My Heaven

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A short poem about what is really important in life and how it can make 'heaven' turn to 'hell'.

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008




I’ll tell the angels; “Take your wings!”

"I don't want the cursed things."

I’ll scream at them to send me back

And if they don't, that cloud would crack.

In that timeI’d sit and breathe

And beg of them to let me leave

And in a quiet solemn tone

I’d tell them of my loving home

Of parents who would guard my life

Of siblings who would take the knife

I scream about my friends on Earth

The kind you feel you’ve known from birth

They’d look at me with doubting eyes

And their questions I’d despise

Their queries of; “But why?” and “How?”

I’d beg of them; “Just listen now,”

“You’ve taken me from what you see,

“As poison to the air you breathe,

“You’ve taken me from death and fear,

“And everything that I hold dear.”

“Without a meaning; left alone,

“A statue is just broken stone,

“Without a mother to watch you sleep,

“A crib is just a cage we keep.”

“And while you keep me here in time,

“I’ll feel a pain that isn’t mine,

“I’ll feel their sorrow and their loss

“Is this, you deem, a worthy cost?”

“I’ve stolen nought, I’ve told few lies,

“I’ve made mistakes and foolish ties,

“But I never hurt a soul,

“Or left a friend out in the cold.”

“But you all know all this; it’s why I’m here,

“Amongst the beauty you revere,

“But don’t you see that in my heart;

“All beauty has been torn apart?”

“Beauty is my mother’s laugh,

“My father’s grin on his behalf,

“My sister’s whispers in the night

“As we bond after a fight.”

“This heaven it is blind to me,

“It rants of where I cannot be.”

“This peace you weave, it won’t sell,

“This paradise it is my Hell.”

“So send me back and send me now!

“And no more will I screech and howl

“I will trade my pain for honest calm,

“For my Heaven in their arms.”

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