Tales of Wonder The Rise of the Pyramid Stalker

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The third chapter and installment of the "Tales of Wonder" story line chronicles the events following "The Fall of Man" as Seraphim and Zendar each attempt to enlist the aid of another to assist him in achieving his own ends.

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018









In the days that followed the fall of Man, Seraphim came to the realization that he had been deceived by Zendar into allowing him into the Garden of Eden. While Seraphim slept, Zendar used his aura as a gateway to the Garden of Eden and thus, was able to prompt humankind's first transgression. Seraphim wept over the cost of his failure as he looked at these two fragile creations struggle to sustain their existence. He wanted to tell them he was sorry but he knew the value of such a meager apologee would come to nothing, given their present circumstances. Given his predicament, he decided to return to the kingdom. When he arrived, the Creator called out to him saying,
"Seraphim stay your position! You are not to pass through these gates until you have compensated for your dismal failure to do the task you were assigned. Because you acted foolishly by trusting your former friend, an entire creation is now subject to an unfathomable degree of death and destruction. You are to go and search for the lost pieces of the Sacred Sphere and utilize them in order to prevent Zendar from causing any more damage to this universe I have created. Do not return until I have summoned you to do so. Now go and do not fail again!"
Upon hearing these words, Seraphim felt as if all desire to exist had abandoned him. Given the monumental proportion of the task at hand, he feared it would be at least a millennia or two before he could once again enter into the kingdom. His friends and family were now gone to him and he was very much alone in a universe that now seemed like a hostile stranger. From the pit of his soul he released a scream that was heard throughout the universe accompanied by an agony that piqued the sensibilities of even the most still of creatures. The agony was replaced by a rage from which Seraphim proclaimed an oath to himself that he would have his vengeance against Zendar for all that he had done.
He then proceeded to  commence his quest for the shattered fragments of the Sacred Sphere, each of which contained a metaphysical property that either increased or supplemented one’s innate abilities. After traveling the universe for hours, exhaustion crept into him while success eluded him. Weary and worn from traveling, he decided to stop and rest on an asteroid which was the size of a small city. He took notice to a small, shiny crystal like substance in the shape of a diamond on the ground and upon touching it, he was instantly energized. He instantly recognized it as being part of the Sacred Sphere. This one was called  the Energizer Crystal and it had the capacity to activate and revive one's state of mind, body and spirit. Seraphim was now filled with a fresh sense of hope and eager to continue his quest.
Now while Seraphim traveled through space, the desolate one took to the earth. His jealousy towards humankind festered after the events that transpired in the Garden of Eden for he did not perceive that he received a just consequence for his actions in comparison to the punishment suffered by Adam and Eve. While they still maintained the favor of the Creator, he had not. He too searched for the missing pieces, reasoning that they would act to fuel his power that he could use in his war against humankind and its creator. He ventured through the gardens of Africa and came upon the Crystal of Ages Unforetold. This jewel enabled him to chart the future progress of human civilization, an insight that  would better enable him to sow chaos and discord among the inhabitants of this planet. Armed with this newfound insight into humankind's future, Zendar continued to search for the other missing pieces of the Sacred Sphere.
Seraphim's quest met with incrementally increasing success during his journey through space in the days that followed. He found several other crystals, one of which was called the Jewel of Universal Sight. Through its marble coating one could see what events were transpiring anywhere in the universe at any given time. What Seraphim saw as he looked in it was that destruction had once again touched humankind. Adam and Eve bore two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain was jealous of his brother and took him into the fields and killed him. Cain was then cursed and fled to a place that lay east of Eden. Seraphim concluded that Zendar had to be responsible for this misery as the crystal also revealed that the fallen one continued to dwell on earth. Seraphim resolved to venture to the planet from which guilt had compelled him to stay his presence for far too long. Now at this time Seraphim was nearly one hundred light years away from earth so he did not tarry in his journey, but instead, made haste toward the dwelling place of the humans. During his journey he continued to look into the Jewel of Universal Sight to see what was transpiring on Earth. He witnessed a great flood covering the planet's surface for forty days and forty nights while a lone ark sailed atop the waters, unaffected by the storm. Shortly thereafter the Jewel showed him a vision in which men built tower that reached into space. Upon seeing it, the Creator destroyed it and cursed the tongues of those who constructed it. The builders of this accursed tower fled to other parts of the world to escape the wrath of Jehovah. Some of them settled in a region located in the northeastern section of Africa. It was a richly fertile land that contained various minerals, nutrient-rich soil, and a rather healthy river called the Nile that ran through its center and maintained the balance of life. These nomadic tribes made the land their home and they called it Egypt. They settled and produced children who also did likewise. The population grew and it came to pass that  a pharaoh named Aminidab would govern them.
In all the days he presided over this kingdom he displayed wisdom, compassion, courage and generosity. Not one individual went without food, shelter or any of the other basic necessities, for all were greatly rewarded for their labor, particularly if such work was in service to the kingdom. However, it was his display of the love for his people that endeared him to his subjects. Never was there a child who fell ill that he failed to visit. Never was there a dispute between two parties that his wisdom and diplomacy could not resolve. Rarely was there a burial he failed to send his condolences. He even made it a point to know most of the people by name which fostered a more personal relationship between the him and his subjects. So well loved was he by his people that every man who lived in the village volunteered to be a part of his army so that they would be in a position to protect him from harm and the borders of Egypt were well protected from potential foreign invaders.
One day while he was traveling about the kingdom he came upon one of the fragments of the Sacred Sphere. It was the Crystal of Spiritual Dimensions and it enabled one to exist on both the physical and spiritual planes simultaneously. It also allowed one to transform one's self into a being of pure spiritual energy that could cross time and space in an instant. Being both wise and spiritual,  Aminidab realized the power of such and recognized its potential dangers. He reasoned that such a thing was not intended for humankind's use, but was at a loss as to what to do with it. He first thought about burying it, but did not take the chance of someone else finding it. The potential effects were far too dangerous. He also reasoned that it was not his to keep. He decided that the best course of action would be to hold on to it for now until he had the opportunity to return it to its source. 
As he slept that evening, Aminidab's spirit left his body and went into this realm where he saw wonders that defied his comprehension, heard melodies that echoed in his heart and tasted both paradise and purgatory in the same swallow. In the distance he saw two figures engaged in a metaphysical battle. The one was Seraphim and the other, Zendar. Each exchanged a series of blows in the form of cosmic blasts that exploded at different points on the Earth's surface. In the center of these two powerful angels, encased in a transparent shell lay a naked creature covered with brown skin similar to his. Aminidab's sight became transfixed on this creature and upon closer inspection he found that it bore a face that resembled his own. Upon this realization, the creature awakened, having come into spiritual contact with its counterpart, and lashed out at the two who battled on either side of him. The power of both Seraphim and Zendar was equalized by virtue of the creature's involvement in the battle, but the meaning of this was lost to Aminidab. So his spirit continued to search his mind for the answer and the battle scene was replaced by the presence of Jehovah, who said unto him,
"The hour of your destiny is nearly at hand. What you have witnessed shall come to pass as your destiny unfolds. The crystal you now have in your possession which once belonged to me I now glue unto you. You have been a good and faithful servant, and thus in exchange I give unto you the Crystal of Spiritual Dimensions. You will not return to dust at the time of your death, but rather you will have eternal spiritual life by the power of the crystal. Let it be understood, my child, that you have been given great power and with it, comes great responsibility. I encourage you to use it wisely. Farewell."
And when the essence of Jehovah had faded from his view, Aminidab awakened, refreshed and uplifted. His creator had spoken to him, clarifying the cloud of mystery that surrounded the crystal that was in his possession. He held it before him and gazed into its shiny essence with awe and wonder. He was interrupted by a sudden knock at the door and became furious. He hid the crystal and harshly rebuked the servant for having intruded on his time.
"How dare you disturb me at this hour! I trust you have valid reason for doing so, lest you feel my wrath !" The servant stared at him, blank eyed and puzzled, for he had never witnessed the master behave in this manner. Oftentimes, he would come to the master's chambers for no particular reason other than to hear the words of wisdom that Aminidab would impart to him. Aminidab was not the type that would mind people coming to see him, and it was not often that people came to see him just to waste his time, indeed every moment that he spent with one of his subjects was something that he treasured. So why was he acting in a manner that was so contrary to his nature? Overcome by bewilderment and fear, words failed him.
"Speak, man!" Aminidab demanded, "My patience grows weary!" Again the servant was taken aback, for it was the first time that the master had failed to call him by name and he did not know the cause of this strange behavior. After an uneasy silence he nervously uttered,
"F-forgive this gentle intrusion, your majesty, for 1 came to you to seek counsel, but I find that my visit is ill timed."
"What?!" Aminidab screamed. "You seek to waste my time with your petty problems, to seek out that which you are neither fit to have nor acquire for yourself? How dare you enter into my presence with such an insignificant a matter! Begone, you accursed wretch! I shall deal with you later!" The servant hastily departed and Aminidab returned to his room. He noticed that a blanket of sweat covered his forehead and a pool of perspiration was on his bed. His body became like fire and his mind started to whirl. He fell to the ground, unconscious.
In the days that followed, Aminidab was overcome by a fever which claimed his life. His body was encased in cloth and placed in a pyramid, which the Egyptians used to bury their dead. When he was placed in the tomb, an effervescent glow shone from the crystal that he kept and with he was encased and was projected atop the pyramid. The entire kingdom mourned their loss, for they knew that there would never be another like Aminidab, but knew that Aminidab's spirit would always be a part of them and they took the light as a symbol of that promise. While his subjects wept, Aminidab's spirit slept. His sole desire was to rest until Jehovah summoned him to paradise. The cries of his people touched the ears of Seraphim and Zendar, yet neither mourned for the people’s loss and the hearts of these two were unmoved. Preoccupied with waging war on one another and unfamiliar with mortality, they were immune to the emotional effects of death. Instead each perceived Aminidab as a potential ally in his efforts to thwart the other and upon hearing of his death, sought to enlist his aid. When Seraphim went to Egypt he came upon the glowing pyramid and entered the tomb of the deceased king. He chanted these words,
"By the power of Jehovah, the Creator of the earth and skies, I bid this active spirit to awaken and rise." And with those words Seraphim clasped his hands together and released a spectrum of light which shook Aminidab's spirit from its previously peaceful slumber. This rude intrusion greatly upset Aminidab and he harshly questioned the herald of Jehovah saying,
"Wherefore do you tread upon the land of the dead and intrude upon the spirit of Aminidab?" to which Seraphim responded by saying, "Forgive this gentle intrusion, but there is an urgent matter that I must discuss with you. It concerns the fate of not only your people but of generations to come."
"Go on." Upon the entity’s prompt, Seraphim went on to tell  Aminidab’s spirit that a spiritual war over humankind's salvation was being waged and that his power would be instrumental in tipping the scales in humankind's favor. Aminidab listened to Seraphim as he recounted the events that took place during the fall of the angels which proceeded the fall of humankind. And when Seraphim had commenced telling the spirit of that which had come to pass and of what was to come, the spirit was weary and desired all the more to rest. He then told Seraphim,
"I have given you fair ear, and now I request that you heed my words and wishes in kind. During my existence in human guise, I ruled my kingdom as a parent cares for its child. My efforts in maintaining a balance between control and nurturance within my kingdom was not an easy task, yet I performed it to the best of my ability to the point where my health rapidly deteriorated and shortly thereafter, my physical life ended. You see, my work did not allow much time for rest and recreation and the stress of keeping such a busy schedule took its toll on my body and I was stricken with a fever which made me terminally ill. It was not the end I would have chosen, but that matters not. The only thing that matters now is that finally have an opportunity to rest. The matter of which you speak does not concern me to the point where I am willing to give up that opportunity. Now, I wish to be left alone."
An expression of disappointment covered Seraphim's face and shaded his eyes after hearing the spirit's reply to his request. Seraphim thanked him for listening and made his departure. However, unbeknownst to both men at the time, a part of Seraphim's spiritual essence along with the events that were recounted it that tomb had been implanted in Aminidab's mind and thus became a part of his spiritual essence. All this was rendered possible by the power of the crystal which had the capability to fuse spirits together into one body of reality, the crystal he found that day on the ground. Thus when Aminidab slept he found no rest, for the dream he recalled from his earthly existence had returned and faded before his rest once again became peaceful.
On the evening after Seraphim's visit, Zendar followed suit. He came upon the tomb and bade the spirit to rise saying,
"By the power of darkness that fills the skies, I bid thee spirit to awaken and rise." And the spirit rose, rebuking Zendar, whom Aminidab had mistaken for Seraphim, in a harsh manner and said,
"Have I not told you that I wish to be left alone?! Why do you persist in making these continual demands on me?" When the spirit was fully awakened and saw the face before him he recognized it not as the one that he saw earlier. He was somewhat startled by this revelation, but this did not stay his frustration.
"So, Seraphim has been here," Zendar thought to himself. "Then this must be the one who is said to possess the power of the Crystal of Spiritual Dimensions." In addition to coming to this awareness, Zendar also perceived that the spirit was rather annoyed, so he did not tarry in introducing himself.
"Please do not be cross with me and do not be alarmed, for I come in peace."
"Who are you?" Aminidab asked suspiciously. "And why have you intruded upon my eternal resting place?"
"I am called Zendar, and have come to make you an offer that will soothe your ill temper that my presence here has effected, if you would only be so kind as to grant me a piece of your attention and a part of your time."
"Very well, then. Go on." Zendar recounted the events that revolved around the fall of the angels and the fall of humankind. He delineated his role in the entire affair, stating how unfairly he was treated by his former master and that he was seeking to make restitution before the universe suffers the consequences of being ruled by an unfair arbitrator. He offered Aminidab great power and the opportunity to acquire riches that exist throughout the universe. When Zendar had finished his attempts to persuade Aminidab to become his ally, the spirit told him,
"I have given you fair ear, and now I request that you heed my words and wishes in kind. During my existence in the realm of concrete, physical reality, I was fortunate enough to have abundant wealth that exceeded my needs. As the ruler of Egypt, not only did I have economic wealth, but I also had the love of my people which was a reward of its own. Yet, neither afforded me the opportunity to rest, something of which I am in dire need. Though I see you have reason for your cause I have neither the need nor desire to aid you in your rebellion against your former master for Jehovah has done me no wrong. There is nothing you can offer that would persuade me otherwise because you do not possess that which I truly want, which is an opportunity to rest. The matter of which you spoke does not concern me to the point where I am willing to give up that opportunity. Now, I wish to be left alone." And with those words dismay filled Zendar's heart and he left the tomb. However, after Zendar's departure a part of his spiritual essence remained and became a part of the sleeping spirit along with the vision of Zendar's fall from grace and the torment that came with it.
Now when he returned to his restful state, the two conflicting forces, belonging to Zendar and Seraphim, waged war inside of Aminidab and peaceful slumber eluded him. He had a clear vision of the war that was taking place between these two who had been exiled from the kingdom and it plagued his peace of mind. The vision eventually faded and he returned to his restful state.
Seraphim, who was still in Egypt, sensed Zendar's presence and reasoned that he came there to visit the tomb. The next morning he returned to Aminidab's grave and bade the spirit again to rise, and this greatly angered him. Upon seeing Seraphim, his anger rose and a glare of hostility shot forth from his eyes and a voice filled with contempt shouted these words,
"I told you that I have no interest in your war and that I wanted to be left alone, yet you persist in annoying me! What prompts this gross imposition?"
"I apologize for this intrusion, but I must ask you something. Has Zendar been here?"
“You accursed wretch! How dare you approach Aminidab in his hour of rest like some insolent persistent child.  Have you no respect for one’s privacy and dignity? Now, be gone and let me rest!"
Upon hearing these words and Seraphim stepped back, cloaking himself in a midst of light and departed, reasoning that there was little to be gained by pressing the matter any further. From a distance, Zendar noticed a spectrum of light emanating from the pyramid where Aminidab was buried and recognized it as Seraphim’s energy signature. He reasoned that there must have been some
some significance to it and figured that the answer to this mystery was buried in the tomb along with the sleeping spirit. So, again he came upon the body of the deceased ruler and again he bade the spirit to rise. The spirit was greatly angered and said,
"Have all the angels in Paradise been afflicted with madness and have sought to recover their sanity by attempting to usurp mine?! This is the fourth time I have been awakened by one of you misbegotten misfits of creation! I told you that all I desire is rest, yet you refuse to honor my wishes! Begone, you accursed malfunc­tion of creation and bother me no more!"It was apparent to Zendar that Aminidab was not in the mood to answer any questions about Seraphim. He further reasoned that there was no purpose to be served by his staying there so he left the tomb by phasing through the walls. When he appeared on the outer side, he was confronted by Seraphim. He unleashed a laser which hit Zendar in the chest and left him temporarily stunned.
"I strike you in the name of Jehovah" he proclaimed. "And as long as I, Seraphim, have breath in my body I will continue you to strike at you until you have been destroyed." And with those words Seraphim un­leashed a blast of cosmic energy which hit Zendar squarely in the face and sent him plummeting to the ground. Seraphim went after him and Zendar began to get up, trying to recover his senses. He had not anticipated that Seraphim would be on the other side when he left the tomb. Nor did he expect that Seraphim would show the display of force that he had. It was readily apparent to him  that the power of his former charge, along with his confidence, had greatly increased and intensified. However, the fallen angel still felt that he would be able overtake this herald of Jehovah’s but thought better of retorting an immediate response. Instead, decided to wait until Seraphim descended to the ground in order to get a clear shot. As Zendar had calculated, Seraphim did land on the ground and drew closer. The archangel waited until his rival was positioned three feet in front of him and released a pool of red light from his eyes which cast a dark, crimson shadow over the land. Seraphim became momentarily confused by the abrupt change during which Zendar had the opportunity to recover and mount his own attack by unleashing a blast which hit Seraphim in the face. Zendar's former charge screamed in pain as he felt the effects of Zendar's blast eat away at his skin and stab at his eyes. Taking advantage of this newfound advantage, Zendar leapt to his feet and flew into Seraphim's chest, feet first, which sent Seraphim falling backwards. Zendar stood over him and said,
"Do not force me to destroy you, Seraphim! Your unwarranted attack forced my hand, so I had no choice but to retaliate, but let us not carry this battle any further lest it be something we shall both regret for all eter­nity." Zendar knew the implications behind the sacred oath these two former friends made to one another, and that it was not something to be violated. Seraphim had already violated it once when he rose against Zendar during the fall of the angels, but at the time thought his actions were justified, for he acted on behalf of the Creator and Zendar knew this which is why he would never hold Seraphim accountable for such an action. Zendar also knew infinite pain and suffering, yet some shred of love for Seraphim somehow managed to re­main. At this moment, though, the meaning of Zendar's words were lost on this overzealous servant of the Creator's, for he had no in­tention of surrendering this battle until victory was his and he planned to seal that victory by phasing his body through the ground and attacking Zendar from behind. Zendar was not fooled for he anticipated this move and ascended while before Seraphim resurfaced. Upon seeing Zendar’s ascent,  Seraphim sprayed a black ooze which solidified, encasing Zendar in a spherically shaped prison. Zendar managed to break free by forming a wall of energy around him and extending it until the sphere gave way and exploded.
"If that is the best you can do, then you'd best surrender now," Zendar taunted, however the boldness of his words veiled what he felt. The sphere was not designed to imprison him, but rather to sap some of his strength, a task it achieved successfully. This afforded Seraphim the opportunity to attack Zendar once again, this time with a cosmic blast to the face. Zendar managed to form a forcefield around himself to shield himself from this onslaught, but Seraphim did not relent. Instead, he persisted in firing a continuous stream of cosmic energy in an effort to weaken Zendar's shield. A ball of energy exploded where the irresistible force battled the im­movable object. When the dust from the explosion settled, Seraphim and Zendar were lying on the ground, bat­tle worn and bloodied. What was once a majestic wonder of the world was now a pile of dust, for the pyramid which once housed the spirit of Aminidab had been destroyed in the explosion, which made each one wonder what happened to its former occupant. As if in answer to their question a voice called to them and said,
"You two have destroyed the Sacred Pyramid and awakened the Great Spirit, a grave indignity for which you shall atone!" The two turned quickly and their senses were confronted by a large, robust figure that bore the face of Aminidab. Smoke billowed from his nostrils and fire flew out from his brow. His huge, black hands were clenched into fists and his massive arms were outstretched as if they were reaching for the two fallen angels. He then addressed the two angels with this vengeful pronouncement,
"We are the combined spirits of the deceased kings of Egypt and have come together under the spirit of Aminidab to destroy you for you have destroyed our sacred home Now, prepare to die at the hands of the Pyramid Stalker!”Zendar and Seraphim turned to each other as if to acknowledge their mutual sense of shock and distress, wondering what type of fate they had sown for themselves.


By the combined efforts of Seraphim and Zendar an angry spirit has risen with a rage in his soul and a desire to destroy the two who have disturbed his eternal rest. However, they are but two of the first who are destined to taste the bittersweet nectar of the wrath of the Pyramid Stalker.  Find out what happens as this embittered entity embarks on his own quest in

The Stalker and his Prey!

© Copyright 2020 Ed Plummer. All rights reserved.

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