When will I reach up there...?

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It is a tragic story about a girl trying to make her dreams a reality

Submitted: September 13, 2014

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Submitted: September 13, 2014



This story you guys are going to read is about a girl with a tragic story but she still tries to do what she loves. And this is a message from me to you all NEVER GIVE UP! Keep trying!

"Hey mom, when are we going to leave?" Asked Megan eagerly. " Um......  Six am." Replied Mrs.Russo. "Ok, thanks." Megan is a beautiful and intelligent girl. Her hair are blonde with natural golden streaks. Her face complexion is smooth and as white as snow which dazzles under the rays of the sun. In her is a inner beauty that makes a look become beautiful. Megan looked as if she was a model. She had an oval shaped, flawless face. Her nose was a perfect shape. She had a natural beauty, the kind you get without make up. She had long lashes that even curled upward a bit. Her eyes were beady and sea green. Her eyebrows were a perfect arch shape. She had petite features. Her ears were small. Her natural beauty made you want to stare at her and wonder which one made her so outstandingly in beauty. Her personality went along with her beauty, natural herself which radiated her beauty even more. Her smile made her look innocent, when she smiled and shone her pearly white teeth.

She loved activities like swimming, hair styling, nail art, karate, craft, dancing, sports, scuba diving, movies, zip lining, water parks, rollercoaster and all sorts of stuff but one outstanding sport Horse back riding is one in which she will die for. If you take horse back riding from her it's like taking her soul away. She had been offered a scholarship and that's why she had a polo stick and ball in her hands for twenty four hours a day. Everyone loved it when she won the races and her trophy shimmered her reflection on it's shining surface. Before, when she had been horse back riding and was encouraged a lot for doing great by her parents. She did it for almost four years but then stopped. Every single day of her life she cried and cried " let me do horse back riding!" But her parents won't. She started making deals like scoring great in her test and then doing it but still..... Nothing happened and finally now she has a chance to make her dreams a reality.

 The next day early in the morning the family left. A first class hotel's best apartment was booked for them. Though words can't describe the beauty of this superior hotel. But a few basic things, it was gigantic, it had a huge business class restraunt, casino, swimming pool, arcade, spa, beauty parlor and a huge theatre. How outstanding it was can't be described at all. The family went to the front desk for the keys of their room. "Hi, welcome and how may I help you?" Asked the kind lady behind the desk named Lara. "We are the Russo family" replied mom. "Oh yes, oh yes. You are our VIP guests. How could have I forgotten? I do apologize. We have been preparing for you and your family since we found out." The lady replied gladly while getting up. "Steve, come on. Hold the Russo families luggage as I escort them to their room. "Yes, Madame" replied Steve in a British accent. Lara walked to the elevator and we followed. She showed the card to the scanner so the elevator could come down. "I guess for some security reasons" thought Megan. We went to the top floor of the hotel and it seemed that the largest room available was for them. It had two big bedrooms each with a bathroom, kitchen and a living room. Inbetween the bedroom and bathroom there was a walk through closet. The bathroom had a jucusie and the water came out like a water fall. The kitchen had an oven, microwave, coffee maker, beater, baking tray and all sorts of stuff. The view was wonderful you could see everything. But Meagan was there for horse back riding nothing else and she made up her mind that she will only enjoy the other places when she would be off from school. Not during it!

Tomorrow early in the morning they left and ona huge polo stadium actuall polo players were playing and a duplicate of the size of the ground there were excellent beginners. So good that Megan was worried." Hello how are you Megan?" Asked Megan's sir. "Hi!" Megan replied gladly to see him." So let's get started! Go on choose your horse, though I recommend the tallest one for you" Megan walked towards the stable and to her surprise the tallest horsemwasmreally tall and literally as white as snow. The horse had long, silver hair and it was pulchritudinous. She mounted on the horse. Got her foot in the right position, grabbed the reins and began walking then trotting, fast trotting afterwards canter and finally galloping. Oh how much she was having. She grabbed the the stick and started hitting the ball with the stick. The teacher was astonished to see that she was perfect except for some minor mistakes obviously. He corrected them and went on and on commenting about her to her parents. Every day she came to practice and her mix takes we're fixing up real quick. She soon started playing with her teacher and then some kids. The number of players grew more day by day. Soon she became a worldwide famous player at the age of eighteen.

She incredibly won every matched played and became very rich. She galloped and hit the ball spectacularly. She had a lot of interviews to attent to. Without her no one knows what the team would have been like. She loved, enjoyed, adored, appreciated her life very much. There are a ton of words you can say. But you know as they always say... "So far, so good."

Today was the most important match of all with the second best team, they being the first but the other team was no less then them. The match started and both of the teams played very well. The score was a tie and on the final round the crowd was tense. Megan galloped like it was the last day of her life, so fast, so fast that she flipped and fell down the most painful way. The horses couldn't halt and ran over Megan. Dozens at a time. Everyone was agonized. Polo sticks and balls also hit her as this was so rapid and unforseeing. This was very out of the blue and the ambulance rushed to the nearest hospital found. Her beautiness, model like look, talents, everything was destroyed and ruined. She was hurt abominably, so bad that her legs and one hand had to get amputated. Her parents cried and cried and pitied that they let her go. After her surgery hs came out and when her mother cried and almost scolded her that because of her crying they let you go and now what happened. But Megan wasn't ! She was happy that they let her. 

After a month she tried to get back on the horse by remembering the lessons when her teacher told the class to canter with out  putting their feet in the sturrps. It was impossible but with a special rope for which she was fit in helped her a lot. Slowly and slowly she started from the begging as she had a surgery in her back. Still dreaming like when she was seven to reach that position again and to make her dreams a reality once again..........

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