The Guiding Hand of Psychology

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A short story of a conversation during a mistreatment session with an 8.5ft by 10ft paper-boy.;]

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



"This is a funny conversation with a Sike! All of (sneeze coming) Juuu, a, a, ah, USttt!!!"

"Ed, people, as well as I have noticed you always say and always make alot of movie, TV, song lyric, and advertisement references when explaining things...why is this?"

(thought to myself) "Who calls me Ed??? Hmm, What am I a hundred. Perhaps in dog years."

(As I attempt to control my internal laughter)
I reply, "Why? Would you rather I quote a books...text? What books have you read?"

(Bursting out in tears of pity, brought forth through laughter)

(I attempt to regain my laughing composure and continue), "Alright, alright, alright, I'll be serious...IDK why."

(With a concerned stare) He quickly says,"So, You don't know why you should be serious?"

I quickly respond, "Ho, Ho, hold on a second! I'm not tryin to be a Joker, hear!" "What I meant is,I don't know why it is, I do use these easily understood references of projected sight, & sound? Maybe, TV & other medias hold more values of understanding than a nature reference, but, hold up, gimme one see something."

(Pulling a book from my bag, while continuing to speak), "let me check my collectors DSM 100th edition, limited edition"

(with a pop of sarcastic joy)

"Yup its right here!!!
"It states check the following; Mmm Hmm, done!"
"It states, 6 out of 10, Geat job!!! That's a go on giving me a diagnoosed label."
"Now treatment plan; Hand full of FDA approved pills, 1hr wkly sessions of therownpee, Using religious rooting, re-sell, patient-ly, until patient is returned back to state of reintegrate-able productiveness of normalized socially adjusted form, File form..."
(I pause long thinking," Where is the...patient is cured sectioned of this book?")
"Note; keep patient labeled forever, unle$$ great lengths are made to un/misdiagnoose the patient'slabeled $tate"
(I paused again thinking, "This is Flocking sick, insane, Shit")
"Note, just no current symptoms showing" [pissed]

(Staring down at this stack of sliced turd, still in movement, I then coach myself Internally) "Eddie, just "ACT" like your sold on this one, yet confused, cause they will act if you don't."

(I look up slowly, unconvincingly confused toward the Label Maker's direction.)
"Do they, the "righters" of this book mean "current" like brain waves?"

(Staring across at him this therapiss, was a mirror of his game play cordless controller batteries dead, the certified educated, bugs bunny was just unable to pull even himself from his magic hat, he sat, just staring at me in shock, lost in hisbook smarts confusion, with no abnormal preconditioned methodically studied, Kix tested, mother approved paid for response to [CON]-jure. Nothingto use to guide me back into his trust control system of imagined reality.)

(I just let the awkward moment linger for a few minutes)
Then stating, "This book is so Neat-O dewd!i! I think people are seasonal like a tree throughout the course of life. Do they actually run with a life label accepting it as unchange able? Cause, I think I have been everyone of these labels at one point or another in my life"

(Using the 30lb book to fanmy sweat to assisttheprocess ofevaporation)
"Do you think there's a poosobility...I could be every page from this crook, I mean, Book?!"

(He thenglass eyed, then fell over, on to the cold floor with not a flinch on impact. Eyes shattering from their sockets)
"Good Buy???!!!" (I saywith a sinister grinand a pinky wave, and the relief ofunderstanding the game.)

Talking to his still motioned body, "It stinks that the DSM F$$$ing Book Store sold out of them. Ah, Do you just want this one"

(He replied with only a bodily function...which is a funny ironic one, becauseI am sitting on the toilet currently writing this part & we areboth pushing out the same response)

"Jesus!" I exclaimed looking down on him, "Now, that's an even bigger big stinky Popey!"

Shhhhhitten by, Edward C. Bonetti
"[Shartty, har, har! Creative Rightingin a state of pure consciousness.]"

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