I Am a Shadow

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At least I am warm here...

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



I am a shadow, the places where light cannot reach. There are objects standing in my way, in front of me, behind me, beside me, surrounding me. As the light I’m striving for moves my shape changes – distorts, chases, reaching.

At least I am warm here, dancing on the driveway during a sunny day. Warm and sticky, pressed into the blistering blacktop. I am following. Turn your head over your shoulder and I’ll be there, faceless but there. Sometimes I’m off to the side but never in front, always untouchable. You can see me but you can’t touch.

Sometimes the objects kindly move out of my way and you can shine the light directly on me. It doesn’t make a difference though, what with being always untouchable, and the light turns me pure. I disappear.

The moving objects are the ones that scare me the most. I am following, but when they stop I can no longer travel. Stand in one place for too long and I’ll sink into the earth, dusty and unforgiving, but always pulled up again. The following is almost a gravitational pull, and I can do nothing to fight gravity.

So now that I’m thinking, I need the objects in my way. I’m stretched to fit the tallest tree; I’m crowded in the smallest corner; I’m in between each and every book on the shelf, tucked in snug. It makes sense that I would be in these places. It makes sense that these objects would keep me safe.

On days that the sun cowers behind the clouds I blend into the ground, spreading into one large shape that stretches over the entire earth. I seep into the corners of the classroom, the tiles cold on my feet, and the laughter shaking my frame. On those days I might be there awhile, but I don’t mind. Those days are my favorite, sinking into the soil and watching as the plants around me grow.

I don’t mind most of it actually; it’s the light that drives me crazy. Always growing brighter but fading faster, forcing me to keep up. It’s a good thing shadows are untouchable.

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