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This is information I typed on Facebook that some how they can steal.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



Hungry??....here's some food for thought, humor, or emotion.(Below is all written for comedy relief for the righteous, specialists, and the fakes; for you have always been my comedy relief. It is also written for the open minded.)

Eddie Bonetti Wisdom:

"Your lives can be simply explained as this; take a piece of side walk chalk and hit it with a hammer. Then lean down and blow on it. I hope its only a small pile of dust because you have written memories everywhere you have traveled, and that hammer will be made of all of those who you have connected with, for you will have written a story in love, on countless hearts, that no matter how many tears that may crash around you, those memories will never be washed away." ECB

"Everything whithin a person's social and emotional can be reduced to either (+) love or (-) fear, but normally I just stand in the middle looking up, yet remaining grounded." ECB

"You life is a golf ball, you stand on a course, the green lush course is your lifes journey, the hole is your physical end, why rush to get there, change those holes into goals, dreams, but enjoy not fear the journey, make it 1 million over par, because as long as love is the beauty that surrounds you then, you will have beat the game." ECB

"When I lost my faith in the Gods, I finally just asked for it back, opened my heart and was guided back to where I lost it, I knelt before them grateful, humbled and on a mission to do what I can to help others see they can do the same, because I care, what's the shame in that."

In my 31 short years of life experience I will say..."The MOST destructive addictions I have seen consume mass amounts of human progress would have to be: Negativity and Fear. The craziest thing about any addiction is the action of repeating or re-submerging in it as a norm. A destructive habit is only as simple as a choice, no matter how we justify it, a choice. Mind over a matter."

"If you want to wake up give away all your money...you will wake up as if you were struck by lightening." ECB

"Loving others is accomplished by first loving yourself."

"I was gonna become a HUGE drug addict. But I instead choose to be addicted to "The Game" It's so cool, in this game I have to work, get paid by the hour, or salary just to attain the basic carnal needs and meet game requirements in our society. I mean I don't relly enjoy playing til 60+ but you gotta try and cashout ASAP by any means possible." lol jk

"If we all look back at history 10 or more years from now, we can look back at our facebooks and what we have done, posted and shared on here with the world. That will be a big part of our social/communic donation, and will be our contribution to history. The kids will or are to read it. Perhaps after we are gone. I really hope they aren't disappointed."

"When I was a boy, my mother told me there was a natural cure for everything, but things have gotten far from natural."

“If an American Citizen is points their finger trying to blame other people for the condition of the current state of their country, they should practice this finger pointing silently each day in the mirror until the Aaaaaaah…moment occurs.”

"The worst hangover to have is an emotional hangover." ECB

"Yes money fixes many things; elections, games, conditions of dependent living...but money in itself teaches nothing of wisdom as to lifes journeys of understanding."

"I learned the Facts of life by ...questioning the facts of life. Found out those facts are liquid or concrete but time be the gage of how long those be fact."

"I learned the Facts of life by watching "The Facts of Life." - Cable Guy

"Everyone has so much potential...both positive and negative...but you must always stay grounded." ECB

"A best friend is someone you can just look at in a situation and KNOW what they are thinking."

"I was asked Eddie are you confused as to who you are? I couldn't stop laughing..but when I did, I said nah you are confused as to who I am. But while you're asking, Can you tell me who you are? in a brief cookie cutter summary...as they started to talk I said....hold up, pretend someone just walked up and punched you in the mouth. Okay now start over."

"Those who cast pity and judgment on others, the fear filled righteous, as well as want equality, without keeping a hand out with heart open, are the ones that need the most help and a hand reached out to them filled with love. If there is $ or meaningless materialism in the hands that is given to those who try to show “love” then they are totally F’ed in the head or it may just be Christmas, lol “ – Money doesn’t by love, nor forgiveness.

"The first 2 albums I received were Cyndi Lauper (Mom), Then one day my Pop's walked in and handed me Metallica "And Justice for All" he said, listen to this...I was seven...Luuuuuucky."

"If you want pupose in this life...well there is knowledge and the pursuit of it, or perhaps I can interest you in taking a spiritual journey that should take ooooohhhh about the rest of your life...but every so often share the wealth...with atleast the kids."

“Don’t judge a book by its cover…it’s is only that a cover”

“If over the years I led you to believe that I would Kill someone or was a Psychopath…then I did just that “LED YOU TO BElieVE” The truth is this when someone love life to its depths in curiosity and loves all then you are exposed to the realities of people deceitful ways you tend to wanna hide under a rock. As a Kid, I said…Psssht, I am just going to act like a rock, so I can at least keep my determination…a muh Fahkin Geode…lol...we all have anger but the pursuit of understanding will forever trump it as well as letting yourselves feel the sadness that the mask of anger is.”

I am your reflection; an organized collection of self chosen pieces of everything good/bad that I have experienced and people I’ve met over the course of my life. I am as an Insane or as pro-fictional as I need to be in the comical created game of life. I am human; I eat, sleep, defecate, mate, reproduce and selflessly choose to guide my kid to a vision of the infinite doors she can walk through as well as create for herself. My sacrifice is hate for love by parenting a child to know she is a leader, a teacher, a student, and always a kid to set her up for lifelong survival in the fictional system of games of “Acting” while keeping her submerged in the understandings of Natures beauty. She will always know a life without limitations within herself immune to opinions, labels, judgments, self sacrificing conformity. I am just like any other human animal with a creative imagination. I love to eat fear and break it down in to courage, strength and determination to overcome anything while studying it using a multitude of resources and +/- perspective techniques. As a kid I loved studying nature, bugs, and all living creatures’ behaviors. As an Adult I love to study human behaviors, perspectives, emotions, time, systems and most of all the cause and the effects of applications (natural & manmade). I enjoy understanding things, yet always leaving understanding open for more data collecting and for web connecting to see how one thing affects the many.

"Making a powerful emotional connection can be achieved when you miss someone and then you play the music that you saw they felt to their core or the songs that made them dance with love like they were spinning on a mountain top. You will then feel, deep within your heart you'll understand many things."

At times what I say may not be politically correct but atleast the words I chose are to help correct issues someone may have, for instance; "What dude?! Nah, F@#% that S!*T...Life is to short to give a Mutha F!@# what anybody thinks of you, shadow casting biotches....how do you think they feel about themselves? If you do the right thing then whats left for them? Yeah that's fuckin right all the wrong reasons to have a destructive point of view. Idon't know man...just ask them to be your friend even if you guys punch the shit out of each other first. Angers aren't like diamonds...F^&* Face." (if you can find the positive in that everything will be hunky Doory, lol)

(Below is written by yours truely, to be read with a sense of humor)
These are some silly understandings I like;

I understand life is as complex or as simple as we make it.
I understand the concept of God(s)
I understand society is at war with themselves spiritually.
I understand Astronomy.
I understand how hard it must be to be honest collectively.
I understand the similarities of a painters brush & palette vs. a writers pen, 26 letters and definitions.
I understand the love frequency and fear frequency.
I understand what a definition is and a copyright does.
I understand how to differentiate between facts and fictions.
I understand the importance of suffering, and sacrifice.
I understand what a game is and how to act accordingly.
I understand what a belief is, as well as a limiting spiritual growth factor.
I understand what preconditioning was and what it has become.
There’s a game life plays makes you think you are everything they ever said you WERE.
I understand the difference between what is created from collective Imaginations know as systems/games and what is of the true natural reality of life’s natural systems of balance.
I understand the reasoning for sales, marketing, advertising, & acting.
I understand the masks people wear can be removed.
I understand manipulation, magic, deceit, and the creating of desires and how important it is in society today.
I understand diversions, smoke shows, and applied fear all as control measures to induce anxiety to keep people on the go.
I understand the Chaos theory
I understand humility and kindness.
I understand that history falsely documented and misdiagnosed repeats itself.
I understand that our society has far exceeded its max speed in terms of completing tasks vs. living a balanced life as a person, parent, or spouse.
I understand we define success to our kids in so many valuable ways so they truly understand their individual lives purpose.
I understand a military made up of volunteers with no draft really get the communities actively involved in understanding what is really going on, and really appreciate what they have.
I understand Paganism and Christianity, but witch is better? I’d let ‘em be no need to put either on trial.
I understand the generations of kids today are so dependent on technology for socialization (Facebook/ smart phones) that it will further detach them from reality and emotional intelligence.
I understand we have become a spoiled society driven by emotional and moral confusion as well as greed and selfishness.
I understand I am no better or worse than anyone else.
I understand that I am not afraid of admitting anything I have done in life.
I have watched within the short time of my existence; families split apart by individualism, finger pointing, emotional baggage passed on from generation to generation with very little wisdom of value.

The fact is there’s no time for most to do so and if they can’t sustain the speed nor their tasks completion then theirs is a system in place to label, medicate and reintegrate us back in the “game” as a productive systematically balanced “con”tent member of society. I understand that 99.9% of the civilian jobs currently in the work force do nothing for our town’s communities self sustainment regarding the production of carnal needs.
I understand that according to Public School Law we have the “No child left behind act” as well as the “Common standard.” I understand public school law and that the teachings are set as well as dictated by economic needs and political factors.
I understand what is of natural survival and social survival.
I understand that a community that looks to its state/federal/national governments and not its community members to create collective programs to address local social or economic issues will only over empower the federal government t the point it rules over them or collapses.
I understand why “In God we trust” is written on currency
I understand all games come to an end when the players are repressed and suppressed to the point of inward or outward destructiveness.
I understand that I love people more than they love themselves.
I understand love as acceptance.
I have read our history, his story is only one perspective...I see a diffrent story of the past.

He is a story I created for you so yeah...a fictional story.

As I watch the Tell-A-Vision; I hear a Miss America Pageant Contestant as she blankly stares into the camera with hollow eyes, “World Peace.” I say then to myself “Good Idea. I wonder if paper towels have many calories…”
Tell-A-Vision Advertisement; “”WORLD PEACE!!!” Just a few wars away.”
One day my grandfather looked at me and said, “Young man, I have a gift for you. Here are all of my papers, my dreams, drawings and technical engineering data.”
“Thanks Gramps but what do I do with them?”
He then began to tell a story…”I call this dream, Skyscraper because I have always wanted to build a structure that could scrape the cloud”
He went on and on telling me his visions of these tall structure, the future of huge businesses.
At one point he said, “The Carpenter Ant gets inside an Old Pine and builds a nest for its family. Working hard together, Going higher and higher in the tree. Millions of ants living together, building together”
I asked, ”if we go up, instead of out, we destroy less and occupy less land, right Grandpa?”
“That’s right young man. Since you were a small boy I have watched you build all sorts of things. I have seen you climb the most questionable trees testing the branches strengths. And I have heard you cry when you saw the wildlife in our pond die from the pesticide algies that consumed the surface of the waters, leaving not one bubble of air, for even the tadpoles were lost. ”
“Grandson, man lives short spans. But his family lives on and on, as will their dreams, as will their goals.”
“So then what is our family’s goal grandpa?”
“To watch, to evaluate, to listen, to create, to build a vision of the future that cause the least amount of damage to our lands, and our fellow countrymen’s own ability to chose.”
“That sounds wonderful grandpa, and I want to make this skyscraper real !!!”
He then went on…and on…..and…speaking of his own and then other countrymen’s agendas, goals, predictions, theories, of philosophies, of technologies, of science, of imagination. He even said laughing, “We are what you could call an “Imagine-nation””
He continued to tell me of one more of his visions that heeded a message within of the future…it was of a child’s everlasting curiosity, and day dreams of creative possibilities. That a child once grown man or woman carries these dreams, visions and goals within their hearts. These burning passions, motivates them, inspires them, drives them to create them as a reality. The bigger the dream, the bigger the vision of the future, the more people will need to be as inspired as he is to build such dreams, to reach such goals. But as these thing are created the effects must be gagged, they must be monitored. Be it a possible cause to the effect of creations in mass quantity; as more is learned when creating, as more is discovered in understandings the basic balance of humanity can be lost. Over time if community is lost, if families are lost, and the values of those links in the chain of what’s most important are broken we will have an even larger problem and potential. This will be the innocent, the future, and the lost children. If they are neglected by parents, not told nor taught the nations goals, dreams, and the visions. If preoccupied parents do not teach the baseline family values, positive virtues, and minus nature from their understandings we will begin to detach from reality and sold to an illusion. Some will try and call it “Evolution” some will call it “Helter Skelter” they must depend on the school systems math and English programming, the TVs conditioning. Then instead of a Wiseman passing wisdom and visions, the TV will be the one Telling-the-Vision and you won’t even know it. This is when we must then be given a choice to copy the old ways of living in balance to progress creatively or carry on destructively within our own denial, always stimulated, harvesting intelligence until the power goes out. That will be a day of reality in its purest uncut form.
“I love ya Grandpa so wise.”
“You have a choice be like water or be like bacteria that makes things sick.”
“I love water grandpa.”

“Good, and I love you too.”

The End, which is also the beginning.

"RAaaaaaaa!!!!! "Eye see!"

I understand the 5 physical senses, Yet, I enjoy the Sixth and Seventh senses as well:
[(Quoted) Sixth sense, or subtle perception ability, is our ability to perceive the subtle dimension or the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. It also includes our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of the intellect. Extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are synonymous with sixth sense or subtle perception ability. Throughout this website we use the words sixth sense, ESP and subtle perception ability interchangeably.]

I also believe the 7th sense and know of the infinite power of imagination. This is a sense given by GOD, if you can imagine that, then you have just used it. So if you can imagine something, well then by God you can create it, either positively or negatively but you set the course so don't detach from the nature of the things that were the beginning to much cause life in the physical form doesn't last forever. So don’t forget to give your kids a truth filled shot at using this ability but not to harvest it for your own purposes and power because they will find out, and keep in mind there’s more.
We are the Crystals, we are the Indigo Children - E.Bonetti

"I am not an editor, I serve it uncooked."

"A life spent running from problems is like a race with no finish line. Soooo...either figure them or ask for help...you might just need a calculator." :) ECB

"I bet you don't see that Life is very, very short. You may spend over half chasing a dollar forgeting about what is most important, or maybe you're running from something. Whatever the case maybe, maybe every so often ask yourself is this the path for me? and am I still a kid at heart or have I become cold. If so start a fire and sit and think alone. After that invite the people you love. Then you can all talk, laugh, cry, and dance around the fire. That fire is your heart." Eddie

© Copyright 2018 Eddie Bonetti. All rights reserved.

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