Rapunzel- puppet show

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a puppet show (Rapunzel)

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012




Rapunzel: carly
Narrator: carly
Terry the terror: Sam
Mike: Sam 
Narrator: Once apon a time there was a princess called Rapunzel
Rapunzel: hello, that’s me, I’m the princess of sweet land and I have very long hair (flicks hair)
Narrator: And she loved to give out sweets to all the boys and girls and then there is terry the terror 
Terry: that’s me mwhaha
Rapunzel: go away terry
Narrator: Terry didn’t like rapanzel giving them out as he didn’t want all the kids to have any sweets
Rurpunzel: this is my bowl of sweets, if you see terry again will you tell me?  I don’t want him to get my sweets?
Rurpunzel turns her back and terry pops his head out, and keeps popping in and out so the kids can shout his name, terry then walks out on to the stage and puts a spell on Rurpunzel
Terry: 1 2 go to sleep
Narrator: naughty terry has put a spell on the princess she has fallen asleep.
And Rurpunzel goes to sleep
Terry: haha now Rurpunzel is asleep I can hide her and keep her sweets mwhaha
Terry picks up and carries Rurpunzel off, terry sits next to the sweet bowl and starts eating them
Terry: yummy yummy yummy I have sweets in my tummy and I‘m not going to share them with you hahaha, yummy yummy yummy I have sweets in my tummy and I’m still not giving you some hahaha 
Terry: these are all mine and I’m not sharing them, you want one? Haha no you cant! You want one?  Haha No you cant! I love being mean, I’m getting quite tired now, but if you see a knight will you tell me?
Narrator :Terry falls asleep and a brave knight called mike appears, mike then pops in and out a coupe of times
Mike: shh don’t make a noise or I will wake up terry
(whispers) Rurpunzel Rurpunzel let down your hair 
Mike climbs up the tower as mike arrives at Rurpunzels room
Mike: Rurpunzel?
Mike: she’s asleep and she cant hear me, can you girls and boys help me wake up Rurpunzel
Get the kids to shout ‘Rurpunzel wakes up’
Rurpunzel: huh what was that?
Mike: I am here to rescue you and take the sweets back to village allsorts
Rurpunzel: oh my brave knight has arrived, I’m saved you’re my hero
Mike: we have to be quiet so terry the terror doesn’t hear us
Terry: to late haha haha 
Narrator :Terry points his wand at Rurpunzel and puts  another spell on her and she falls asleep.
Terry: 1 2 go to sleep
Mike: no Rurpunzel, if you kids can shout ‘no terry the terror’ it will wake up Rurpunzel
Get the kids to shout ‘no terry the terror’ until Rurpunzel wakes up mike gets the wand off terry the terror
Mike: 1 2 go to sleep
Narrator: And terry the terror goes to sleep
Mike: come on Rurpunzel lets take the sweets back to village allsorts
Narrator:Mike and Rurpunzel climb down the tower to the bottom
Rurpunzel: would you kids like some sweets for helping us get all the sweets back safely. (asks the kids)
Lets have a song and dance to celebrate.(play music).

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