Some Things Are Worse Than Death

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This particular short story is a summary of my true feelings and inner thoughts.

Submitted: August 02, 2014

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Submitted: August 02, 2014



"Some Things Are WorseThan Death"

A short story by Edebel 

Fire, is like an infectious disease. It first has an origin, a kick start from a source. Such as the virus, the feathered flames spread, destroying anything in it's path. If it can be contained, the flame stretches it's embers, and reaches for the stars it can never hope to touch. I stood there by the bonfire, letting the winds caress my face. I watched as the smoky strips of heat wrapped themselves around the log, breaking it apart from the inside out. A sapphire gleam began to emit, and as the logs fell from their stable foundation, a burst of sparks were born into the night sky. They too stretched, as high as they were meant to. I felt a translucent sense of remorse for the newborns, and as for myself.. I felt nothing. Another shift in the wood and more sparks were born, only to be destroyed. I sat quietly under the cosmos, pondering.
Music.. Beautiful, harmonic, lonely music played back in my memories as my somber eyes watched the newborns dance. I could almost hear the tune while the fire sang, whistling to me in the black. I closed my eyes, and started to dream. Bubbles. Reflection. A long slender finger with chipped red paint upon the nail reached out, and popped what had only just been created. A small child began to cry, as the other began to laugh. Laughter. Happiness. Things that have been forgotten long ago. But I remembered him all too well. Tall and brave, standing his ground conquering all around him. 
It was too soon. The words slithered off my tongue, burning it on their way out of my trembling lips. We lay there, silent, two people yet I felt we were one. Darkness collapsed over our bodies, engulfing us within an array of moonbeams. Cottony stars arose to greet our statue faces, frozen with the fear of past transgressions. My head lay on his chest, my hand above his pounding heart, anticipating his response. My glossy eyes filled with trepidation as I knew what he was going to say. "It was too soon.", he said. Was it? I couldn't be sure. Nothing could stop the flame in my heart, nothing could tame the burning desire for his affection. 
Like a lion with golden blaze for it's mane and ruby sanguine eyes, my heart roared in silence bearing it's teeth, and then shyly hiding away. Him. The corners of my mouth slide up my face all the way up to my eyes with the very thought of HIM. Hair, spun out of fine dusty gold, softer than the finest silks money could purchase. Chalcedony eyes that reflect a lifetime of anguish, only to be complimented by long ebony eyelashes. I enjoyed feeling them brush against my ivory skin when our lips met for the first time. It was then that I knew that I loved him. And I knew it was too soon. But everything that starts must end, eventually. He was there one moment, then gone the next. 
Since he left I've been submersing in my own tears. My pillow has had enough, I no longer feel congenial resting my jaded head against it's material. All signals to my brain have halted, organs dormant awaiting a jolt. Shingled eyelashes brush upon porcelain insolence while opal eyes reflect a galaxy of sentimental intrusion. I lay sunken in the stars, ambient within that which is my own. I shut my dying eyes and let the world close in on me and crush my very existence. Oh how quavery my veins are. Slender drops descend down powdery cheek bones whilst cherry lips ache at the corners. Holding shapes of red and blue burning mountains and catching lightning.. he was my humanity, my devotion, my paradise. 
Merrily we fell out of line, clutching bubbles containing lost time, drawing them near our lucent exterior. Hoping we don't break the surface we push harder and harder testing limits, testing distance.. I lay sunken in the stars, feeling their rays lick the dried up streams that have been engraved in my unfamiliar cheeks. 
Sitting in the cold air, staring at the now dead fire, I try to hold back past memories as they fight their way out. Small bits of ash float around, dancing amongst themselves, celebrating their existence. A small tangerine gleam beneath the ashes slowly dies away, I am now alone in complete darkness. The world became completely silent, the sky clean and clear. I became frozen inside my thoughts, where everything surrounding me was strange. “Relax.” said a friendly voice. “Take my hand, you don’t have to hurt anymore.” My eyes struggled to see the transparency that lingered in the black. I hesitantly reached for a way out of this dream. 
Harmonically small specs of light began to glow, slowly becoming brighter each second. Slowly they inched towards me, and I soon became engulfed within a glistening silver beam of truth. I found the courage to smile as I flew away. 

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