Tales of Wonder- Chapter 1 - The Fall of the Angels

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The first installment of a continuous storyline, this chapter chronicles the tale of the war in Heaven, which is aparked by Zendar's rebellion. Told from the perspective of a young angel named
Seraphim, the story begins with a bond that the young angel forms with Zendar, one that is sorely tested when the war commences.

Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018









I am the traveler of time and space and have borne witness to many things. Men call me Seraphim, a name given to me by my Creator I have much to tell, tales that are destined to tantalize the intellect and pique even the most still of all curiosities. I was conceived in a place called Paradise where relative concepts such as happiness and bliss are virtual realities. The kingdom was populated by celestial beings whose purpose was to serve the Creator in whatever capacity that was in accordance with their design. I was designated as the gatekeeper and my sole responsibility was to keep watch over the pathway between Paradise and the rest of the universe. The task, while not taxing, was rather tedious, yet I dutifully performed it.
As time passed, I grew weary of watching others bask in the glow of eternal bliss while I was stuck keeping watch over the gate. I could see the others playing and laughing with an exuberance that I had not yet felt since my conception and had begun to wonder whether or not I would ever be invited to partake in the games of the angels. The others, however, did not seem to take notice to me and I felt as if I were all alone with only the vast emptiness of the universe as my companion.
A being called Zendar changed my previously uneventful existence. At the time of my birth he was traveling throughout the vast regions of space, charting territories for the Creator to build a race of humans. When he approached the gate I knew not who he was, but his very essence was so majestic and awesome that my consciousness fled for the moment so that my senses could comprehend the manner of creature that now stood before me. Light shined from every part of him. His eyes were like pools of light and his face was a harmonious spectrum of colors. His hair was gold and his garments were of a silky fabric that was as beautiful as it was indestructible. The aspect of his appearance by which I was most impressed was the crafting of his body, for it did not seem to contain a single flaw. Even the very energy he possessed enveloped my mind and I could not help but be distracted from the task at hand. As I continued to gaze upon this prince of the light, a feeling of awe and admiration rushed through the core of my soul, for I had never witnessed such a perfect balance between power and beauty at such close range, neither before nor since. When he spoke, his voice seemed to be a blend of the most beautiful harmonies ever uttered throughout the universe. He asked politely for passage into the kingdom after he told' me about his mission. I feigned reluctance to allow him to pass, not because I doubted his credibility, but because I desired to be in his company.
"I cannot let thee pass, sir, until I have received the signal," I told him. A signal would appear to me in the form of a crimson star, which indicated that one was allowed to enter.
"Very well, then. I'll wait." He responded in a tone that was as calm as his presence was awesome. As I awaited the signal, I waited for him to say something, so I could find. out more about him. He said nothing. Shortly thereafter I received the signal, but I did not tell him, hoping that the uneasiness of the silence between us might persuade him to speak to me as something other than a gatekeeper. As more time passed he began to question me.
"Have you not received the signal needed to grant me passage?"
"N?not y?yet. Please forgive this rude delay, kind sir. I'm sure that it will not be much longer." He knew I was lying, but did not seem angered. Instead, he started to talk to me.
"What is your name, child?" he asked.
"Ah, Seraphim. I see. You are the Creator's newest conception. I have heard much about you. lt is said that your loyalty to the Creator is unparalleled to that of any other's in the kingdom."
"You mean you actually know of me and have heard these things about me?" I responded, feeling a sense of honor having received this news.
"My child, there is very little in this universe that escapes my realm of perception, and only a fool would fail to recognize such loyalty, for who else would continue to block these gates from one who has already been granted permission to enter?" And with those words a feeling of shock and embarrassment came over me.
"Forgive me , sir, it was just that, well I, uh..."
"It's all right," he interrupted with a gentle, hearty laugh, touching my shoulder. " I know that this job can be rather lonely and tedious at times. It's only natural that you would desire some company."
"Please accept my humble apology."
"No need to apologize. In fact, I'm glad that we had the opportunity to talk. I will speak with you again later." He returned shortly thereafter and invited me to join him on one of his travels, and an angel named Malachi volunteered to keep watch during my absence. Malachi did not mind at all and seemed willing to do anything Zendar asked of him. During our journey I was exposed to the myriad wonders of the universe. We traveled across galaxies and I beheld, first hand, the many star systems each one contained. I discovered that many of these systems contained huge land masses called planets on which other life forms existed. I observed these phenomena with the amazement of a child and was overcome with awe and wonder during my exposure to the Supreme Being's creations.
Our journeys together became more frequent as time progressed. On each travel a new mystery was revealed to me and each one filled me with more awe than did the previous one. Something else also happened as Zendar and I accompanied one another. A bond started to form between us. He had this protective nature towards me which did not seem overbearing. Instead, it was rather comforting and filled me with a sense of security, thereby reaffirming my notion that all was right with the universe. He showed me the areas of the universe to which he liked to travel when he felt like being alone. One such area which was of particular interest to me was a matrix of multicolored lights called the Spectrum of Tranquility, a majestic and awesome structure that Zendar, himself assisted The Creator in building. The structure was filled with power and was designed to maintain order and peace in the universe. Thus, the existence of this creation insured that the universe remained peaceful, just as the Creator intended. He told me that coming there allowed him to think and reflect on the many wonders of the universe. He also explained to me that as the Creator's most powerful angel and efficient servant, he had a host of responsibilities to fulfill, and that coming here allowed him to alleviate any stress that arose from the many tasks he performed.
On our next travel Zendar showed me two rainbows that crisscrossed one another. They were called the Crossroads of Alternate Realities. Each rainbow contained a number of myriad passageways into which one could venture into a vast array of possible pasts, potential futures, nonexistent dimensions and virtual non realities.
Along with the passage of time the bond between us grew ever stronger. The two of us became kindred spirits, basking in the fruits yielded by a celestial existence and in this stage of reason I made an oath that I would come to regret. I vowed that I would always remain his friend and that I would neither betray nor oppose him in any manner. This oath was sealed with my blood along with his, thereby making us soul mates for eternity.
Shortly thereafter, the citizens of paradise received word that a new being had been created, a being that was of the Divine Essence and a manifestation of the Supreme Being, one bathed in light and enveloped in gloriously decorated robes of gold and silver. He was the begotten Son of the Creator's and the crowned Prince of paradise and upon seeing him all the citizens presented themselves to Him on bended knee before the throne. I was so amazed at what I had seen that I had forgotten to kneel. I just stood and gazed in virtual wonder and fear. I knew that His birth meant that there would be change, but was not aware of how much of a change it would bring. Zendar was not present at the time the Prince presented Himself to the citizens of the kingdom. When I saw Zendar and told him of what I had witnessed a look of concern came over his face, an expression of his that had been foreign to my eyes until that point. Upon receiving word of the Prince's birth he left me and went to the Creator. Of all the citizens in paradise Zendar had been the only one to view and communicate directly with the Supreme Being. I knew not what the manner of their dialogue was but when I next saw Zendar he was red with rage. He ranted as if he were mad.
"This is an outrage!" he said in a even, yet hostile tone.
"What's troubling you, friend," I asked calmly, gently putting my hand on his shoulder.
"When I left you, I went to see the Creator, When I went to the divine chambers and approached the throne there sat another being who revealed himself as the Son, the Prince of paradise. He inquired as to the reason for my absence at his presentation. When I offered my humble apologies for missing the ceremony, he informed me that my role of delegating responsibilities to the others had been stripped because I had set a bad example by not attending the ceremony. I was then told that my new role would be that of head servant of his court. Why, I was absolutely mortified! What right did he have to tell me these things? I left him then, for I could not bear to hear any more of his incessant gibberish for, indeed, I, Zendar, the greatest in the kingdom, answer to no one!"
"Except to Me!" roared a voice that shook the heavens. It was the first time I heard the Creator speak. "You have been a disobedient servant, Zendar! First, you fail to attend my Son's presentation to the kingdom and then you openly proclaim to your charge whom you've taken under your care that you answer to no one. But I say unto you that you will answer to Him, the begotten Son of the Divine One. You are to report to Him at once and await further instructions."
"I'm sorry for my transgression, but I thought ...."
"Good. Then the matter is settled and I can be assured that you will fulfill your role with the highest degree of efficiency."
“Yes, Master." Zendar left, rather  reluctantly, and made his way to the Divine Chambers. I could tell he was infuriated by what had transpired. In fact at that moment a rush of emotions once alien to me were rendered immediately familiar as anger, frustration and resentment flooded towards the center of my soul. It was then that I realized that my bond with Zendar allowed me to both detect and feel his emotions at the same time. The stronger the emotion, the more I felt it.
As time elapsed I saw less of Zendar. He rarely had the opportunity to leave the chambers for his time was occupied with presiding over the servants of the Prince's court. However, I could feel that the resentment within him was growing. He felt as though he should have been the favored one and did not take to his new role along with his reduction in rank all that well. After all, he had served the Divine One faithfully and his loyalty was beyond reproach. Why should he have been subjected to such an indignity? The most difficult part of this new assignment was its confining nature. Zendar was accustomed to traveling freely through the universe and remaining stationary was a foreign concept to him. In addition to feeling somewhat betrayed he also felt trapped. Certainly not an ideal blend of emotions for one whose role is to serve, but he did perform his tasks dutifully.
After two millennia had passed Zendar was granted a temporary reprieve from his duties. He came to see me and said that he wanted me to meet him at the edge of paradise when Heaven's moon reached a full eclipse. Zendar had never arranged for us to meet at a specific place or time, so I found this request to be rather odd, but I told him that I would be there. When I arrived I noticed he wasn't alone. After greeting me with a warm hello, Zendar introduced me to the others who were with him. The first was Malachi, whom I met shortly after my conception. The others were Beezlebub, Cherubim, Moloch, Belial, Mammon and Thesa. Moloch had a rather bold disposition. The rigid, austere appearance about his face was complimented by  rigid, strong cheekbones and a sturdy frame. Upon looking at him, I could tell he was bred to be a warrior. Belial had a rather laid back, peaceful appearance. He had gently lit brown eyes and a face which conveyed an expression that could tame a tidal wave. Cherubim had a youthful appearance. Next to Zendar she was the most beautiful entity ever created. A new creation herself, she had the outward appearance of a child but within her contained the fiery heart of a warrior goddess. Beezlebub had no definite physical form, but  was a mixture of myriad radiant energies and had the ability to adopt any form at will. Then there was Thesa. Like Moloch, she too had a strong, sturdy frame along with eyes of fire and fiery hair that contained a heap of celestial energy which she could channel and direct by the sound of her voice. Together they formed the Stygian Council and their purpose was to overthrow the Ruler and take over the kingdom.
Zendar informed me that they had been planning this for some time and had requested my presence at this assemblage to invite me to join their cause. I was stunned by the nature of his request and stood there in silence.
"He hesitates," Moloch growled, interrupting the silence. "He is of no use to us, Zendar, if he is not fully committed to our righteous cause." Each felt that this was a righteous cause since they all felt they had been wronged by both the Divine One and the Prince. Zendar felt that his authority within the kingdom had been threatened because of the Prince. The others felt that they were to be the inheritors of the throne, along with Zendar, and by virtue of the Son's existence had been cheated of that glory.
"Perhaps he has not the courage to confront the Creator," Thesa chimed in. "There is no room in this council for cowards!"
"I told you that it was a bad idea to try to include him, Zendar," Beezlebub whined. "We all command large armies of soldiers and warriors. What armies does he command?" The others likewise voiced their objections and Zendar came to my defense.
"Silence all of you!" he commanded them. "Lest you forget that it was I who persuaded you into the courage you now flaunt. There is not a one of you who was not once as he is now, in fear of the Creator, following the Divine One in blind obedience without stopping to question the implications of living an existence in total servitude. Only now do you realize that we are all merely pawns to be used and discarded according to Jehovah's whim. I, who was once regarded as the favored one, the prince of the angels, am now relegated to playing the role of a servant. And yet, even I once held reservations about following through on our plan of action as did all of you. So do not judge Seraphim's hesitation so harshly, my friends, for indeed, in him there are traces and shadows of your own fears and insecurities that were once a part of you." Upon hearing him the others remained silent and it was obvious to me that he had complete control of the situation. He then directed his attention towards me, telling me that I did not have to participate if I did not wish to do so, but requested that I hear him out before making a decision. I honored his request. He turned to me and said,
"Friend Seraphim, it has been far too long since last we had the opportunity to tour the universe, exploring the mysteries and miracles that our destinies have to offer. I know that this meeting comes as a shock to you, and places you in somewhat of an awkward position of making a very difficult decision. Let it be understood, then, that I would never ask you to undertake something that would place you in grave danger nor would I have proposed to take arms against Jehovah if there weren't sufficient reasons. The rule over us of late has become increasingly unfair and oppressive and I feel that it is our moral obligation to change that which is not right or else all lives are forfeit. Having spent these past two millennia confined to the Divine Palace, I bore witness to the Prince's harsh treatment of the other servants. When I tried to intervene on their behalf he bade me to be silent, and when I brought my case before the Creator, it was dismissed. Others have also been subjected to this kind of treatment and it's not fair. Should not one who claims to be the epitome of justice act as such? I say to you that the Creator has failed miserably in this regard of late. I once vowed to you that I would allow no harm to befall you, one that I intend to keep through all eternity and you did likewise. However, I understand your loyalty to the Creator, so if you do not wish to join us in our effort to bring about a better tomorrow then you need only to refuse to join us tonight."
"Isn't there any other way to deal with this aside from a call to arms?" I inquired, pathetically childlike, yet desperately hopeful.
"All other means have been exhausted. There is no other way." I could tell by the tone of finality in his voice that he and the others had made up their minds. I also knew that I was faced with a rather difficult decision, remembering the sacred bond that Zendar and I made to one another. However, after weighing all the reasons to join him against any possible reasons for not doing so, I decided to pledge my loyalty to their cause.
"Zendar," I said, "you know that you can count on me to stand and fight with you even unto the death."
"Seraphim, this news pleases me very much. The council will meet again when Heaven's moon is full and we will discuss the details of our plan."
We met at the far side of the universe near a galaxy called the Milky Way. Zendar had managed to cloak a small area within that star system to the Creator's all seeing eyes so that our plan of attack would be unknown to all except for the parties involved. Each member of the council commanded the largest and most powerful armies in the kingdom, so we reasoned that defeating the other angels would be a relatively easy task. Moloch and Malachi were to undertake the task of defeating the other angels. Malachi was going to lock the doors of the other dimensions to thwart any additional opposition. Cherubim would work on entrancing the Prince with her hypnotic gaze. Mammon and Thesa were going to destroy the palace in which the Creator and the Prince resided. Beezlebub planned to use his radiant energies to distort the metaphysical properties of the kingdom, which would render the remaining soldiers disoriented and confused. Belial was going to use his power to put all the citizens of the kingdom into a deep sleep. Zendar and I were appointed the task of usurping the Sacred Sphere which harnessed the Creator's power and sat atop the Holy Throne. Zendar conjured up a spell to make each of us immune to the other's power so that we would not be affected by our own methods of attack. We agreed to put our plan into action during the next full eclipse of the moon.
At the first hint of the moon's eclipse a knife of anxiety cut through my veins for I knew the time was near. I started towards my designated area when one of the angels approached me from behind and placed her hand on my shoulder. Startled, I turned suddenly and saw that it was Vena, my surrogate mother. She gazed deeply into my eyes and a saddened, melancholic expression blanketed her face immediately thereafter. My intentions had been revealed to her, yet she did not try to stop me. Instead, she simply told me,
"There will come a moment at which you will have to make a choice that will greatly affect the fate of the kingdom and all who dwell within it. May you choose wisely, son." With those words she touched me gently on the cheek and departed. I continued about my task of reporting to the doors that led into the palace and waited for the darkness to come.
It came, anticipated and yet without warning. It enveloped the kingdom and covered the universe. A loud roar echoed throughout the kingdom. It came along with the darkness from a distance. I recognized the roar. It belonged to Moloch, Malachi and their soldiers. Then I heard crying and detected the odor of blood filtering through my nostrils. Then I saw them coming towards my direction. Women crying. Children dying. The slaughter was well underway. Moloch and his troops were effectively destroying all who stood in their path. The opposing force fought and fell at random in rhythmic fashion. Others came. To see. To witness. To die by Belial's eternal sleeping spell. Then more came. Confusion. Despair. Beezlebub. Then Moloch's troops slew even more mercilessly. A crack. A rumble. Then the walls came tumbling own. Some attempted to flee to other dimensions but found that the doors are locked. So they remained and were buried beneath the rubble that was once called the Holy Palace where they are to this day.  In the wreckage there stood Mammon and Thesa, along with their troops, wearing an expression of rude pride at what they had accomplished. The palace itself was wrapped in chaos. Zendar's troops were battling Jehovah's servants. The swords of the former found their mark while those of the latter seemed to be chasing shadows. Across from me stood the throne of the Son, who was locked in a psychic war with the one called Cherubim. Zendar touched me on the shoulder as if to say that it was time for us to make our move. I hesitated. I could not move after what I had seen. He grabbed me by my hand and lunged towards the Creator's throne.
Jehovah stood in front of the throne in pure form and it overwhelmed my senses. The force sent me hurtling back into the rubble. Zendar, too, was stunned, but did not relent. He continued to lunge forward towards the throne and the Sacred Sphere. "I shall defeat you, Jehovah," he proclaimed as celestial energies shot forth from his hands towards the Creator. Jehovah countered those with a thunderbolt. This gave Zendar time. He got closer. Moloch entered the palace and uttered a roar which shook what was left of the palace. This gave Zendar even more time. Time enough to seize the Sacred Sphere. Upon touching it Zendar became infinitely more powerful. Power coursed through every fiber of his being as he wrapped his arms around his latest prize. He declared that he would destroy Jehovah and prepared to do battle. When I fully recovered my senses I became sickened at what I had witnessed over the course of this battle. The thought of Zendar becoming ruler over all disgusted me even more. He was ruthless. They all were. Zendar cared nothing about the good of the kingdom. He simply wanted the throne. It was then that I remembered what Vena had told me earlier. She told me that there would be a moment at which I would have to make a decision that would determine the fate of the universe. The moment had arrived. So had Zendar's opportunity to usurp the throne and I found myself becoming terribly afraid of what might occur should Zendar emerge victorious. In that instant I saw that I had a clean shot at Zendar. I hesitated and then shot forth a cosmic blast which struck Zendar's arms. The Sacred Sphere shattered into billions of tiny pieces as Zendar released it and the fragments spread throughout the universe. Zendar screamed in agony and the pain ripped through me as well, since the two of us were celestially bound. Overcome by agony, I fell to the ground. It was as though the pain I had caused him was felt tenfold by me. It felt as though my very essence were being torn apart by fire. Zendar fell at Jehovah's feet, writhing in pain. With a wave of those powerful hands, the Creator sent forth a burst of light, sending Zendar and the other members of the Stygian Council hurtling towards the edge of heaven. I then saw a burst of radiant light that shot forth from the Prince's throne. When it faded only a pile of ashes that used to be Cherubim remained at the Son's feet. Zendar and his angels lay defeated and battered at the gates of paradise. The Creator spoke these words unto them:
"You wicked and faithless foolsl How dare you oppose me! Zendar, you, who were once my favorite angel, have betrayed mel You realize not how much your actions have pained me!  Realize, then that you are hereby banished from the kingdom forever!"  
With those words Jehovah raised those powerful, awesome hands and opened the door of unreality that led into the abyss and hurled Zendar and his angels into a vortex of nothingness. I could hear them screaming from the other end of reality, but it was Zendar's anguish that I felt ripping through my soul and his pain would remain a part of me forever. I knew that I made the right choice. I also knew that a great sacrifice came along with it. Zendar and I would remained bound in mind, body and spirit forever and I felt that I had a responsibility to try to either help him or stop him from becoming a greater threat by recovering the shattered fragments of the Sacred Sphere. It was just a matter of time before Zendar would escape from the abyss, recover those pieces and find his way back to reality but the emptiness that now sat in his soul would always remain. I turned and gazed upon the face of my Creator for the very first time. The light that emanated from that awesome presence blinded me once again, but I could still perceive the Divine Essence and it showed the face of Vena. The voice bade me to go forth into the universe and fulfill that responsibility that I harbored in my heart, to bring Zendar back and eradicate the  threat he posed. With a flash of light and by Jehovah's whim I was recreated into a new being, with my powers increased a hundredfold and a coat of armor that was as mutable as the ocean yet as impenetrable as a fortress. Armed for war with a heart that desired peace, I ventured forth into the abyss to begin my mission.



Also: Cherubim undergoes a transformation of her own.

© Copyright 2020 Ed Plummer. All rights reserved.

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