Eden's Heros 2 (The Visits)

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Troy and Ivory recive some visits

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



Troy’s visitor

(The scene starts with James walking down a massive white hallway lined in beautiful green. He keeps on walking when he notices a large green and white door. James knocks on the door)

(From behind the door

Troy- Go Away!

(James knocks again and louder)

Troy- Beat it!

(James knocks a third time and you hear from behind the door Troy getting up the door swings open and Troy comes to the door shirtless in his boxers)

Troy- Look I’m busy right now… BROTHER! Man its been awhile

James- Ya

Troy- well come in.

(Troy leads his brother into his room its very open with a king sized bed with white sheets and there was two beautiful ladies sitting in his bed)

Troy- Ladies this is my brother James

Ladies- Hi James!

James- Troy could we talk in private

Troy- Oh don’t mind the girls


(Troy never seen his brother this angry before with a shocked look on his face he lifts his hand and waves the ladies to leave)

Lady- Bye Troy call me.

(Ladies exit)

Troy- So what’s your deal lil bro.

James- It’s been 6 months why haven’t you returned to the battlefield.

Troy- why should I heard on the news your winning. And I’m helping from home?

(Lays back)

James- How are you helping?

Troy- I’m the reason the people are behind the war, I’m a hero.

(Troy gets up and walks over to his dresser)

James- Your nothing but a damn figure head.

Troy-and is that a problem

(opens his dresser and pulls out a shirt)

James- People are dying on the plains of Damon why you sit in your bed and have sex with random women

(Putting on a pair of pants)

Troy- (chuckles) Once again I don’t see the problem

James- What would Flank think if he saw you.

(The look on Troy’s face freezes he turns and looks at his brother as his anger begins to raise)

Troy- excuse me

James- Women, fame, greed you think that’s what Flank would have done. Your no hero your…

Troy- Get out.

James- You…

Troy- Ivory!

(Ivory walks into the room)

Troy- Please show this solider the way out of the castle.

(Ivory grabs James arm)

James- I don’t need to escorted (pulls away) Here (pulls a round object out his pocket) watch this and tell me your really helping.

(James places the object in his hand and storms out of the room)

Ivory- What is that?

Troy- It’s a field cam

(The round object seems to be very damaged he finds the lends and there’s a button above it . Troy presses it and a hologram projects from the lens. The image was a man laying on the ground wounded dirty and bloody. He looks into the cam and says)

Wounded Jawran- I’m reporting from the down site. The Damons are furious and charging we can’t hold them off. The thing is we aren’t being attacked by soldiers. (he stands ups) The Damons have got desperate they have started to arm civilians. They seem to never stop coming. You kill one and ten more arrive. We could really use a miracle or even better we could really use Troy. My kids love that guy. I kind of wish I was him right about now One swing of his sword would take them all down. He’s…

(Crashes are heard and the tape ends)

(Troy shakes the cam)

Troy- Come on

Ivory- I think its over

(Troy Shoves the cam into Ivory’s chest and walks away)

(James is sitting at a bar with a drink in his hand he’s hunched over when Troy walks in)

James- How did you find me?

Troy- This is where all the soldiers go when there on leave.

James- Must want to drink away the memories, doesn’t work you know.

Troy- What happen to him.

James- Who?

Troy- The guy on the cam.

James- What do you think he died.

Troy- What why didn’t , umm why,

James- brother people die there every minute. As we speak there is a man getting slain or women getting slain. You can stop this you’re the reason the war is staying alive. You got to stop putting this image in peoples head that us soldiers want this. There dying out there. That man was fighting off an entire city of Damons. He wasn’t fighting off soldiers. He was fighting off bakers, barbers, the local manger at the general store. This isn’t war anymore its genocide and it needs to end. Your voice is so well respected it rivals the king and so does that Ivory guys. You really want to help our guys put an end to this.

Troy- follow me brother.

(end scene)

Ivory’s visitor

(Ivory is standing outside the castle when he sees a man being apprehended by the guards he notices the man and tries to help him)

Ivory- Hey wait

Lei- Let me go, I will not be stopped, get your hands off of me!

Ivory- Guards let this man go he is a friend of mine

(The guards release Lei. He looks rugged and very angry he has a green backpack on his back)

Ivory- Lei old buddy I ain’t recognize you without a Cannon strapped on ya back.

Lei- We need to talk.

(Lei begins to walk. Ivory follows him)

Ivory- about what?

Lei- I need you to get me an audience with the king and I know you can do that since you both live in the same castle.

(Ivory steps in front of Lei to stop him from walking)

Ivory- Wo wo wo wait a minute why you need to speak to the king.

Lei- well let me tell you.

(cuts to on Damon. Lei being drug by a full blooded cat beast demon. Lei is kicking trying to get away but there not letting him. They take him into a large building and throw him against the wall.)

Cat beast- Shut up! (pointing to two guards) watch him!

(Lei sits up on the wall he’s breathing hard then sees a cart roll by with a wounded Damon on it.)

(That’s when the cat beast comes back with a Damon commander.)

Damon Commander- What where you doing snooping around outside?

Lei- Lei Kusawki Charge Cannon Demolitionist earth region is…

Damon Commander- I don’t care about that shit tell me what you where doing.

Lei- I was trained to give name unit and earth region only.

Cat Beast- They have been taught to not give information sir.

( The Damon commander grabs Lei with both hands and raises him up in the air against the wall)

Damon Commander - Tell me what you where doing

Lei- What is this place?

Damon Commander- I’m asking the questions here

Lei- Answer mine I will answer yours

(Damon Commander sets him down.)

Damon Commander- This is the Gangy capitol hospital why?

Lei- What a hospital !?

Damon Commander- Yes now you answer my question.

Lei- This was my target.

Damon Commander- What!?

( A little girl walks up to the commander she looks four at the oldest and has a doll of a Damon girl in her hand.)

Little Damon girl- Daddy what’s going on? (she turns and looks at Lei) Hello Mister do you like my dolly

(she holds it out showing it him)

Damon Commander- Get her out of here! Some one is suppose to be watching her.


(When the two guards leave to escort the girl Lei makes a run for the door while they aren’t looking)

Damon Commander- Dammit! Get him!

(Lei makes his ways through the city and eventually up the side of a small cliff over shadowing the city. That’s when he spots his C.C. team a commander a gunner and two other guards. The have the cannon set up and pointed out of the building)

C.C. Commander- Lei you made it!

Lei- Don’t shot! It’s not a barracks

C.C. Commander- Was there soldiers there?

Lei- Yes but…

C.C. Commander- Then we have to take it out.

Lei- No it’s a hospital women, children.

C.C. Commander- What!? do you have proof

Lei- Well no but.

( That’s when out of the building came numerous Damon soldiers searching for Lei)

C.C. Commander- There they are fire the cannon

(The C.C. team fired the cannon and the building exploded then it crumbled and fell it the ground.)

Lei- NO!

( He turns and begun to run down the side of the cliff)

C.C. Commander- what are you doing its not safe down there.

( The C.C. team follows him) (Lei reaches the building and it’s now reduced to rubble Lei is digging through the rubble.)

Lei- Please be alive please please please.

( The C.C. Team runs up behind Lei as he is on his hands and knees digging)

C.C. Commander- Lei what are you doing?

( Lei then pulls out a doll.)

Lei Narrating - I knew it was her doll. That little girls doll. As I began to weep I thought how unfair it was. She didn’t even know what was going on. She didn’t want this any of this she was just a little girl playing with her doll.

( Lei pick up the doll stands up he turns to the Commander)

Lei- You wanted proof well here it is! (He holds the doll up to his face)

C.C. Commander- Lei I… I didn’t know.

Lei- You didn’t know! Dammit I told you! I told you!

(Noticing his mistake)

C.C. Commander- Lei you know I would never kill a child I….

Lei- Well you just did commander and I’m going straight to the king to report you. You know who I roomed with back in boot. Ivory ya the famous sniper and you will never see the light of day again. You will die lonely in a cell.

(Cuts back to Lei standing with Ivory in front of the castle)

Ivory- That’s horrible

Lei- He needs to be put away and I’m here to do that.

(Ivory stood in a daze thinking of what he said to Hailey he could hear the argument in his head)

Hailey- is that really so wrong!

Ivory- YES IT IS!

( He felt horrible for feeling that way now)

Ivory- Lei wait up

( They both head into the castle and into the private quarters. That’s where they found the kings room standing at the door are two guards)

Ivory- I seek an audience with the king.

(the guards open the door and they enter. They see King Jawran at a table going through paper work he looks up and sees it’s Ivory then looks down back it his paper work.)

King Jawran- Hello Ivory who’s your friend

Lei- Lei Kusawki your majesty.

(still looking down at his paperwork)

King Jawran- and what brings you to Jawran castle?

Lei- Your majesty my commander destroyed a building with women and children in it. I told him there was women and children in there and he still…

King Jawran- Mr. Kusawki did you provide him with any evidence of this before he destroyed the building.

Lei- No but

(with his head still down looking at his paper work)

King Jawran- Then there is nothing I can do civilian casualties come with war and there is nothing I can do for you please exit and have a better day.

Lei- Are you serious (no response from King Jawran) Look at me!

(King Jawran’s head finally comes up. Lei pulls out of his backpack the little girls doll. Ivory looked at it and all the feelings Lei had he to started to feel.)

King Jawran- What?

Lei- Do you see this. This is a little girls doll I found

King Jawran- that’s all good and well but you found it after the building was destroyed. Your Commander had know way of knowing there was kids in that building there was no hospital sign or daycare nothing.

Lei- but

King Jawran- Do you think I didn’t already hear about this. Like I said civilian casualties happen. You know oops my bad you got to learn to get over it. It’s the way of war.

Lei- How can you just sit there and spout out politics when I’m showing you the doll of a dead little girl,

King Jawran- She was just a Damon, get over it (looks back down) Now get out of my room I’m busy.

(Lei Storms out)

King Jawran- O and Ivory please don’t mention this to anyone it might hurt the war effort

Ivory- Well maybe it’s time the war ended (Ivory storms out).

(outside the room) (Lei is banging on the wall as Ivory comes out the Kings room. At this time Troy and James walk up.)

Troy- Ivory what’s going on here.

Ivory- My friend here is upset he brang the doll of this dead little Damon girl and he didn’t care because she was Damon.

James- Dammit this is what I’m talking about Troy.

Troy- Wait a minute this could be it.

(everyone turns and looks at Troy)

Troy- We can go to the press with that doll and stories of what’s going on. The press will eat it up and the J.E.S.G. will call for a pull out.

James- That’s freaking genius.

(They all exit)( King Jawran steps out of the room after they leave with his guards behind him.)

King Jawran- I can’t let them become a problem.

(Cuts to King Jeremy Jawran in a room with his cabinet members having a conversation.)

King Jawran- And they are going to go the press.

Cabinet Member1- So have them killed

King Jawran- I’m not a killer. I have class plus there good boys and good soldiers. I have made them out to be Hero’s how will I look if someone found out I tried to kill them. It’s to risky I can’t do that

Cabinet Member2- Well sounds like you have a problem then. They leak this to the press the J.E.S.G. will call for an end to the war for sure.

King Jawran- Yes I no. They called a press conference and they are going to report it tonight.

Cabinet Member1- Killing them may be your only choice

King Jawran- How many times do I got to say it I’m not going to kill them. I have know problem killing Demons but I will not kill Humans.

Lisa- I have an Idea.

(Lisa was one of Jeremy Jawrans Cabinet Members. She had jet black haired tied up in a bun and glasses. Behind her glasses she had piercing green eyes. She was in her mid forties but was in good shape for her age. Yet she always had a look on her face like she was planning something, something corrupt.

King Jawran- Yes Lisa what is it.

Lisa- What if you didn’t kill them. What if the where K.I.A.

King Jawran- That would take to long. I would have to send them out to Damon. And then wait for all them to get killed in action, if they even do. The meeting is tonight there is no way I can ship them out before they leak this story.

Lisa- Well they want peace tell them you will sign a peace treaty with the Damons if they don’t leak the story.

King Jawran- That’s the problem I can’t end the war. The Damon backlash would be to great. They would rebuild and come back to destroy us. We almost have them. We need to keep pushing.

Lisa- I didn’t say end the war Jeremy. What you do is say to Troy you want him and his friends to deliver the peace treaty to the King of Damon.

Cabinet Member2- The King of Damon is located on a Ship orbiting Damon named Vevon.

Cabinet Member1- Yes Vevon is a fortress of a ship massive in size lined with thousands of C.C.s.

Lisa- Yes and as soon as Vevon’s Charge Cannons see a Jawran ship.

King Jawran- They will shot it down on site. (Jumping out of his seat) PERFECT! Ivory and Troy heroes of Jawran killed by Damons while trying to deliver a peace treaty to them. The morale for the war will sky rocket.

© Copyright 2017 EdensHeros. All rights reserved.

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