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Peter Harrison is about to travel to an exoplanet with habitable conditions in order to find out for sure if humans ware able to thrive in it.

Submitted: August 08, 2015

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Submitted: August 08, 2015



“Are you ready?” Lorry asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Peter said.

Peter was scared. He didn’t know what to think, or what to expect when he’ll arrive at Kepler-186 f. He didn’t know if he would survive or not, if he would stay intact or not. Even though the calculations pointed to a greater chance of survival on his mission, he was still very scared. But he had to do it because he was Earth’s last chance –humanity’s last representative. If he failed, everyone failed. He was humanity. And he had to save it.

The Earth had been severely overpopulated for the past two decades or so. Every action the government took in ‘preventing’ it resulted in vain. Humans just kept on multiplying by billions, polluting the streets, the oceans, the lands –the planet. “There is only one Earth. Save it!” The ad that was posted basically everywhere said. But not to Peter it’s not.

The year was 2015 when the planet’s top astrophysicists spotted an exoplanet with the same planetary structure as Earth, it might be able to hold and contain water in its liquid form, and was speculated that it might have the capability to host living organisms. It was about the same size as Earth. They named it Kepler-186 f; Earth’s cousin. There had been many Keplers, but 186 f was the closest to being Earth among the rest of them, they actually feared the fact that it might already hold intelligent life.

For more than 30 years, humans have tried to achieve light speed travelling through space but have failed a million times over. No one could ever crack the ‘code’ of interstellar travel at light-speed. Until Peter Harrison arrived. He ran and reran Einstein’s theory of relativity over and over until he figured it out, he provided the missing piece. From then on, he began to construct the “Peter Pod”, it was like an escape pod but it could withstand the immense pressure and gravitational pull brought about by light speed travel. Peter designed it to protect humans from the gravitational pull, expulsing it while still going near or even at light-speed but not so much as to introduce a new gravitational pull and resulting into an unstable black hole.

Peter designed it perfectly. The math was on his side and he knew that numbers didn’t lie. But he still had a gutfeel that it wasn’t enough, he had to improve his current design of the Peter Pod over and over. When he was contented of his design, he then presented his findings and explained his plan without a hair out of place. The board approved it, and the government funded it. Humanity would go to Kepler-186 f on 2050.

And once the scientist had gathered enough data, s/he would go back to Earth. And while s/he was in 186 f, the construction of Peter Pod 2.0 –a much, much bigger Peter Pod – would already be in progress, as not to waste any time. Although if s/he failed, the planet would select the humans for extinction anyway so the government figured why not spend every last coin on Peter’s project called “Last”: With the use of multiple Peter Pod 2.0s, they would relocate 60% of Earth’s population while the 40% will remain and will try to clean the planet and rehabilitate it, and also repopulate it but just at the right amount. Everyone called his plan genius, and Peter in extension.

Nobody volunteered to go on the trip to 186 f, they said it was too risky. So Peter decided to go on his own because it was his project and plus, he knew what to look for, what conditions to test the experiments in, and when to get back. Everyone agreed because if ever he fails, the data, the tests, and the findings of his plan had already been saved and were already safe. “It just had to be me, huh?” Peter said.

“You will arrive there in approximately ten weeks by Earth time, or five days by Peter Pod time. Good luck. God bless you. And God bless us all.” Lorry said.

“See you.” Peter said.

After five days by Peter Pod, Peter arrived at Kepler-186 f. He opened the Pod, took a deep breath, and uttered a short prayer. He made his first step on the surface of the planet.

“Good Lord.”

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