ROAExx FIII, November 1999 The day the birds went silent.

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Taken from the writings of Edward Chris Bonetti’s book titled “ROAExx FIII, November 1999”, This extract is taken from the final Chapter: The day the birds went silent.

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012



All lying oblivious paid no heed unto the sound of the blasting trumpets, for it matters no longer to thee deaf sleep walkers, nor to thee blind sleep runners.

Thou shall no longer wander mother’s lands imprisoned within thy imaginations nor thy delusions.

Thee 7 Trumpet’s songs of salvation have grown exhausted through the seven playing mothers, for

Thee 7 Mothers slowly about faced away from humanity. Thee seven mothers stand now before

Thee 7 Headed Dragon harboring no forgiveness within. Thee seven defeated mothers with heads hung in utter disgust, radiating pity and fear towards all Thee families of humanity.

Casted within a soft whisper of fire, trumpets transmute to rapiers as mother’s silhouettes of ash slowly transcends the flames, to rise anew within the wind of the undone, to condense amongst clouds of fellow tears of renewal to follow the death of mother earth.

The Seven Headed Dragon looks to thy heavens as he splits before man, forming the seven men of animal, of somber beast, each taking a knee to harvest their swords of infinite light.

Now, as thy gaze upon these Seven winged angels of darkness, for they are guardians of light, thus they will rise and fall as hammer upon each of 7 continents with the immense power of father’s wrath. The impact thus shaking mother earth’s surface through to her very core will mark the beginning of the total transformation of everything beautiful frozen in its time, only to be burnt away, for thy memory shall perish unto the liquid fire of mothers heart.

Seven winged angels of darkness harbor no emotion, as thee guardians of light shall scorch the soiled earth of humanity.

Practitioners of thy churches of deceit shall kneel before absolute judgment only to be met with sword, for the question of wherefore shall not be pleaded, followed by cleansing flames upon man, woman and child.

Thy existence is needed no more, ye have had fallen from grace thy desires conceived, gave birth to sin; and sin stands before ye full-grown, giving birth to death.

The Great Tribulation of the seven will only bring new life with the rebirth of mother through soundless screams of humanities suffering.

© Copyright 2017 Eddie Bonetti. All rights reserved.

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