He Knows

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Will Harris thinks a girl named Cass is watching his every move. He is convinced that she is a creepy stalker. And then one day, he sees a book with the name "Cass Dyer" on it.

Submitted: September 01, 2015

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Submitted: September 01, 2015



It’s 5:00 PM. I see her.

 I’ve been seeing her every day of every week, always at 5 PM on the same spot every time. It’s like she knows I’m there. Like she’s trying to tell me something. I mean, she is very cute but I find it quite creepy that she’s always at the sheds whenever I’m at the sheds. It’s not very coincidental because it’s been happening for a few months now. Before, it was just the random times when we were at the same place in the campus. But now, she’s always there, either with her friends, or alone. Always.

Sometimes, my blue eyes meet her hazel ones, it was as if she was looking beyond me –deep into my brain. As if she’s reading me.

At first it was just at the sheds but then I started seeing her in the hallways on my way to class. I sometimes bump into her, I think she did those on purpose. Even though she really is very pretty, I'm not quite sure if I should talk to her.

I did a little research on her: Cass Dyer the second year, like me; Cass Dyer the Legal Management student; Cass Dyer the 17 year old, like me; Cass Dyer the 5 ft. 4 –I’m taller. Just the basics.

I've also noticed that she has lovely hazel eyes, perfectly white teeth, and glowing skin. And her laugh is melodic. Those are a few of what I've seen in her. I’ve nearly memorized all of those features because I’ve seen her so many times. It may be weird but I think she knows. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

This went on for a few more months. The casual bumping-into-each-other scene has been played out so much. But she doesn’t stop. To a point that I’ve seen her even outside of the university. It felt greatly uncomfortable so I just ignored her and went on with my life. Then all of a sudden, I stopped seeing her; no more Cass in the sheds, in the hallways. No more Cass.


It’s 6:00 PM. I see it.

I see a book with the words “Cass Dyer” written on it.  I’ve never owned a book in “Statutory Construction” simply because it’s not my major. “What’s happening?” I thought to myself. Maybe someone put this here as a prank.

I paced around my room like a spider on a hot plate. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what I just saw –what just happened. I started to panic and I went out of the building to walk it off.

It’s 6:45 PM. I see her.

She knows.

I logged into Facebook, searched for the name of the group for second years, and typed.

“I found a ‘Statutory Construction’ book. PM me if it belongs to you.” Simple and short as not to attract any suspicions.


“Hi. Good evening! I think the ‘Statutory Construction’ book belongs to me. I lost it just a while ago and it was supposed to be in my bag but it wasn’t there. You can tell it’s mine because it has my name on the top right.” She said.

“Cass Dyer? I'm Will Harris. As you can probably see on your screen.” I said.

“Yep. Can we meet up tomorrow?”

“Sure! Where and when?”

“Uhmm… maybe at the sheds at around 5, because my last class ends at 5. Is that okay?”

I felt chills run down my spine.

"Thanks Will!"

It’s 5:00 PM. I see her.

She’s with her friends, laughing as if nothing’s going about. She sees me and her hazel eyes met my blue ones, but her face looked confused, she then walked toward me and smiled.

“Thank you… for finding my… book.” She said.

“No problem! Here you go.” I handed her the book.

She smiled and walked home, slowly.



I went home holding my book close to my chest, I couldn’t believe it was him who had my book. I’ve always seen him around; bumping into him from time to time. He had my book.

He knows.

It’s 11: 30 PM. I see someone.

Someone’s in my room with me. I saw a shadow move and I heard a deep voice radiating from my closet. It’s a guy.

“Hello. A stranger is in my room. Help.” I whispered into the phone.

“Okay, ma’am. We’re on our way!”

It’s 11:35 PM. I see blue eyes.

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