Memory of a room

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A short story of happiness... and what is not.

Submitted: April 08, 2014

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Submitted: April 08, 2014



The more things we acquired, my ex wife and me, more miserable and unhappy we were. I remember our first days togeather, we had a small TV and her computer was hooked on it... That was the happiest period of our relationship, not because of TV but because we had each other. I'm pointing this out as we both loved and still do love a good TV show or a movie, and being togeather in the same room ment the whole world was in that room to both of us. TV does not matter in this story, I just used it as a mean to present our happines at the time.

But as all humans change, and still focus on material things, so did we want more nicer, bigger things, while at the same time not realising we have the biggest thing we could have just by being togeather in the same room. The room could be empty...

Within a year we had better jobs, more money, bigger TV, we both had better computer, we had all the movies and TV shows one could want, we went on much nicer places during vacations, we gave each other more expensive and nicer presents for birthdays. And still the only thing we really needed was empty room and both of us in it. We would have everything...

In the end we had everything one regular person can have, the room was full, but I was gone, and she was gone, we were gone. The room was empty completely...

I would give my whole life for one more day to be in that empty room, with a small TV and old computer hooked on it, a whole life for one more morning holding a cup of coffee in one hand and her sleppy head in another. A whole life for one more look and smile which says "I love you!" after I drank that coffee and went to work... happy!

The only good thing I managed to snatch from that room is my little dog whose head is now laying on my lap and I have coffee in my hand. When she looks at me with those small but beautyful eyes, all I see is love and happines and I cheris every moment with her more than any thing I posess. As I once did whit my ex wife...

So all of you who are reading this, stop chasing something you can buy or acquire, get a pet as it will help you to be, or better yet learn how to be happy (again in my case) and just be happy and good to each other. And the room will be full again, no matter how empty it is.  

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