh as she marched towards the moon. “You don’t know anything, poor thing…”

Adam was more confused than ever. This woman, whom God created from the beginning of time to be with him, was superior to him in ways he didn’t know. Lilith knew something. Adam was ambivalent.

“Tell me. Do not leave me in the dark.” Adam pleaded in a less demanding manner. “I don’t wish to be alone in this.”

“Oh,” Lilith purred softly, as she turned her head back, still walking. “You won’t. There will come a time after I’m gone, my replacement will be send to you…” Lilith’s eyes grew large, “and she will clear your confusion, once and for all.” She walked away. Nothing remained in the air, all but echoes of her laughter.

At that point, Adam could not move. He stayed on the floor and watched her short black hair vanished into the trees far away. Lilith disappeared.

Soon, he found himself tired and asleep, and a voice spoke to him in his dreams. It was gentle and soothing, yet strong.

The voice asked, “Adam, what is wrong?”

“She left,” Adam answered. “This woman you created with me was difficult to deal with. I was not able to enforce my authority over her. She rebelled against me.”

“What is it that you would like me to do?”

“I would like for her to come back. I’d give anything to be with her.”

The voice hummed. “What if she’s unwilling to return?”

“Then,” Adam shut his eyes in despondency, “please give me another woman to be with me. And do not allow her to disobey me.”

“Is it truly what you want, Adam?”

For that, Adam answered in silence.

As soon as Adam woke up, he saw a tanned-skinned figure with long brown hair sleeping next to him. He delved deeper into observing this new creature, which he had come to realized to be a woman. She had full lips and a curvaceous body. The visual sensation was different than Lilith, which sparked novelty and new interests. It was refreshing.

She opened her eyes; they were green. They were much different than Lilith’s deep blue eyes.

“Adam?” She greeted. “I’m Eve. From now on, I will be your wife.”

Adam stared far away into the clouds as this woman threw herself into him without reservation. He could smell the sweet fragrance through her bouncy curls. Her bosom was soft and smooth. In that instant, he was spell bounded.

The voice communicated with him again. It was appearing in a glow of light behind the tree with many purple fruits.

“I took a piece of your rib to create this woman to be with you.” The voice said. “Since she is made from you, she will not dishonor or disobey you.”

Adam, though content, felt rejected. Deep in his heart, he felt he was at a loss because he let Lilith slip away. But at the same time, Eve arrived to ease this hopeless pain.

“I have a rule for you, my children.” The voice once again echoed.

Adam looked up to the tree, and sadly responded. “Yes, my lord?”

“Do not eat the fruit from this tree, and the one next to it.” The voice spoke slowly yet sternly. “Otherwise, there will be consequences.”

The voice and the glow of light soon disappeared, and the garden was once again completely immersed by the sun.

Eve looked curiously at the fruits from the trees, and softly glanced at Adam with her childish innocence. “What’s so special about them?”

“I don’t know, my love…” Adam took her hands and led her into the comfortable bush. He looked at her softly and placed her down on the grass, where she laid on her back. Adam drove away a reptile that nestled a home in the bushes.

It was easy. She did not resist at all. Adam was able to have his way with her, and she complied. Her warm body was different than that of Lilith’s iciness, and he welcomed the new sensation. It overruled his logical mind.

She continued to throw him smiles and joyous laughter, like a naive child. The moment he climaxed, he felt he had turned over everything to Eve. Everything that he had not thought about giving to Lilith before, Eve would now possess.

He knew somehow, this was all going according to “the plan".

They finished. Adam pulled Eve closer to his chest and looked at her face. Eve looked up to him with her shallow green eyes and blinked mindlessly. In a distance, a serpent hissed. Adam knew at that instant that the foolishness in her eyes would one day lead them to their ultimate doom.

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