Calm Chaos

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There isn't enought there to even summarize.

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008




A small, but prominent, feature of the North East is the coastal lighthouse. Ihave found, as an observer of this place, that this is one of the calmest and most chaotic areas of nature. Though there are very few lighthouses left, they are a picturesque reminder of an era that is long gone, where ships, both great and small, relied on the lighthouse's beacon, at times, for their very survival.

As the sun is setting in the west, with its glorious rays of white and yellow light reflecting off the glass windows of the white stronghold, the blue gray waves continuously dash against the jutting, behemoth rocks as if to tear them apart. The hopeful sunset on the horizon is soon betrayed though, by the dark and looming clouds of the vast ocean like a juggernaut rising from a deep sleep. Soon, the night falls as the calm sea waves menacingly turn to large white caps. In the distance, a small fishing boat is desperately trying to reach the safety and security of the shore before the storm. Suddenly, a flash of light is followed by a loud crack of thunder, though it is not heard above the noise of the whistling sea winds and the splashing waves. It begins to pour in wild torrents.

On the tiny vessel, the few sailors are trying to bail water as each enormous wall of liquid crashes into the side of the ship as if to swallow the whole thing in one huge bite. The captain is desperately trying to locate land while the blue green water continues to pour in. It seems that there is no way of escape for this little fishing boat and that the rain and winds have won another victory. For these sailors, there won't be another opportunity to feel the ocean breeze and to smell the salty sea air. It seems these men only have a short while before they go to their watery graves upon which they had depended for their livelihood.

Then, almost in an instant, the captain spots a bright, almost heavenly light, that reveals a minute portion of the huge ocean. The exhausted sailors then begin to commandeer their crippled ship toward the coast. Each one's strength is renewed; they are almost out of reach of the grip of death! CCRRAASSHH! The enormous rush of water envelopes the boat and rips it apart, and just like that, the little fishing ship is gone, another victim of the vast ocean.

Once the sea has had its fill, it goes back to rest, as daylight is just beginning to break with the blue gray waves foaming against the coast. The lighthouse, with its wide, colored stripe, is a grim reminder of the men of the small fishing boat and others like it who lived or died in that era that has long since passed.~E.F.

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