Eden's Heros 3 ( The Peace Treaty)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
King Jawran wants Peace?

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



The Peace Treaty

(Troy, Ivory, James and Lei are backstage about to take the stage and announce there stories to all of Jawran.)

Press man- 1 minute Troy

Troy- Thank you

(When King Jeremy Jawran shows up with two guards.)

Troy- Your majesty can’t say I’m surprised to see you.

(King Jawran turns to his two guards)

King Jawran- Please (Guards exit)

Troy- No guards brave of you. What you trying to pick of fight?

King Jawran- No Troy I think you have already won the fight I’m here to save my political carrier.

Troy- How so? (King Jawran pulls out a stack of papers) What’s this?

King Jawran- That my boy is a letter to the J.E.S.G. to write a peace treaty and end the war.

Troy- What seriously?

Lei- This doesn’t sit right with me Troy he’s given up to easy.

King Jawran- I’m not given up we have enough lands on Damon we can convert the rest with culture. All I want to do is make sure I’m still King after this war.

Ivory- Alright partner why should we go along with this. We are holding all the aces. We go out there and expose you and the war is over anyways.

King Jawran- If you do that I will delay the end of the war as much as possible. Maybe I could drag it out to an extra year.

Ivory- So

King Jawran- So wouldn’t it be horrible if during that time the Damons found the location of the secret base you use to be stationed at on Damon. They would storm it and kill everyone in there. (Looking at Ivory coldly) Even that pretty little Hailey of yours.

Ivory- You son of a... (steps aggressively towards King Jawran) (James and Troy hold him back)

King Jawran- She a beautiful girl ain’t she. She’s got that nice chocolate completion. Be ashamed if she died.

Ivory- I swear if you do anything that results in her death

James- Calm down Ivory

King Jawran- and you James wouldn’t it be horrible if your lil Danielle. Didn’t make the trip back home. If she was K.I.A. I mean it would be such a tragedy if she was sent out to an unwinnable battle and was killed.

James- You wouldn’t

King Jawran- How bout you test me. You would be surprised with what I can do when my carrier is on the line. I got a women of my own you know my daughter Akan is my world. So is it a deal.

Ivory- Troy you got to do it I can’t lose Hailey last time we talked we got in a huge argument I made a real jack ass out of myself. She ain’t talked to me sent.

Lei- Ivory don’t give in to his threats

James- No we got to do it.

Troy- James are you serious

James- I can’t lose Danielle she’s the love of my life.

(Troy puts his head down then picks it back up.)

Troy- What exactly do we need to do.

King Jawran- Now we are getting somewhere. All you have to do is instead of what ever it was you was going to say before. Go out there and tell them that your great King Jawran is sending you and your friends to deliver a peace treaty to the King of Damon. Then you will deliver it and when you get back you all will be even bigger heroes.

Press man - Troy we have been waiting are you coming or not.

(turns around)

Troy- Ya I’m coming (turns back to King Jawran)This better not be a trick I’m trusting you.

The Mission For Peace (Goes Wrong)

(Troy steps on stage. Cheers rise and people cry out his name. The people begin to chant hero spontaneously. Troy looks over the crowd. He never really noticed how much the people of Jawran admire him. He hoped that by covering for King Jawran was the right thing to do. He raises his hand and people quiet almost instantly.)

Troy- People of Jawran I have come here today because I grow tired. I grow tired of fear, I grow tired of death and I grow tired of war. That’s why I called this meeting to announce that King Jawran has granted me the honor of leading an expedition that will be traveling to Damon with a Peace Treaty to end the war. This is the end of bloodshed, This is the end of violence, This is an end of the crying, This is the end!

(the crowd breaks out in cheers) (Troy exits left and goes back stage. He is immediately greeted by James and Ivory)

Ivory- Hey nice speech man

James- We did it brother, its all over.

(That’s when Troy noticed Lei sitting in a chair back near the wall with his arms folded across his chest in a very upset and angry manner.)

Ivory- Hey buddy aren’t you happy

Lei- For what? You want me to be a happy he just lied to our planet and covered for our corrupt King.

James- But it was for peace

Lei- You three can work with that soulless man. I want nothing to do with this.

(Lei exits left)

Ivory- I will try to calm him down. He’s always been like this with his britches all in a bunch. Never happy he’s such a drama queen.

(Ivory follows Lei out of the room) (James and his brother Troy stand side to side)

James- Lets hope this works.

Narrator- The J.E.S.G. voted unanimously on the peace treaty proposal. It was written up and sent out to Troy. The people of Jawran loved Troy even more then before and approval ratings for King Jeremy Jawran sky rocketed.

( A news broadcast is going on and it shows a female reporter standing in front of Jawran castle)

Female reporter- Well today is the day that Troy will be leaving Jawran on a mission to deliver a peace treaty to King Oken of Damon. Troy and his crew will meet King Oken on the Damon ship Vevon orbiting Damon. Troy has named the ship Flank after a fellow soldier and friend of his who died in the war.

(cuts back to the news room where the male and female host sit at a table in front of the camera)

Male host- Thanks for that. It’s a beautiful day for peace isn’t

Female host- O Yes it is.

Male host- Now in other news a U.F.O. was spotted.

Narrator- King Jawran had everyone fooled.

(King Jawran in his room finishing getting ready for the ceremony that was going to kick off the voyage. When is daughter Akan entered.)

Akan- Father are you ready.

(King Jawran turns and sees his daughter)

King Jawran- I will be out there in a couple minutes

Akan- Okay (she turns to leave but before exiting she turns back) Oh and father.(pause) I’m really proud of you. Ending the war was the right thing to do many will thank you.

King Jawran- Oh umm well thank you dear

Akan- You know I was starting to question you myself but I guess that was silly of me I’m sorry father.

(King Jawran turns around and sees the proud smile his daughter’s face.)

King Jawran- Akan my dear could I have a minute?

Akan- Of course father (she exits)

( The scene cuts to a large ship standing in front of it is Troy, James and Ivory side my side. As the cameras flash Troy leans to Ivory and out the side of his mouth says.)

Troy- Where’s Lei at.

Ivory- I tried talking to him I called him a million times but he says he wants no part of this.

Troy- Oh well.

James- Here comes King Jawran

(Cheers came as King Jawran entered with his Daughter Akan)

Ivory- Sure is a pretty one right there.

James- Ya she is.

Troy- watch it James you know Danielle is back. Wouldn’t want her to hear you say that.

(enter Danielle)

Danielle- I’m sorry what do I not want to hear.

James- (Giggle)Nothing baby did you just get back.

Danielle- Ya. Thanks for sending that leave request babe. I couldn’t stand being on that desert of a planet any longer. (grabs him by the hand and says flirtingly) Now come on and give me a tour of the ship.

(Danielle and James exit)

Ivory- He she doesn’t anything about…

Troy- She knows nothing Ivory, only You James Lei and I know.

(They are approached by a Jawran General. With a folder of papers.)

General- Here’s the mission statement. You are to fly to Lattoon and pick up the rest of the crew and then. It’s a direct route from there to Vevon.

Troy- Yes sire

General- Be safe Commander.

Troy- Yes sire

(Troy and Ivory board the ship. That’s When they are greeted by Captain Mendo. A very lean will fit women proper and beautiful. She had her brown hair tied up in a bun under her cap. She wore a very sharp White captain’s suit lined with green. Behind her is her crew of pilots.)

Captain Mendo- Hello I am Captain Mendo It is a pleasure to meet you both.

Ivory- (flirty) Oh well it is a pleasure to meet you to Captain. Names Ivory you can call me cowboy though.

Troy- Ivory! Sorry captain.

Captain Mendo- It’s quite all right. So where too Commander.

Troy- Where are to set a route to Lattoon to pick up some crew members. Then we leave for Vevon.

Captain Mendo- Yes Sir (she turns to her crew standing behind her) You heard him lets get to Lattoon and then off to Vevon.

(Cheers) (The ship leaves and within a couple hours they arrive at the little port of Lattoon a small Island airport still on Jawran. The ship lands on Lattoon and Troy, Ivory, James, Danielle as well as other Jawran soldiers exit the ship to greet the oncoming crew. Murphy was the leader of the oncoming. A young man with short blond hair an blue eyes.)

Murphy- Sergeant Murphy here Earth region France (salutes)

Troy- Welcome Murphy this really is a private port isn’t it.

Murphy- Nobody here but us sire.

( Suddenly an explosion is heard behind Murphy and his crew. They all turn to look. The air was filled with smoke. When out of the smoke came charging Damon soldiers wielding one handed short swords.)

James- What are Damon’s doing here?

Troy- Murphy get your crew into the ship we need you alive. We will take care of this.

(Murphy and his crew go into the ship. While Troy and his crew fight of the Damons. Ivory takes out his charge rifle with bayonet. A Damon swings his sword at Ivory horizontally but Ivory catches the swing with his bayonet. Then kicks the Damon in the stomach causing him to hunch over. Then Ivory gave him a razing knee to the face and the Damon fell backwards and Ivory stabbed the Damon with his bayonet to finish him off. James with his large two handed claymore had also blocked the first Damon attack and then he countered with a vertical swing taken the Damon down. He turned and made an upwards horizontal swing knocking back another Damon airborne. He turned again attacked another Damon with a downward horizontal swing but this Damon parried and side stepped and went for a high vertical slice but James ducked it. He then rose up with a quick up cut that made the Damon stumble back. Troy also had his hands full. He twirled the double edge sword forward vertically and killed one Damon. Then quickly parried the blade of one Damon with the back edge of his sword and stabbed him with the front. Danielle was taken enemies down fast. Parry quick horizontal slice parry quick vertical slice. Yet they all where still out numbered and where about to be overwhelmed. Troy, James, Ivory Danielle and the other Jawran soldiers where fighting strong but the sheer number of them was turning the skirmish in the Damon’s favor. James blocked a hard swing from a Damon and then another Damon gave a hard backhand swing propelling him backwards and on to his back. The Damon quickly pounced on him and raise his claws to deliver the final blow. When the sounded of a charge rifle went off. A bullet struck the Damon and the chest killing him and tumbling him off of James. James turned to see Ivory trying to charge his rifle after just firing it to save him. While he was charging a Damon leaps out of nowhere and attacks him but, Danielle was there to jump in front of Ivory and save him. She parried the Damon’s attack and went for an over the head slice but was to slow The Damon went for a quick stab and his blade drove deep into Danielle’s stomach.)

James- Danielle!

(Ivory quickly stabbed the Damon in the neck with his bayonet killing him and Danielle fell back into his arms with the blade still in her body she’s gasping for air. James rushes over to see if she’s okay. He takes her out of Ivory’s hands. Ivory stood up and looked down at Danielle with guilt in his eyes. Danielle’s chest was throbbing as she struggled to breath and James eyes begin to tear.)

James- Danielle baby, come on ( he shaking her hoping to get a reaction.) Please Danielle come on don’t die don’t die! ( her eyes slowly start to close) no baby no don’t close your eyes your going to be okay.

(Danielle’s gasp stop and she stops moving. She dies. That’s when James wraps both his arms around her tightly. )

James- Medic! Medic we need a medic!

Ivory- James she’s…

James- Damn it! Where the hell is the medic?


(Troy then runs up to them.)

Troy- James there’s to many of them we have to get back into the ship…

(that’s when he notices who James is holding. James sets Danielle’s lifeless body down slowly. Grabs his sword and slowly stands up.)

Troy- James… Brother are you…

(James walks towards where the fighting is going on. He looks up into the sky and gives out a great cry as streams of energy flow from his body. Troy had recognized this. It was the same thing that happened to him on Damon after Flank’s death. A bright flash began to rush out of James’ body. James falls to his knees with his arms spread open and his chest out. The bright light shined brightest from James’ body as the final streams shoot out. After the flash all the Damon’s laid on the ground dead their bodies scatted along the run way. Troy notices his brother passed out laying face down.)

Troy- James! (he turns to the Jawran warriors) Get me a fly pod pilot.

Jawran solider- Sir !

Ivory- What are you doing?

Troy- I’m sending him back

Ivory- Why?

Troy- He loved Danielle I’m afraid her death may bring to stir hatred within the ship.

Ivory- Well don’t you think he has a reason look at this. His girl is dead.

Troy- I won’t let him jeopardize this mission of peace.

Ivory- PEACE! There are Damon’s on Jawran this might be an invasion.

Troy- It’s possible they hadn’t received the news of the cease fire yet.

Ivory- Or it’s possible they are trying to shove there foot in our ass while we are not look-in.

Troy- Ivory if that’s your attitude I might have to send you back too.

Ivory- Fine I will be the one to fly your traumatized brother back to Jawran then.

( Ivory storms away. A Jawran pilot runs up to Troy stands and salutes.)

Jawran Pilot- sir!

Troy- Never mind on the ship.

(Back on the ship)

Troy- Captain Mendo this is your lead tech Commander Murphy.

Captain Mendo- yes sir umm where your brother his girl and the cowboy.

(Troy exits)

Murphy- umm I will explain everything that happen to you.

( Cuts to the ship approaching Damon. Captain Mendo sits in a chair over looking her pilots and techs as she gives orders. She looks through the ships massive front windshield and spots Vevon. )

Captain Mendo- Vevon spotted, Murphy

Murphy- Yes captain

Mendo- Watch over the Pilot’s deck while I inform the commander.

Murphy- Yes Captain

( Captain Mendo leaves the Pilots deck and enters the barracks and knocks on Troy’s door)

Captain Mendo- Commander! (Troy answers the door in just his boxers)

Troy- Yes Captain!

(Captain Mendo is shocked only seeing Troy in formal or combat gear. Now his very chiseled body is in front of her and she fights not to look at his stomach.)

Captain Mendo- Oh… umm… we are almost at the Damon ship Vevon sir.

Troy- Ok will be at the Deck in a minute.

Captain Mendo- Yes Commander.

(Back at the Pilots deck Troy enters in his Commander Uniform I very sharp white and green suit. He walks down pass the captain and sits next to Sergeant Murphy! )

Murphy- The Captain was blushing like a school girl when she came in her a couple seconds ago what did you do?

Troy- I did that thing where I answer the door with no shirt on.

Murphy- Oh… you know she hates it when you do that.

Troy- I know that’s why I do it. (chuckles) Ivory taught me that.

Murphy- Oh ya the cowboy how come he ain’t make it?

(The question is a mood killer)

Troy- Don’t worry about it

Murphy- I’m sorry Commander.

Captain Mendo- Set up transmission. (Murphy begins to work his computer) Vevon this is the Jawran ship Flank do you read. (No answer) I repeat Vevon this the Jawran ship Flank do you read. Murphy what’s the issue?

Murphy- I don’t know Captain it’s like there not even trying to receive out transmission.

( Then out of the front windshield the Vevon Cannons light up and fired. The Charge Cannons from Vevon struck such a massive blow that the whole Jawran ship rumbled.)

Captain Mendo- Raise the shields!

Murphy- Yes Captain but we have already taken a massive amount of damage we need to retreat now.

Captain Mendo- Pilots get this ship out of Damon Regions space.

Troy- No we can’t leave now

Captain Mendo- We are not going to fight this thing we don’t have nearly the fire power it does

Troy- We can’t give up on the mission of Peace!

Captain Mendo- There is no mission of Peace Commander! (Commander Troy gets out of his seat) Where are you going?

Troy- There Cannons just fired which means it will take about fifteen minutes for them to charge again. I’m going to grab a fly pod and see if I can board the ship and see what’s going on.

Captain Mendo- Are you crazy? Damn it get a fly pod group to fly out with the commander.

( Troy and a group of fly pods take off and make it to Vevon. They enter Vevon’s dock which is vacant. They all exit their fly pods.)

Jawran Light Infantry 1- A ship dock empty I don’t like.

( The walk towards the doors and begin to hear soft roars in the darkness. The open the doors and enter the hallways to the ship. A Jawran Twin blade reads the map on the wall.)

Jawran Twin Blade1- Throne room this way sir

(Troy nodded and they headed that way down the hallways when out of the blind side of the hallways out came Damons. One came out from behind a blind corner and stabbed a Jawran solider in the chest. They attacked they Jawran’s fierce and quick slashing and pouncing on them. Using there swords and claws to strike down the Jawrans. Troy drew his twin blade and begun to aid his fellow Jawran’s. He caught a Damon blade with the left side of his sword and then threw and elbow causing the Damon to stumble back and Troy finished with a stab. The he parried another Damon attack with the right side of his sword and counter with his left blade in a quick horizontal slash. He twirled his sword then struck down another Damon. Duck and a swing from another Damon gave a raise upper cut to his jaw and knocked him out.)

Troy- Come on

(The squad kept on pushing until they got to the throne room hall. A gigantic room lined in red drapes with twin stair ways leading up to the throne room on both sides. The room was still covered in shadows and out of the shadows came three full blooded cat beast Demons. One pounced onto a Jawran and once onto of him begun to rip at him with his claws. The other gave a strong back hand sending a Jawran flying. The third charged Troy with a with a fancy gleaming saber sword. The first cat beast was stabbed in the back while it was onto of the other Jawran. The second cat beast use its claws with a quick vertical swipe to kill one Jawran and with another swipe of the other arm he killed a second Jawran. Then with a leaping scream the Jawran who kill the first cat beast stabs this one in the chest. With the blade still in it’s chest the Cat beast grabs the Jawran by the neck and then snaps the Jawran soldiers neck. Everyone was dead it was just the cat beast with the fancy sword and Troy. They circled then the cat beast gave a hard downward swing. Troy tried to block it but the impact was so strong it knocked him down. Then the cat beast begin to swing his sword at him while Troy was on his back. He laid on his back blocking the strike but the cat beast swung again and again and all Troy could do was defend him self. Then he rolled under the beast legs and stood up.)

Troy- Look I don’t want to hurt you.

(The cat beast roared as he swung his sword so Troy parried the blade with his left blade and went for his counter with the right but the cat beast went for a blocked that with his long sharp claws. The cat beast gave a swift forward front kick knocking Troy back to a wall. The beast charged in for the kill with it’s sword raised and Troy cornered went for a stab underneath the armpit of the beast. That’s when his blade drove deep into the beast body and fell to his knees. The cat beast looked up at Troy)

Damon King- I have forsaken my people.

(That’s when Troy noticed the ring on his hand)

Troy- Oh my you’re the king.

Damon King- Yes and you have slain me. I should have known not to charge a twin blade.

(Troy kneels with the king)

Troy- This wasn’t suppose to be like this. This was suppose to be a mission of peace.

Damon King- What?

Troy- You didn’t get the notice they sent the ship Flank to offer you peace.

Damon King- We got a notice from your King. It said it sent the ship Flank to destroy us once and for all. That it was the one ship that would defeat the Vevon.

Troy- You thought we where coming to fight you.

Damon King- We where told you where coming to fight us.

Troy- That no good bastard sent us here to die it was a trick.

Damon King- Well my boy it all makes since now and before I die I have one request.

Troy- Your not going to die I’m…

Damon King- Pleeeeease don’t hurt my family.

(The might Damon King fell to Troy’s feet dead)

Princess Rio- FATHER!

(Her long black hair tan skin and dark eyes. She was a Damon at the result of a mixed breading between a cat beast and a human. Her skinned tanned from living on the desert. Here hair waving like the cat beast mane She looked so human besides the claws tail and fangs . That’s when her mother came out. This shocked Troy even more she almost looked perfectly human. She didn’t even have a tail. She also had long black hair and slight fangs but other then that she was human. But Troy didn’t have long to look as the Damon princess was very upset.)

Princess Rio- You bastard (drawing her saber) I Will kill you.

Damon Queen- Rio no!

(Rio charged Troy and swung hard but Troy side stepped and the blade struck the ground. She picked it back up and swung for Troy’s head but Troy caught her arm. She had begun to struggle and push to get loose. Natural being a Damon she was strong then him and was scared she we get loose and he would have to kill her. He remembered the Damon’s kings dieing words. To not harm his family so instead of killing her. He struck her hard in the back of the elbowing braking her arm. Rio dropped and blade and gave out a scream of pain as she held her broken arm.)

Damon Queen- Gee did you have to do that.

Troy- I didn’t want to kill her.

Damon Queen- O like you don’t have a problem with killing.

Troy- I didn’t want to he cornered me.

Damon Queen- Why didn’t you brake his arm then.

Troy- I…

( Damon Troops stormed into the room and Troy quickly grabbed the queen and the princess and with his twin blade put the blades up to both of their necks.)

Troy- Back away or I will kill them both I just want to get to my ship.

(He walks back to his ship in the hanger with the blades still at the girls throats. He opens the hatch to the fly pod.)

Troy- Now I’m going to take these two.

(He then orders them both into the ship and gets in himself. The Damons try to charge but are to far away. The ships flies out of the hanger.)

(In the fly pod)

Troy- Man it’s cramped in here.

Rio- It’s a two seater fly pod you got three people in here do the math murderer.

Troy- Look I told you I was corned. (ear Piece rings he answers) Yes Captain Mendo.

Captain Mendo’s voice- Commander we started drifting back into deep space our radar is offline and our engines are broken.

Troy- You got to be kidding me your…

Captain Mendo‘s voice- Yes Commander we are lost at space.

Troy- I will come search for you.

Captain Mendo’s voice- don’t be silly you don’t have the fuel for that but you may have enough to get back to Jawran you can call a search squad out to look for us.

Troy- Can you all make it that long

Captain Mendo’s voice given the amount of casualties suffered in the attack our supplies will last us years on this ship lets hope it don’t take you that long though.

Troy- Ok I will set a course for Jawran but I’m coming back for you all captain

Captain Mendo’s voice- See you then Commander.

(Troy turned his mike off and slammed his fist)

Troy- I can’t believe I let King Jeremy trick me like this. So many people killed. This was suppose to be a mission of peace.

Queen Oken- Excuse me. Peace?

Troy- It’s a three day drive to Jawran I will explain it all to you.

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