Halo:The Story

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Bryant,Eddie,Javi and Travis are four average teenagers. High-school, Girls, and obsessed with the video game Halo. But they could have never imagined that the very skills they have learned while playing The game would be used to save all mankind! While in High school, an Alien Species have attacked, The Covenant. Now it is up to the four of them to Save all mankind, Bryant as the Leader, Javi the sniper, Eddie the Recon and Travis the support. Together They will have to save us all.

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



Chapter One:The Beginning

April 15th 2007

John F. Kennedy High School

San Antonio, Texas

10:02 am

As our story begins, we find ourselves panning through a school hallway. All is quiet as classes are in session. We can see both sides of the hallway, decorated with homecoming king and queen posters. It’s Mid April and prom seems to be just around the corner. We continue to follow the hallway, passing students mad to be in school, others hanging more cluttering papers, finally stopping on a single door. “Room 207 Ms. Keddy’s Class” is  slightly engraved on it.

“Ok Class”, Ms. Keddy shouts, “You have One hour to finish up your test, It’s only 10 questions, and multiple choice, so there should be no problems. “Please make sure to answer all the questions before you turn it in”. “You may begin”

Here is where our story begins.. In the back of the class room sitting on a Desk We see a short haired kid wearing a Black T-Shirt and half tinted glasses, that’s Me! Edward Esparza, or as most call me Eddie. Yup Just your average glasses wearing 10th grade student. Ever since I've been a young kid I can remember playing video games. What can I say, I love them. I can remember for my 11th birthday getting my first gaming console, the good old original Xbox, and with it Halo: Combat Evolved. I can't tell you how many hours I have put in that game with my buddy's, Bryant, Travis and Brother Javi. Then when Halo 2 and 3 came around, O forget it, Sometimes my mom would think I ran away because she wouldn't  see me for days, I practically lived in my room for weeks on end. But lets not get ahead of myself where were we, o yeah the Invasion.....I mean test.

Eddie is sitting in the back, this confused look on his face as he stares down at this single paper. He slowly inscribes his name on the top, but nothing else. He knows he didn't learn anything in this class. Most of the time he was busy drawing out maps and strategies for the clan. He looks up, darts his eyes around the room trying to find help. This is where we see Travis Lee, or just Travis for this story. Travis had a narrow face, Short wavy hair, and always seems to wear throwback clothing, I meet in 8th grade Science Class. I was in class drawing out notes for the halo map “Blood Gulch”, while we were suppose to be watching this boring show on Electrons. I have seen Travis walking around the hallways before, but we never introduced ourselves and that was just fine. So I'm sitting there with this ugly drawn out map When Travis comes along speaking 4 single words

“It will not work”.....

When i looked up i was surprised to see him standing over my paper.

“What” I answer back to this random remark

“Your strategy will not work, by the time you have the flag, snipers would have been set up on the other side, they will make easy work, unless you bring up the warthog and drive around the right flank”

All I did was let out this huge smile and from that time on Travis has always been our Support “Shotgunner” in the clan. Back to the present now.

“Hey Travis”, Eddie whispers toward the front of the room, but Travis doesn't hear him.

“Travis, Travis god dammit, I need help” Eddie Calls out again, still no answer.

Eddie quickly drop down under the desk coming back up with  pieces of paper he grabbed from his backpack. He rolls them all up in a huge paper ball and lunges it right for the back of Travis head. But this paper ball may have been a little too big, cause when it hits, it makes this loud noise as it knocks Travis's head forward and almost knocks him out of his seat!

“What the Hell!” Travis lets out as he lunges forward

“Travis! What is your problem young man!” Ms. Keddy Quickly Shots back

“But Miss. Someone throw this huge ass....is That a paper ball?” Travis answers confused as he sees this huge chunk of paper laying on the floor.

Eddie quickly drops his head and pretends like he is asleep but the teacher already knows where it came from

“Eddie, and Travis, in the hallway now!”

“What, but miss, i need to finish up the test” Eddie answers to the teacher.

“Eddie, we both know you have no idea what the answers are, now you and travis get in the hallway now!”

Both student slowly make their way out of the room and in the hallway.

We Find ourselves leaving our first two characters behind and flying through the hallways again,twisting around corners, pass the main officer, around two students making out in the corner, making a final turn, the sign up ahead reads “Gym”

We are now introduced to two new characters in this story, Javi and Bryant who we find both playing basketball in the school gym, Bryant Canales, or just Bryant in this story.  He is a tall skinny figure, Huge

Glasses on his face I meet Bryant in the beginning of 9th grade, Javi (My Brother)  introduced him to me.

The gym is loud with sneakers grinding on the polished wood. Most students are walking around the other edge, a few playing basketball on one side of the court, and on the other, Bryant and Javi

“That was a Foul” Bryant lets out

“What, really?!” Javi answers, “I didn't even touch you!”

“Yes you did, on my arm, I felt it, ”

“Fine, whatever, shot your dam free throws, your going to miss them both anyways”

Bryant walks to the free throw line, sets set up to shot, Takes a deep breath in, then out, In again. then out....

“For real man, just shoot the damn ball, Samantha’s not looking anyways” Javi yells

“Dude for real, shut up, thats a secret i told you in confidence.

“Whatever, she knows anyways!”

Just as Bryant is about to shoot, 3 sharp bells ring throughout the school

“Fire Drill!” we hear another student yell in the background.

End of Chapter one....


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