lost child

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this small artical type writing is for all those who feel lost and who want to be set free. God speaks to me in this way hope you get the feel of this whole idea.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



He said, why do you keep searching for something precious here and there? i died on the cross and gave my life for you isnt that supposed to be the most precious thing anyone could ever give you?  why do you keep wandering outside for love when my unconditional selfless love lies inside of you in your heart.  why do you underestimate your self , when i have made you more than a conqueror. why are you still in bondages when i have broken all your chain and have already set you free. you curse your self  and say im not worthy i dont deserve anything good when my plans for you have always been to prosper you.

My gates of heaven have always been open for you but you have always choosen to walk away. i called you many times but you gave a deaf ear. i have saved you from many things but all you say is what luck i am saved. it is my grace that is upon you that has kept you going so far. all my blessings are for you, i love you irrespective of what you think about me. you have gone so far from me , i feel like a sheperd with a lost sheep. i will never stop loving you. you are the apple of my eye. but i will be waiting for you to come back to me your heavenly father. for i want to hold you in my arms and show you the riches of heaven.

I dont want anything from you as all the good things you have are a blessing from me. all i want you to do is just " hear me when i call, trust me when you fall and believe that im your all in all. "  http://lost child

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