Eden's Heros 4 ( The Death of...)

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It's a three day trip back to Jawran... hope nobody dies.

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



Day 1

(Aken Jawran is sitting at a desk brushing her hair. When the door suddenly swings open and in crashes James huffing and puffing)

James- King Jawran something bad has happened. (He sees Aken and suddenly straightens up.) Oh I’m so sorry Princess Aken (He bows by placing his right arm across his stomach and leaning forward).

Aken Jawran- It’s quite alright umm… what is you rank?

James- Heavy Infantry 1st Knight Sergeant Earth region U.S.A.

Aken Jawran- (giggles) Now, now Knight there is no need to give me the full bio. I just asked you rank.

James- (still bent forward) I’m sorry my Princess.

Aken Jawran- It’s quite all right and stand up straight.

James- (standing up straight) Yes!

Aken Jawran- Heavy Infantry huh you’re the gentlemen who carry the rather large two handed swords. Very Strong you all are.

James- Umm… thank you Princess but I must speak to your father it has to do with the peace treaty mission it’s gone all wrong.

Aken Jawran- What!

James- Yes now where is the King!

Aken Jawran- Well…

King Jawran- What are you doing in my room!

(They both turn to see King Jawran with a stone angry look on his face)

King Jawran- Guards!

James- My King No! I have a very important message about the mission.

(Two Jawran Guards rush into the room)

King Jawran- Arrest this man. (The guards grab him) You fool you shouldn’t have came back now you know to much!

James- What are you talking about?

King Jawran- Don’t play stupid with me take him away.

(Ivory now crashes through the door. Out of breath he stands and salutes)

Ivory- My king we where attacked at Lattoon by Damon infantry.

(King Jawran turns to Ivory)

King Jawran- Vevon was at Lattoon?

Ivory- What? No we where attacked by a small squad of Damons

King Jawran- Oh, OH! Why of course that’s why and they killed everyone but you two?

Ivory- No sir. I was so disgusted with those beast I no longer wished to continue with the mission. So Commander Troy sent me back with Sergeant James here but they continued on the mission.

(King Jawran turns to James who is being held by the guards)

King Jawran- Release him! Sergeant tell me everything that happened.

(cuts to Ivory at the Jawran Castle Bar. He sat at a stool leaned over the counter of the bar. Lei enters in a door behind him and walks up behind Ivory.)

Lei- I guess this is where all the war torn soldiers go after battle.

(Ivory doesn’t even turn around)

Ivory- Ya and we really could have used a CC man out there.

Lei- Don’t blame me for this I told you it was a bad idea.

(Ivory turns around and points his finger in Leis chest)

Ivory- You told me King Jawran wasn’t to be trusted. Well you know who can’t be trusted? Those DAMN DAMONS! (Ivory’s screams catches everyone in the bars attention and everyone goes silent)

Lei- (whispers) calm down. What happen Ivory? Where there casualties?

Ivory- Yes and one of them was James’ girl… Danielle.

( Back in a office King Jawran sat behind a desk listening to James who was standing in front of him. Standing in the corner of the room was Aken Jawran.)

King Jawran- So that’s when the energy came from you body.

James- Yes my king

King Jawran- (sigh) This is the second time this has happen, the first of course being with your brother.

James- yes my king

King Jawran- My boy there is something you should know about the energy in you body. As you know a long time ago the tree of Eden appeared on Earth. The tree excreted this energy from itself and infected every human on earth hence our strength. Well sometimes humans can excrete the energy like the tree. Yet in a much more different way, to kill. Do you no how I killed the Demon king all those years ago sergeant?

James- you cut him down with your sword.

King Jawran- No my boy (King Jawran sticks his hand out with his palm up and a ball of energy forms) I used the energy.

Aken Jawran- Father I don’t think…

King Jawran- Quiet Aken! (closes his hand energy disappears)

James- Oh my you can control it. Like a…

King Jawran- Yes like a God. We all have the energy in us but only few every excrete it and even fewer can control it. Isn’t that right dear. (looking at Aken)

(Aken sticks her two hands out with her palms up and a ball of energy appears in her hands.)

King Jawran- I taught it to my daughter, I taught it to my son and now I think I should teach it to you. On one condition.

James-What is it

King Jawran- Fight next to me, be my personal Knight lead the Jawran army to kill every last one of those Damon bastards. I know the sadness you feel my boy. The pain you feel haven lost your love Danielle. I loved my son and he was taken from me by those beast. Nobody else has to loose loved ones my boy join me and we can make sure of it. Join me!

(James stands up and looks King Jawran right in the eye)

James- Yes, I will join you.

(That night) (In King Jawran’s bedroom King Jawran sits at the foot of the bed. Lisa enters)

Lisa- What the hell is going on Jeremy. I seen all over the news that those James and Ivory kids made it back alive.

King Jawran- Relax Lisa your idea worked even better then I had hoped. They where attacked still on Jawran at Lattoon. Foolishly Troy pressed on to Vevon. They are dead all of them.

Lisa- but what about Troy and Ivory.

King Jawran- Disgusted! because they have felt the where back stabbed by the Damons on a mission for peace and the James boy is on out side now.

Lisa- What about Ivory?

King Jawran-I will work on him tomorrow.

Lisa- This is all to risky I don’t like it. Damn it maybe we should have just killed them ourselves

King Jawran- Now calm down Lisa. Your planned worked out even more perfect then I could have expected you are a very intelligent woman.

Lisa- Thank you my king but you now I’m not all brains. I can be quite the naughty girls at times.

King Jawran- Umm excuse me.

(Lisa crawls onto his bed on all fours )

Lisa-I’m not young my king but I can still get the job down. In many ways. There are some other ideas I had for our government ( Lisa drapes herself across from him) Do you want to hear them?

(in James room he stand with Aken Jawran)

Aken Jawran- Well here’s your new room. (James bows again) Please James don’t do that anymore. Now you’re my dads knight I’m going to be seeing you a lot so lets be on a first name basis. (She sticks her hand out) My name is Aken.

(James softly grabs her hand and kiss it softly)

James- Nice to meet you princess Aken.

( Aken’s face turns red as she blushes)

Aken- O well very charming James

Day 2

(It’s morning and smiling Aken walks up to her fathers door she’s about to knock but the door opens and she sees Lisa.)

Lisa- Oh well hello my dear

Aken Jawran- Why are you in my fathers room?

Lisa- I umm spent the night with your father.

Aken Jawran- Stay away from my dad ok I don’t like you, You old hag.

Lisa- Old I may be, A hag I am not ok and I don’t know what your so mad about am I not aloud sleep with someone I have feelings for.

Aken Jawran- You slut! You don’t care about my father your just out to use him. I have seen how you treat your men.

Lisa- I’m a slut! Didn’t you show that James boy his new room last night.

Aken Jawran- yes but I didn’t sleep with him.

Lisa- O right your going to wait till he gets over his dead girlfriend before you try that. (Aken doesn’t answer) Aww I knew you liked him. (chuckles) and I like your father and yes our relationship may sway him to go my ways on some things but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about him.

(Pats Aken on the top of the head. Aken Snatches Lisa’s hand and grabs her wrist.)

Aken Jawran- Hurt my father and I will kill you. (lets go and walks away)

(Lisa shakes her wrist)

Lisa- Daddy’s little girl I see (pause) Bitch.

(At Lei’s house Lei and Ivory sitting and our watching Tv when they here a knock)

Lei- Hey man can you get that

Ivory- Naw lone ranger you gonna have to get that yourself

Lei- Why can’t you get the door man

Ivory- Cause I’m the guest.

Lei- Aww whatever.

(Lei goes to the door and opens it King Jawran stands on the other side with James)

Lei- Um King Jeremy.

King Jawran- (entering) I wish to speak to Ivory. (Ivory stands up) Aww Ivory my boy. I am so sorry about the pain you have felt and for that I wish for you to fight along side as my…

Ivory- shut up! I’m not going to join you.

King Jawran- My boy you where betrayed by the Damons.

Ivory- The Damons are assholes but so are you.

King Jawran- I’m sorry you feel that way, James!

(James Draws his sword holds it with two hands out in front of him.)

Lei- James what are you doing?

James- You should have taken the deal guys.

(Lei reaches for his cannon but with the flat broad part of his sword James knocks him away with a side swing. The Ivory leaps over the couch with his bayoneted C.R. to stab James, but then James extends his right arm and blast Ivory with a ball of Energy knocking him back.)

King Jeremy- One day of training and you have already gotten so good at it my boy.

(He stands over Lei and Ivory’s bodies)

Ivory- You can’t kill me you made me a hero. People will ask questions if I end up missing.

King Jeremy- Oh I’m not going to kill you I’m not a killer. I’m going to put you on guard duty in the deepest, darkest, coldest dungeon in Jawran Castle and you will work there 24/7 until you decided to join me. Oh and if you try to help any of the cell mates escape you will become one of them. James take them away.






Day 3

(Ivory and Lei are in a dark and gloomy dungeon. The walls creeks there is little light and the cells are small. Ivory has his C.R. strapped to his back and Lei has his C.C. strapped to his. They are both escorted down by two Jawran guards and James. Before James is about to leave Lei turns to him and says)

Lei- James how could you work for that guy.

James- He’s not perfect but he is our King. We have seen that he is right about the animal like ways of the Damons. They must be destroyed for us to survive.

Lei- Listen to yourself James your talking about genocide here man.

James- You weren’t there when it happen Lei you stayed behind. Maybe if you was there.

Lei- What Danielle would be alive. You think this is what she really wants to see you betray your friends.

James- I’m not betraying you two. It was me who suggested you just be guards in the prison instead of inmates. He wanted to lock you away for ever his given you a chance you both don’t have to spend one night in here take the offer guys.

Ivory- Naw buddy can’t do James. Maybe your happy with being King Jawran’s lap dog but we ain’t.

James- (sighs) Well enjoy the prison guys your going to be here on guard duty for the rest of your lives.

( At a press conference King Jawran is getting interviewed on the mission of Peace. He stands behind a podium. Behind him stood James on his right and Lisa on his left. The whole view is through the camera of the reporters Camera guy.)

King Jawran- I was deeply sadden by the events at Lattoon. I wanted to make peace with Damon but as I previously said Damons don’t understand peace. All they understand is war killing and violence. They know no restraint and they live to destroy. They are only half Demon yes but I am starting to believe that their half Demon blood has consumed them and they no long think like humans. To all my critics I say this. If the Demons are so peaceful then why did they attack a defenseless ship on a mission of Peace. They must be destroyed.

Reporter- Where there any survivors from the peace mission

King Jawran- just my newly appointed Knight here James.

Reporter- What about the sniper.

King Jawran- Oh why yes him and his friend offered to work guard duty at the castle dungeon.

Reporter- So there was no way anyone else could have survived.

King Jawran- Well even after the attack at Lattoon. The others tried to press on to Vevon and there ship was shot down. I am absolutely sure that nobody could have survived such an attack.

( A crash is heard in the distance and the impact was so great it shock the ground. That’s when you see the reporter turns and looks in his camera guys camera.)

Reporter- Something has just happen here at the interview site. A shocking noise was heard. Come on!

( the camera guy waves his camera guy towards him. As the both run out of the interview building and see a crowd of people staring at a fly pod crashed into a ground)

Man- Whets going on

Women- It looks like a fly pod

(the reporter is pushing people out of the way)

Reporter- Move, move let me though (the fly pod hatch opens and there they see Troy standing over Queen Oken and the Princess Rio Oken) Sweet Jawran are you getting this. Ladies and gentlemen it appears Troy is alive and not only that but has captured the Queen of Damon and the princess.

( A group of Jawran soldiers rush up around the fly pod blocking the cameras view. King Jawran comes out of the building barking orders to his men.)

King Jawran- Get those cameras out of here and get those three inside.

(Inside Jawran castle Troy, Queen Oken and Princess Rio Oken where escorted in by the Jawran soldiers. In follow Lisa King Jawran and James)

James- Release my brother.

(The guard let Troy go but shove the queen and Rio down to the ground the draw there swords and hold to hold them both down.)

Troy- Be careful the one has a broken arm.

James- Orders sir

King Jawran- Tell the soldiers to kill them both.

Troy- You can’t kill a prisoner of war with out grant from the J.E.S.G. and you know it Jawran.

(The soldiers stand with there swords out at the two Damon women confused on what to do.)

King Jawran- (screaming) Kill them!

Troy- Don’t Do it!

(The soldiers still stand confused)

King Jawran- Don’t listen to him I am your King! I said kill them both or I will have you dishonorably discharged from the Jawran military and sent to prison for treason.

Troy- You kill them Jawran and you will be charged with war crimes and so will these soldiers. The J.E.S.G. will have your crown and all these soldiers will be put to death because the penalty for war crimes is death.

(the soldiers stand down)

King Jawran- Dammit!… James put him with Ivory and Lei.

Troy- What!

(James grabs Troy and from behind and cuffs him then kicks him in the back of the legs to bring him to his knees.)

James- I’m sorry bout this brother, but your about to go on guard duty.

( In the dungeon Ivory is sitting with his seat lean back and Lei is walking up and down the cell block when the doors swing open. In walk Queen Oken and Princess Rio Oken cuffed along with Troy. Troy is uncuffed and the two Damon women are put in a cell.)

Ivory- Troy buddy is that you.

Troy- What’s going on here.

Lei- Your brother betrayed us and got us thrown in jail

Troy- James is that true.

James- They are not prisoners they are prison guards.

Lei- Oh please we are stuck in here and we can’t leave. We aren’t guard we are prisoners man!

James- brother King Jawran is going to come down here and offer you a deal.

Troy- Tell him don’t even waste his energy I ain’t doing anything for him.

James- BROTHER USE YOUR DAMN HEAD! You survied the attack you brang back the enemie’s leaders you will be a hero.

Troy- James he’s using you! Why are you doing this.

(The door opens behind James and Princess Aken sticks her head around the door.)

Aken- James my father wants to see you.

(James turns to her)

James- Umm ok I’m coming. (James turns back to Troy) Please bro take the deal. (He turns and leaves)

Troy- James you fool

Ivory- Why do you think the princess always comes and gets him when he’s down here. (Lei and Troy look at Ivory) What! Trust me I know when a girl is interested in a guy and Princess Jawran is without a doubt into yo brother.

(James with Aken enters King Jawran’s office as he is writing up a paper.)

James- Yes my king?

King Jawran- I need you to take my proposal over to the J.E.S.G. to have the two Damons excuted.

(Lisa enters)

James- My king maybe that isn’t wise. We could sue for peace. In exchange for the queen and princess the Damons will hand over the rest of the planet, no more soilders have to die.

King Jawran- it can’t be done we must continue to wipe out the rest of these fools.

James- but sir…

Lisa- You take orders boy now do as your told.

Aken- Lisa!

Lisa- What little girl you going to defend your hansome knight.

King Jawran- Excuse me! Aken what is she talking about.

Aken- Nothing father.

King Jawran- James here ( sticks his hand out with the proposal in it.) Take this to the J.E.S.G. (James grabs the paper and exits) And my daughter I love you. You know that right?

Aken- Yes Father

King Jawran- So I can’t have to getting frisky with my 1st Knight.

Lisa- I think it’s to late to say that.

Aken- I have done know such thing!

King Jawran- Good keep it that way.

(Showing the J.E.S.G. arguing over what to do with the Damon Queen and Princess)

Narrator- There was members who was furious about the attack at Latton and the shot down ship Flank.

The J.E.S.G. debates got heated but the 9 members came to a reasonable voting solution.

(Back in the Cell James comes in)

Troy- How’s Aken brother?

James- (confused) She’s well. Have you reconsidered brother?

Troy- James King Jawran sent us there to die not to bring peace. The Damon King and Queen told me themselves.

James- And you would trust them over your own King.

Troy- No brother.

James- WHAT PROOF DO THEY HAVE TROY! You never thought they where lying to you and where is the King.

Troy- huh

James- The King you said you spoke to him.

Troy- I umm… killed him

James- and you expect me to believe you killed her husband and her father and they told you the truth.

(Door opens Aken enters)

Aken- Umm James

Ivory- Oh look who it is.

James- I’m coming.

Troy- James the Damon Princess has a broken arm can we get a calcium shot.

James- (sigh) Aken can you get one of the medics to give the Damon girl a calcium shot.

Aken- Yes

(they both exit) (Troy turns to the cell to the two Damons)

Troy- You didn’t lie to me did you?

Queen Oken- No young one I promise you. I didn’t

Ivory- You are pretty kind to a man who killed your husband.

Queen Oken- At fisrt I was very upset and hurt but after being around him I sinced many things in his heart.

Lei- Like what ?

Queen Oken- Kindness, honor, strength, confusin, stress, torment,

Troy- How do you since this in me?

Rio Oken- You Jawrans are so stupid. You use your energy to make you stronger. We use our energy to communicate. Your body gives off vibes we use Eden’s Energy to since that.

Lei- Wow that’s amazing!

Troy- Teach me

Rio - Huh

Troy- Teach me I want to read peoples emotions.

Rio- Why should we teach you anything. You’re killed my father.

Queen Oken- He didn’t want to do it and feels great grief for it and I know you feel that from him Rio.

Rio- I don’t care he’s still a killer no matter the motive

Queen Oken- I will teach you young one.

Ivory- Hey Damon chick if you can read emotions how does that Princess Aken feel about Troy’s brother.

(it goes quiet for a bit)

Queen Oken- She has very strong energy for him. Her energy comes of bright red which means she is feeling love.

Troy- So you can see energy fume from peoples body.

Queen Oken -That is correct young one it fumes from the body in many different colors. What ever emotion is strongest at that time that’s the color that will be seen.

(door opens a medic enters with a large plate on it was three large bars of food and a needled syringe)

Troy- Oh medic this girl needs a calcium shot her arm is broken.

Medic- I was told to come here with three bars of food and a calcium shot. I’m not risking my life in a cage with one of those beast. If you want to fix her arm you give her the shot yourself.

Troy- I don’t know how to give a calcium shot.

Medic- You stick it in her arm and press down on the syringe. It’s not that hard

Ivory- (sarcastically) All those years of medical school really payed off huh?

(Medic grunts then places the plate on the floor and exited)

Ivory- I don’t need to see his energy to know he is very angry.

Lei- I have a question Queen Oken. If love is red what is hate?

Queen Oken- Pink!

(They all laugh but Rio)

Rio- What are we all friends now

Queen Oken- Rio don’t act out

Rio- Don’t defend them. They killed our people, my father your husband.

(Troy walks over with the calcium shot and opens the cell door)

Rio- What are you doing get out of here.

(Troy enters)

Troy- Your arm is broken a boost of calcium will heal it. It will feel as good as new.

(Troy goes to inject her but she pushes him away with her unbroken arm.)

Troy- Please I feel really bad for breaking your arm.

(He goes with the shot again she pushes him away again he tries once again and she slaps him across the face and her Demon finger nails scratch his face.)

Queen Oken- RIO! He is trying to help you.

Rio- Fine

(She lets Troy have her broken arm. He Injects it into her and it almost instantly forms back together.)

Troy- Feel better

Rio- I guess

Queen Oken- That’s amazing it looks like nothing ever happened at all.

Troy- Ya sounds like theres much we can teach each other.

Ivory- Woah Troy I don’t mind you healing her but don’t be giving her our technology.

Lei- She going to teach him their energy reading thing I think it’s a fair trade. Acually I want to learn to don’t you Ivory.

Ivory- Sorry I don’t want no part of their Demon magic.

Lei- it’s not magic its just learning how to control your energy.

(James is in his room sitting on his bed with his head hung low with a piece of paper in his hand. Aken enters the room)

Aken Jawran- You look upset James what is it.

(James looks up with a face showing stress and dissapointment)

James- I just got the results from the J.E.S.G.

Aken Jawran- Wow that was quick. What happen

James- They compromised on the excutions. They decided to not execute thw Princess Rio Damon, but they will kill her mother the Queen.

Aken Jawran- So whats the problem?

James- it’s something my brother said to me. He said your father sent us to die. That there wasn’t really a mission of peace. Do you know anything about this?

(Aken sits next to him and lays a hand on James’ shoulder)

Aken Jawran- My father is a good man people question his ethics but one thing I am certain about is he would never hurt any Jawran citizens.

James- Ya your right but why would my brother side with Damons it just doesn’t make since. I can’t help but think I’m not being told something. (He looks and notices Aken’s hand is still on him) Umm. You can take you hand off me now.

Aken Jawran- Oh (takes hand off his shoulder) I’m so sorry.

James- It’s fine just don’t let Lisa walk in here she thinks you have a huge crush on me.

Aken Jawran- I know that’s just silly.

(They both laugh lightly but then look into each other eyes that’s when they both lean in to kiss. As soon as theres lips connect the door swings open)

Lisa- Oh my guess I should have knocked first. James the King wants those results.

James- Yes Mam (he gets up and leaves)

Lisa- (chuckles) Well… will you look at that. Daddy will be upset with you I swear he told you to not get romantic with his 1st Kinght. (waiting for response) Oh no threats today I see Miss Princess.

Aken Jawran- What is my father hiding from him.

Lisa- Excuse me

Aken Jawran- I told him that it all was okay but I know somethings up and I know daddy told you.

Lisa- Told me, HA I gave him the idea.

Aken Jawran- What! that’s who my father is how could he do such a thing. You, you out him up to this you bitch.

Lisa- Relax princess it worked out find and support for the war effort is higher then ever.

Aken Jawran- Innocent men and women lost there lives.

Lisa- And you should thank me for that or else your dream man would still be with that other girl.

Aken Jawran- What am I suppose to tell James

Lisa- See princess that’s where I’m going to have to stop you. Your not going to tell him a damn thing cause you know if he found out the truth he will be doing cell duty with his brother and that mean no more hunk of knight for you. Also I want you to be nice to me around here treat me like your mother.

Aken Jawran- Never (stands aggressively towards her)

Lisa- Ok well then I will just have to tell you father bout what I saw here. (Aken stands down) Aww good girl that’s what I like to see.

(Back in the cell)

Troy- What! your going to let them do that?

James- Brother I have already dropped the papers off to King Jawran she will be executed tomorrow.

Troy- What happen to sueing for peace

James- I guess there going to do that with the princess.

Troy- James don’t let them do this.

James- I’m sorry brother (exits)

Queen Oken- O well I had a good run

Troy- We are breaking her out

Ivory- What are you crazy you know ther rules if we help cell mates we become cell mates.

Troy- Ivory we use to live in this castle who know this place better then us we can do it. That secret passage is only a couple rooms down from here if we make it we can get them to the docking port and take off before King Jawran knows what hits him.

Ivory- And where the hell do we go Troy not like we can go to Damon we might not get accepted there since we are famous Jawran soilders.

Rio- Earth

Ivory- What?

Rio- You can go to Earth that’s where all the Damon’s go fleeing the drapht. Why not flee there as well.

Ivory- Earth is a shit hole that’s why humans left there in the first place.

Lei- Well acaully a lot of humans do still live on Earth.

(everyone looks at each other)

Ivory- You all are serouis. You crazy bastards seriously want to do this.

Troy- Are you in buddy

Ivory- Shit I ain’t liven down here by myself and if yall get away with it I’m really going to feel like a jackass.

Lei- I do it on one condition.

Troy- and what is that?

Lei- We take Jawran castle down with us.

Troy- What!

Lei- Well King Jawran’s Private quarters its directly above the port you fire a C.C. directly up not only will it cave the port in and give us time to escape but it destroys King Jawran’s personal pleasure sweat.

Rio- I like that idea

Lei- See the princess is with me.

Troy- Fine

Ivory- Umm okay this is all good and well but tell me how you plan to get them out here and down the hallways.

Troy- The locker room has extra Jawran guard outfits if the put them on nobody well ever know.

Ivory- What about there tails people might notice something curled up in the back of there pants.

Troy- Well lets hope they don’t come.

Ivory- okay there hair is very long.

Troy- I got a sword we can cut it.

Rio- Oh no! I have been growing my hair out my whole life.

Troy- It will grow back but right now we need to get out of here.

(She holds her hair out which runs down her back)

Rio- Hurry and cut it before I change my mind

(Cuts to a couple mins later they all step out of the room in Jawran guard uniforms complete with helms)

Rio- My tail feels weird in this thing its poken me in the ass.

Ivory- That’s what she said

(They all laugh and continue towards two guard)

Jawran Guard1- Hey we where told you all weren’t aloud out.

(Troy takes off his helm)

Troy- Do you know who I am?

Jawran Guard2- Why of course Your Commander Troy slayer of a thousand Damons

(Rio gumbles in the back and her mother elbows her)

Troy- right now tell your friend he better let me through before I get King Jawran to put him on cell duty.

Jawran Guard1- but we was told hes the one who didn’t want you out.

Troy- What! Why would king Jawran do that to me guys like a father to me must have been some bad intel. Come on dude talk some since into your friend.

Jawran Guard2- That’s got to be it dude Troy is a legend man.

Jawran Guard1- Fine

(They open the door and they all exit that’s when the second guard looks at Rio)

Jawran Guard2- Hey check out the female soldier’s ass is huge, real nice.

Jawran Guard1- Wait something ain’t right about that ass (notices the curves of her tail in her pants) shes got a tail!

Troy- Run!

(They take off down the hall until they reach a pillar. Troy pulls the pillar aside revealing the secret passage. They all enter and close the pillar behind them. The two guards run up to the pillar.)

Jawran Guard2- How they do that.

Jawran Guard1- Oh heys a legend good job dips hit

Jawran Guard2- Well he is a legend

Jawran Guard1- Well you should have got his autograph before he screwed us.

(They all run through the passage way till they reach a door as soon as they open it the alarm goes off. They run to a medium size ship bout the size of a school bus. It’s a larger fly pod which is red with two large engines on the side.)

Ivory- That’s my fly pod.

Troy- What?

Ivory- Those bastards impounded my fly pod.

Lei- Aren’t you glad we escaped now come on lets get in there.

(They all run over to it then Lei stops as he spots a C.C.)

Troy- Lei maybe we should give up on that plan

Lei- No I’m going to get that bastard

(He grabs the cam and points it straight up to the ceiling. Just then a crowd of Jawran soldiers enter the docking both)

Troy- WAIT! Let me do it you get on the fly pod

Lei- Ok

Troy- This is for sending me on a mission that got me shot down at Damon you asshole.

(Troy fires the charge Cannon and it fired a huge beam of energy into the ceiling as it crumbled down blocking the Jawran soilders path.)

(in the ship. Ivory is in the back trying to start the engine. Lei is at the controls)

Ivory- What’s it say now?

Lei- It’s asking me for a code what’s the code?

Ivory- Umm… You know what just let me finish this and I will come type it in.

Lei- We don’t have time for that Ivory just tell me.

Ivory- (sigh) It’s Hailey (Lei starts laughing) Shut up Lei! I really liked her.

(Rio looks out the window)

Rio- Umm guys I think your friends in trouble.

(cuts to outside with Troy as a man walks up behind him he is tan with a faint beard and short black hair. The man holds his sword to the back of head)

Strike- Troy I was hired by King Jawran’s girl to kill you. I wasn’t going to do it till after the execution but now you just speed up the process.

Troy- Don’t do this man.

Strike- I’m sorry my friend, you are a hero to me and I praise you for what you have done for this planet.

( With one slice he cuts Troy down from the back. Troy falls to his knees and arches his back. Every thing gets blurry. He can her his heart beat slowing down. Then his vision goes black. Then he wakes up and everything is white then he sees a tree.)

Troy- Is that…

Flank- yes Troy it’s the tree of Eden.

(Troy turns to see Flank, Danielle and a blonde women with her hair in her bond and glasses)

Danielle- Hey Troy!

Troy- Hey umm I know who you and Flank are but who is she

Teacher- Hello Troy you can call me teacher.

Troy- Oh umm hey what are you?

Teacher- I’m an angel trying to earn her wings. Troy your time hasn’t come.

Troy- What do you mean I’m dead ain’t I that’s why I’m here.

Teacher- No you are hear because I am suppose to teach you something special so that you can end the war between the Damons and Jawran.

Troy- What?

Teacher- Troy it is your destiny to do this now I can’t tell you to much but I can tell you these three things. You will meet and loose many good friends, you need to seek a blonde boy who will help you on your quest, and you might also die.

Troy- Wait What!

Teacher- Ya and this time for real. Well get up I’m going to train you.

Troy- What you mean I might die

Teacher- well I can’t look to far into the future I was just told you’re the guy who saves the univeres I was never told if you lived through it.

Troy- So your sending me back on Earth to die again.

Teacher- Not till you are properly trained now get up.

Troy- Why not just let me die now

Teacher- Cause if you don’t save the universe I don’t get my wings. Now enough questions I will train you here for five months but when you come back to life only one week will have passed. Then you can get to saving the world. Now get up!

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