How Humanity Survived - Part Two

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Eva Miles, Alistair and Hans.

Three teenagers and one big destiny:

Save humanity - or be wiped out forever.

Submitted: June 27, 2014

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Submitted: June 27, 2014



Part Two


Eva nodded rapidly in reply, her red hair falling forward. Hurriedly, she brushed it backed over her shoulders (long hair was annoying) as Grandma winked at her twins.

“The prophecy was made a long time ago,” Grandma said in a calm tone. “A mysterious song bird came and spoke to us in the early hours of morning, taking on my voice and telling everyone to gather outside. The little songbird was adorable, with black and bright green feathers. They remind me of those fruits–”

Alistair cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Oh!” Grandma giggled a little. “I'm sorry. The songbird gets me worked up sometimes. Anyways...” She thought for a bit. Then, giggling again, she looked up shyly at the boys. “Ah, where was I again?” she asked. “The songbird, correct?”

All three of them nodded. Grandma sighed in content and leaned back in her chair.

“Ah, yes.” She looked out the nearby windows, gazing at the trees. “The songbird ordered everyone out in my voice and we gathered in the clearing out there. That was when the songbird came, flying in and landing on my shoulder. Continuing to talk in my voice, it told us about humanity – how we in the village are the only ones left in this world. Then, it spoke of a human from the future, coming in through the forest with a meat bun in their mouth. We were told by the songbird that the person fitting that description would come and restore humanity.”

Turning to look at the twins, Eva met their excited eyes. She smiled at them.

“After the songbird had left,” Grandma said, still gazing out the window, “no one believed. We all thought it was just a prank from some very clever birds. Of course, everyone doubted except for”– she grinned at the twins –“these two. From that day onward, they went into the forests and explored its depths. Everyday, they'd come back with an indignant monkey.”

Eva laughed. The twins grinned shyly at her.

Chuckling a little, Grandma waved her hand warily. “Watching those two, I realized that perhaps the prophecy was right. Sometimes, I'd go out in the mornings to search with them. Watching these energetic puppies running around and climbing trees – reminds me of the days when I'd go and look for herbs in there too.”

A sudden revelation hit her. “But wait,” Eva spoke, completely caught off guard. “As the Chosen One, what am I supposed to do? To save humanity, is there something I need to find or–”

“–defeat the Monkey King,” Alistair replied, very seriously.

“And his monkey minions,” Hans added, gravely. “Never forget the minions.”

“Really?” Eva's eyes went wide with shock. They all stared at each other in silence. Seconds slowly ticked by.

“Well, no,” Hans admitted at last.

“We don't know, actually.” Alistair blinked.

Eva heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness. She did not want to deal with monkeys.

Grandma looked amused. “Well,” she said, “the songbird did say that when you arrive, you were supposed to go back into the forest. If I were to guess, you're probably going to search for something.”

“Oh.” Eva's stomach dropped. Search for something in the forest? That could take days. But then again, this was just a dream; Eva was certain this wouldn't impact her life back at home. Her stomach twisted into a knot at the thought; she didn't want all of this to be a dream, being honest.

“You will head out tomorrow morning.” Grandma winked at her, breaking Eva out of her thoughts. “You'll be sleeping in this house, of course. Food will be provided, no worries.”

“OK,” Eva replied, watching as Grandma slowly began to get off of her seat.

At once, the twins rushed forward to help. Eva watched as both boys took their Grandma by the armpits, guiding her feet to the wooden floor.

As soon as Grandma had touched ground, she walked feebly over to where Eva sat. Smiling, she patted Eva on the shoulder gently. “What's your name, Chosen One?” she asked. Grandma barely just a few inches taller than her – but then again, Eva was sitting.

“Eva,” Eva replied. “Eva Miles.”

“Welcome to our humble home, Eva Miles,” Grandma said, beaming positively at her. “I'm not quite sure what the future is like, but I hope you're comfortable here.”

Eva liked nice people, especially nice grandmothers. Nodding, she took Grandma's hands in hers. “I'm comfortably already.”

“That's good.” Grandma smiled warmly. She turned to look over her shoulder at the twins, who were watching quietly. “Show Eva her room please, boys.”

“The spare one, right?” Hans asked, skipping forward to take Eva's arm.

“Let's head out!” Alistair said, taking Eva's other arm.

Together, they frogmarched Eva out of the little living room and into a small hallway – everything was made of wood, she noticed.

“That room's the tub room,” Alistair said, pointing to a room as they passed. “Feel free to use it anytime.”

“And that's our room,” Hans added, as they passed another room. The door had carvings on it – they looked oddly like monkeys. “Don't mind the monkeys,” he added, which confirmed Eva's thoughts. “We were bored.”

“And this,” Alistair said, indicating the last room with a flourish, “is your room.”

Hans opened the door dramatically. Stepping in, Eva was blinded with bright light. Blinking, she waited for her eyes to adjust before finally taking everything in: a single bed took up space in the far right corner of the room. There was one large window across from where they stood, and a spindly table to Eva's left. Other than that, the room was sparsely clean.

Eva loved it.

Running over to the bed, she lightly jumped onto it. The bed didn't feel like a mattress – it was more soft. Giggling, she buried herself under the covers, propping her head on the feather pillow. Closing her eyes, she sighed in content. It was warm here, in the bright room. She loved the place already.

At the door, the twins watched her. Eva could nearly tell the boys apart now (or, she hoped so anyway). Alistair had jaws that were slightly slimmer than Hans. She had understood and noted this when they kept addressing each other.

Grinning wolfishly, Alistair (who she thought was Alistair anyway) pushed Hans deeper into the room. In the speed of light, Alistair had jumped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

“Hey!” Hans shouted indignantly. “Alistair! What'cha do that for?” He went to open the door but struggled. Eva watched with wide eyes. Were they locked in the room?

Alistair,” Hans shouted, sounding panicked. “This ain't funny!”

From where she sat, Eva could hear the muffling laughs of Alistair in the hallway. She giggled a little herself; the twins were weird.

Abruptly, Hans turned around. His face was flushed as he tried to look at anything but her.

“We're, uh,” Hans said, nervously, “locked in. Alistair.” He jerked his thumb back at the door. “I don't really know why. Ha ha, weird guy.”

Eva smiled, sitting up in bed and looking out the window. “It's a nice day out,” she said, taking in the trees outside. She wanted to go out there – the breeze that played across her face seemed to ask if she could.

Hans seemed to know what she wanted because suddenly, her hand was being held. Looking up at him in surprise, she found herself staring into his sharp green eyes – it was a healthy green, the color of summer.

Grinning, he motioned towards the window. “I want to show you something,” he said, winking. “You'll like it a lot.”

Excited, Eva got down from the bed. Hans pulled her gently towards the window, where he unlocked the padlocks, yanked the see-through shutters open, and motioned for her to approach.

With smooth grace, Hans easily climbed out of the window. It took longer for Eva to get through the window but with Hans's help, she managed somehow. Hans carefully hefted her down from the window sill by the armpits. They were both barefoot, feet touching the grass.

Taking her hand, Hans held a finger to his lips. Eva nodded. They'd be discreet.

Walking into the forest, Hans lead her through the forest, asking about her family. Eva replied that she had only a mother and father and when she asked about Hans's parents, he shook his head slightly.

“Alistair and I don't have parents.” Hans sounded very serene. “We have Grandma though.”

Waking underneath the leafy canopies of the forest around them, Hans explained to Eva that no one reproduce in the village which was why there were no children. Hans and Alistair were the only children in the village and because of that, they were loved greatly.

Suddenly, they reached a clearing in the forest. There were no grass – only hard sand and rocks. Hans continued to lead her across the clearing. What Eva saw astounded her: they were standing on a cliff. The cool wind was blowing through their hair and against their faces. Ahead, they could see vast ocean. It made her wonder what part of Earth they were on. Laughing, Eva raised her arms as the wind lightly buffeted her.

“Careful,” Hans said, taking one of her hands again with a worried expression. “If you fall off this cliff, the entire village will cut me into pieces and feed me to the monkeys.”

Eva laughed, feeling overjoyed. “Do you like monkeys?” she asked curiously, looking up at him.

Hans grinned sidelong at her. “After capturing them all my life? It's kinda hard not to.”

Smiling, Eva looked off into the horizon. Hans's grip on her hands tightened a little and Eva found that she liked it.

Later that day, Hans and Eva returned to Grandma's house – to their shock, the living room was heaped with food and fruits.

Alistair grinned as they walked in. He was sprawled out on the living room bed, looking at leaves. “Out for a romantic walk without me, Hans? I see how it is!”

Eva felt her heart beat a little faster as she looked to see Hans beaming at his brother.

“Without you, Alistair?” He mocked a gasp of shock. “Never.”

“The villagers came to give us these,” Grandma said, smiling. She glanced at the food while sitting in her chair. “You're the Chosen One after all.”

That night, they all went to sleep with full bellies. Laying down on her soft bed, Eva recounted the day's events: going into the closet, being pulled out by the twins, then seeing the village. Then, there was Hans, taking her to the cliff.

Eva felt happy.


“We're heading out now!” Alistair shouted to the villagers as they walked across the grassy plains. The villagers called out to them, cheering and wishing them luck.

“Wonder what we're supposed to look for,” Hans said, grasping tightly to the straps of the pack he carried. Eva followed suit, carrying her own pack as the bright morning sun beat against their backs. Today, she wore one of Hans's baggy gray shirts, and one of Alistair's shorts. She felt very free.

“Maybe we're supposed to kidnap a monkey,” Alistair suggested thoughtfully.

“We're really good at that,” Hans said, grinning mischievously.

Eva laughed at that as they entered the forest once more. That morning, both twins had run into her room - she had known they'd be excited to head out for another adventure. While they ate breakfast, the twins had been very ecstatic; they had finished their food within minutes and was telling her stories of their adventures while she tried to finish eating. (Their tales involved monkey bandits who wanted to eat the twins for breakfast).

The forest felt cool as they walked in the shades of the trees. Birds were chirping, insects were buzzing. Eva thrived in nature – she could feel something inside her stir.

After several more minutes of walking in complete silence, Hans and Alistair began climbing trees. They jumped from tree branch to tree branch, grinning down at Eva while she ran along on the ground. It was fun, watching the twins laughing and jumping; it was a very good thing the trees were grown densely. The empty gaps between trees were wide enough to jump safely and the branches were all strong and thick to hold their weight.

Running, she watched as Hans stopped at a branch overhead. Grinning, he turned to look at her as she ran towards him. He waved ecstatically at her.

Eva smiled back at him. She loved the way he'd grin – which was another way to tell the twins apart. While Alistair's grin was natural, Hans's grin was adorably crooked.

Suddenly, Hans's eyes went wide.

“Run over here!” he shouted. At once, he began to climb down – Eva couldn't see where Alistair was.

Quickly, Eva began to run towards him, he was climbing down the tree at a quick pace – he looked stricken and she wanted to ask him why – but a large hand clamped her mouth shut. Trying to scream, she kicked at whatever was holding her, stomped on where their foot would be, punching the arms that held her prisoner–

“Eva!” identical voices cried out.

Then, something hard slammed into her stomach and suddenly, Eva blacked out.


Something soft brushed against her cheeks. Opening her eyes slowly, Eva stared up into the blue sky.

A fluffy white bunny was nestling her cheeks. Smiling a little, she attempted to pat it – but she realized her hands were tied above her. Panicked, she looked up at her hands, the grasses tickling the back of her neck and arms. Her wrists had been tied tightly to a stake that had been stabbed into the ground. Lifting up her legs, Eva realized that she was also being tied down by the ankles. Eva wildly looked around in fright; where was she? What was she doing here?

Images swamped her then – hands covering her mouth, arms bounding her arms together. She had been punched in the stomach, and fainted.

Where's Hans and Alistair? Were they safe? Eva hoped so.

Then, she recognized something – her mouth was being covered by tape. Making loud, muffled noises, she struggled to free herself; her wrists began to bleed but she ignored it.

“Oh, look at what we have here,” a voice spoke. “The Chosen One is awake.”

Eva looked up towards the source of the voice, finding herself staring back into the dark eyes of a boy who looked only a few years older than she did. He had cropped dark hair and light brown eyes and stood near the stake where her wrists were tied to.

He grinned down at her. “Hello. What's your name?”

Eva glared at him.

“Oh, that's right.” The boy slapped a hand to his forehead. “There's tape on your mouth. Silly me.”

Eva continued to glare at him. No doubt, this boy was probably the one holding her prisoner.

“Well,” the boy continued. “I go by the name Zeke. I used to live in a tree village not far from here until humanity started to die off. My parents died; one by one, everyone in my village grew old and died too. I'm the only survivor and since I know my way around here, I've been living in the forest every since.”

Eva had no idea why this boy was telling her his life story but it did answer her question: he, along with the Hans, Alistair, and their village, were survivors. If Eva hadn't decided to explore her house, would they eventually die of old age too? Since the twins were both the youngest in this world, would they be the last ones in the world after everyone else had passed?

No. Eva refused to think about it.

“I caught those twins bringing you back to their village yesterday,” Zeke continued, pacing around her now. “I've been eavesdropping at your village all those years ago and heard about the prophecy. If you're from the future, you need to take me back to your world.”

“What?” Eva exclaimed. Or, that was what she was trying to say anyway, through the film of tape covering her mouth.

“Yes.” Zeke nodded. “I'm sick of this place; I'm sick of being by myself. I want to be somewhere with people, not monkeys.”

Now here was a guy who didn't like monkeys. Eva could understand his loneliness but wasn't sure about one thing: why did he have to kidnap her? He could have asked for a little meeting back there with the twins.

“Now...” Zeke crouched beside her, staring deep into her eyes. “Tell me how to get back into your world. Or” – he smiled sinisterly – “else.

He took out a small hand knife as Eva's eyes widened. “I've carved out a monkey's heart before,” he whispered darkly, all humor leaving his face. “I'm sure I can carve yours out too.”

No. Eva squirmed, glaring up at him with anger. Would he go after the twins too? He had better not.

Nearby, she heard a tree branch's sudden shaking.

“Halt!” shouted a familiar voice. His voice echoed around the clearing. “Step away from the princess, you odd-looking fiend!”

“We've got you surrounded!” yelled an identical voice. “Put down that weapon or prepare to be pulverized.” Then, in a lower tone, the same voice added excitedly: “I've always wanted to say that, Hans!”

“You sounded super cool, Alistair!” Hans whispered loudly back.

“Those ignorant children,” Zeke snarled.

Eva's heart beat fast as she thought back to their words. 'Surrounded'? Had the village come to rescue her?

“I repeat!” one of the twins' voice ordered from somewhere around the clearing. “Take five hundred steps away from her! You're gonna regret it if you don't!”

Zeke laughed evilly. “And if I don't,” he said, calmly, “what will happen?”

Eva squeaked, fighting against her binds. This guy had a knife! She had to stop this guy.

“Or this will happen!” one of the twins' voice shouted. Somewhere among the trees, there was a loud whistle.

Advance!” demanded the other twins' voice.

Eva braced herself. What was advancing?

There was complete silence.

Eva laid still. Above her, Zeke cowered a little. Everything was still for the next few minutes.

Then... there was more silence.

“Uh,” one of the boys' voice said, confused. “It's not working, Hans.”

Eva was baffled.

Zeke laughed haughtily. “Your friends are so lame!” he shouted between guffaws.

“It's OK,” a twin replied (Eva suspected this voice was Hans's). “We'll just do this then!”

Suddenly, a banana flew into Eva's view (she had a clear view of the sky from her position).

“Catch that, someone!” Alistair (Eva knew) said, sounding horrified.

The banana fell easily into Zeke's hands. The knife he held, dropped – landing several inches to the left from her face. Eva almost cried.

Puffing out his chest, Zeke held his chin high up into the air. “Of course I'm awesome!” he cried out, dramatically. “I'm Zeke! I'm very awesome!”

“Yes, you are!” a voice agreed within the trees. Someone clapped.

Suddenly, the ground vibrated.

Eva's eyes almost popped out from their sockets. What was going on–

Out of the corners of her eyes, monkeys of all shapes and sizes burst forth from the trees and bushes, advancing towards the middle of the clearing where Eva was; she was going to get trampled! Closing her eyes tightly, Eva waited for the thousands of feet to hit her–

Hands grabbed her, pulling her up. The loud footsteps faded away along with frightful screaming – from Zeke?

“You OK, Eva?” Hans asked into her ear. The noise of ropes getting cut was audible but besides from that, everything was quiet now.

Blinking, Eva opened her eyes. There stood a grinning Hans and beside him, was Alistair. Relieved, she grabbed Hans and hugged him.

Hans chuckled a little, gently ripping the tape off her mouth. “Eva,” he said, sounding choked, “you're strangling me!”

Alistair laughed. “Prepare to be pulverized!”

Hugging Hans ferociously, Eva looked over at the other twin. “Come here, Alistair!” she ordered, glad to be with her heroes at last. “You're getting strangled too!”

“What?” Alistair looked shocked. “Oh no, not me–”

Releasing one of his arms from Eva, Hans reached over and grabbed his twin brother. He pulled him in one-handedly. Together, they hugged – laughing happily (mostly Eva's) and making dying noises (the twins').

“What happened to that guy?” Eva asked as soon as they had all let go of each other.

“Monkeys,” Alistair replied, running a hand through his ruffled hair at the same exact time as Hans. “They've got him cos he's got the banana.”

Eva felt sorry for Zeke.

“So what now?” Hans asked, looking around at the same time as Alistair. “We still have to save humanity.”

Eva sighed a little. That was true. After everything that had just happened, humanity still needed to be saved.

Taking Hans's hand, she got up and looked around also. “Let's get searching then,” she said, a little more wary now. “I don't think there's anyone else dangerous around.”

“There's still me and Hans,” Alistair said smirking. He stood up and brushed grass from his shorts at the same time as Hans.

“And the monkeys,” Hans added. “They might come back for more banana's and if they find that we haven't any, we'll be screaming just like–”

Zeke screamed in the distance. Eva and the twins flinched.

“Well,” Eva said, as hopeful as she could. “Let's go and finish this prophecy!”

The moment those words left her mouth, bright light filled her vision. She gasped as the twins (who she could barely see) fell on the spot. Hans's hand became limp in her hold, slipping from between her fingers.

Eva reached out for them frantically – she didn't want them to fall onto the hard ground – but as they fell, large pillows appeared, cushioning their fall. She hurriedly sat between the twins, touching their faces and panicking even more. Were they OK? Why had they fell? Had they died? Was that it? She couldn't save humanity in time? Or, her amazing dream was coming to an end?

No. She wanted to stay with the twins – with Hans.

Her fingers touched Hans's wrists then, as she searched for a heart beat. Finding it, relief coursed through her. Then, she turned to Alistair and did the same; he too was alive.

They weren't dead. She sighed in consolation. But why had they fainted?

Looking around for help, she noticed that the forest scene had changed. Everything was bright light now – she couldn't tell the difference between the ground or sky.

“Hello, Eva Miles.” A pure, ringing voice filled her ears. “You've completed your task.”

“What?” Eva whispered. She took another look around. Where was the voice coming from? “Who are you?” she asked.

“Someone,” the voice – a woman's – answered. “My identity does not matter young one. Just know that the prophecy has been fulfilled and humanity has been saved.”

“But how?” Eva's lip trembled. “Is – is this all a dream? Is it coming to an end?”

She grasped the twin's hands in both of hers. The woman laughed airily.

“Don't worry,” the woman reassured. “You will be reunited with your boys shortly. But to answer your question, the one thing you did to save humanity was agree to do it. By choice alone, you've saved all of humankind.”

“So I...” Eva paused for a second. “Didn't have to do anything? All I had to do was agree to help save humanity?”

“Yes,” the woman replied. “Not a lot of work, but yes. If you had chosen to go back into the bushes, back into the closet – we would have all died. But you didn't, thus, we are saved.”

“Oh.” Eva could understand a little. She was grateful that she didn't have to do anything else; being threatened by Zeke's knife had been enough for one day.

“You are to return to your own world now,” the woman spoke. “You will see your twins soon – all the people here will be reincarnated. For your deed in saving humanity, is there anything you'd like?”

Eva felt the answer instead of thinking it. “I'd like see the twins again – Grandma too. I'd appreciate it very much.” She nodded resolutely. “That's it.”

Eva could feel the woman's smile. “I'll add in a little bonus.”

A bonus? Eva wondered what it'd be, just as the twin's bodies began to turn into glittering dust – drifting upwards, they gently brushed along her cheeks.

“They're being reincarnated,” the woman spoke before Eva could cry out. “It'll take several hundred years for this process to finish but I'll make sure you'll be there.”

“Does that mean I'm going to die too?” Eva wanted to know.

The woman laughed. “Oh no. You'll just be returning home.”

Then, a dark hole opened up from underneath her. Crying out in shock, Eva fell deep into its depths, her hair flying about; her eyes began to close against her volition.

“And Eva?” the woman's voice whispered. “This isn't a dream.”


“Eva?” said a woman's familiar voice. “Eva? What are you doing in the closet?”

Eva woke up abruptly. Looking up, she found her parents giving her stunned looks from outside of the closet's open doors.

“Uhm,” Eva managed. “I... fell asleep.” Crawling out from within the closet, she stood up and ran her hands through her hair. “Sorry,” she apologized. She had been sleeping the entire time? So Hans and Alistair – they had been a dream? And Grandma too?

No. Eva bit her lip to prevent tears. She had grown attached to them in such a short amount of time.

But the mysterious woman had told her it wasn't a dream. Eva found it hard to believe though.

Just then, the bell rang. Her parents turned to the door quizzically.

“I'll get that,” Eva said at once. Running out of the room, she nearly broke down – she couldn't let her parents see her torn expression. They'd think she had a bad dream when she hadn't: it had been the best dream of her life.

Running down the steps, Eva heard the bell ring again. “Coming!” she called out, trotting to the door and gathering her breath. She didn't want to look like an emotional mess in front of the visitors.

She opened the door – her face almost ambushed with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hey, new neighbor!” greeted an extremely familiar voice. “Our mom and dad bought flowers for you!”

“Hope you like flowers,” an identical, very familiar voice, added. “If you don't, we've also got a fruit basket for you and your family too.”

Eva froze. Those voices. Those voices.

“Uh,” one of the boys said. He was still holding the flowers up to her face. “Are you OK?”

“The presents are so amazing, we've amazed her,” replied the other boy.

“Or, we are so amazing, she's stunned,” the boy suggested.

“That one sounds more legit.”

Slowly, hardly daring to believe it, Eva raised a hand and gently pulled the bouquet of flowers away from the boy's grasp.

What she saw standing before her, stunned her. As soon as the flowers had dropped from eye level, the boys were looking at her too. All three of their gazes locked.

The boys... they were twins. Very familiar twins with the same dark hair and sharp green eyes.

Eva began to cry. She knew it looked weird but she didn't care. Hans and Alistair had been reincarnated – her dream had been real! There was no way she could have dreamed about twins who she didn't know.

They had been reincarnated – but their memories were mostly likely wiped clean.

“Hey,” the boy (Alistair, Eva knew) said, worried. “Uhm, you OK?”

“Eva thinks we look so fabulous now that we're reincarnated,” Hans noted.

Eva's head whipped up immediately.

What did he say? Did he just say –

The twins stared back at her.

“Uh,” Alistair said, “You are Eva, right? Our savior?”

Eva blinked at them. Her tears began to dry up immediately.

“Hans?” she whispered, looking at the boys in front of her. “Alistair?”

The both bowed deeply at the same time. “In the flesh,” they said in unison.

What happened next was completely expected. Happiness coursed through her as she jumped at Hans – hugging him insanely tight.

Hans chuckled a little, hugging her back just as firmly. “Eva,” he said, sounding choked, “you're strangling me!”

Alistair laughed, jumping around energetically. “Prepare to be pulverized!”

Eva waslaughing hysterically now. Hugging Hans ferociously, Eva looked over at the other twin. “Come here, Alistair!” she ordered, trying hard to recall her words from a little while ago. “You're getting strangled too!”

“What?” Alistair mocked a look of shock. “Oh no, not me–”

Releasing one of his arms from Eva, Hans reached over and grabbed his twin brother. He pulled him in one-handedly and they all laughed.

“That was hundreds of years ago,” Hans said, wistfully. His breath brushed against her cheek; Eva smiled.

“Yep,” Alistair agreed. “It's been so long ago.”

“Really?” Eva asked, leaning her head against Hans's chest and pulling Alistair closer. “I just saw you two in the forest a few minutes ago!”

“Seriously?” Hans looked amazed.

“You missed us for just a few minutes then,” Alistair said, nodding his head.

Eva laughed as they all released each other. The woman had been right – it hadn't been a dream!

“But you wanna know what that means?” Hans asked, looking at his twin with wide eyes. “Humanity was saved – just a few minutes ago.”

Alistair's expression was identical to Hans's. “We were reincarnated – just a few minutes ago.”

As hard as it seemed, that was all true. Eva was the most happiest person in the world.

“Guess what Eva?” Hans said, turning back to look at her. “Grandma's our real Grandma. She lives with us next door!”

“And you know that crazy guy who kidnapped you?” Alistair grinned.

“–Oh, you're going to get a kick out of this one!” Hans chuckled.

“–Yeah, well,” Alistair said, “that crazy guy is our older brother.

“No way!” Eva almost died from laughter.

Hans winked at her. “He also hates monkeys.”

They all laughed.

Eva was happy. What she had thought was a dream – what she had hoped wasn't a dream – had been real. She was reunited with the twins again; now, they had plenty of time to catch up with each other – even if, for Eva, she had seen them only minutes ago.

When her parents walked into the living room, asking her who the boys were and how she knew them, Eva replied with a happy, “Old friends.”

Watching the twins talk with her parents, Eva knew everything was good. Hans – catching her gaze – turned to wink at her. Eva winked back; she was happy, and humankind had definitely been saved.


A/N: And... that's the end of the story! :D Haha, sorry for it's super long length. :"( This is why I'm not a good short story author, LOL I make em super long. :"( But anyways, I drew character pictures of Eva, Hans, and Alistair! XD

Eva Miles:


Alistair and Hans:


(Doesn't matter which one's Hans and which one's Alistair, LOL. You can pick :P)

But yep! :D That's the end of the story! XD Glad you kept on reading! If you'd like me to return the favor, please post a request on my page! I'd gladly oblige especially when you've put up with all this long-ness. XD Thanks again! Hope you liked this story! :D

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