The Life and Times of the Oak Tree

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One of my first poems ever written. Enjoy!

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012




The Life and Times of the Oak Tree


The life of the oak tree struggled for light,

In an acorn so tight,

He have to bail and wail,

And stretch with all his might,

When he succeeded,

What a beautiful sight.

The oak tree grew by Mother Nature,

He used rain to quench his thirst,

He gobbled up all the nutrient in soil,

Because he wanted to be first!

As time passes,

The oak tree became a grown up,

He put on his gourmet of green,

But he became a loo for little pups!

By the time of autumn,

Is when winter wind's warning starts to bellow,

The oak tree sensed that the time has come,

And puts on his dress of yellow.

At the time of winter,

The oak tree hear no noise,

Just the lullaby of winter,

That striped him to his slumber.

When he woke up at spring,

The oak tree trembled in fear,

The woodcutters around him,

And his friends nothing but tree stumps,

He knew his end was near.

When the axe sank into his knees,

He felt nothing but a sharp chill,

His birthplace and and his grave,

Is nothing but a wasteland downhill.

Now as time zooms,

The tree stump sits in gloom,

And on him something occurred like magic,

A rose started to bloom...

Eddy Tan Jia Cheng (28/10/2009)


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