Size Matters?

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These are my brief snap, crackle and pop thoughts after a worthless in shared intelligence, conversation about a fight was going to occur with another spectator trapped in certainties.

Submitted: May 30, 2013

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Submitted: May 30, 2013



Lmao, it’s funny when people compare a person’s size to their ability to attain the upper hand to win in a physical altercation. Seriously, you can lift stuff up and put stuff down all day, what's that?...hahaha. If there is no training or experience received or known then we are assuming. While we are at it let's just rule out "probability" of surroundings/setting, a person’s agility, speed, endurance, pain tolerance, empathy, emotional state, will power, balls...ya know and the countless possibilities/cause and effects of every movement.

Unfortunately, people who believe that size or ability to lift a free weight up determines the outcome of a fight need to self educate or get into a few. But you’re better off just watching it like a sports game, have blind faith, and fist pump for who you'd like to win. Because put in a form of politically correct humorous way; you are perhaps suffering from an inability to complete the thought process, due to a lack of information/ understandings available in one's mind before you've spoken.

To sum it up in a more universal understanding;Fighting with the hopes that size is the determining factor of win v. lose is kind of like putting a person with no hands-on experience through an education system to be a builder of sorts. Like let’s say, of wood, like a Carpenter. The Carpenter, he gets all A+'s but when the individuals mind mode is put into the application portion of the training they become lost, or delayed for they have just begun to learn the actual subject matter in its manifestation process. But even once mastered, he then competes with another who has mastered the art of building. Except this competitor is a master of steal construction, and built from concrete. This is when the heart comes in, the will of man's determination.

Sounds simple when it's "As seen on TV", where the ring is mapped out with technical rules and allowed techniques....but that is a sport for entertainment puposes, not a true conflict between average members we see in society. Just saying think a lil bit deeper than that before consumed with certainties.

“This is what is to be of the meek inheriting the earth. Mind over might, Mind over matter, but what’s the matter?”

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