Eden's Heros 5 The Start on Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aken gets pissed. Troy is Back! Ren finds his inner Demon.

The Aftermath

(Troy is still training with teacher in the after life. All his surroundings is still white and he is trying to push a six foot square boulder. As hard as he pushes the boulder goes know where. He lays his shoulder into it then drives and chops his feet but the boulder still doesn’t budge. He gets so he foolishly kicks the stone hurting his toe as he hops up and down holding his hurt foot Teacher says.)

Teacher- Use your energy.

Troy- Look! I can’t move it okay. I don’t know anyone who can this thing ways a ton.

(Teacher walks over to the boulder. Lightly places her hand upon it surface and closes her eyes. Streams of energy come out of her body and begin to swirl around her arm. That’s when she gently extended her arm and pushes the boulder with ease. Troy stands with his mouth open shocked.)

Troy- Are you kidding me!

Teacher- I just used my energy. Look close your eyes so you can focus. Feel it ok It’s in you just like it’s in everyone. Let is build up. Now once you got some energy bring it two your arms in your body.

(Streams of energy begins to flow from Troy’s body and begins to swirl around his arms then he tries again. He places both arms on the boulder’s surface and pushes as hard as he can. The boulders begins to budge a little so Troy pushes even harder and he pushes the boulder so hard it slides five feet in front of him.)

Troy- Hey! I did it. Look at that nice huh Teacher.

Teacher- calm down it was a small boulder.

(Troy then focus his energy on her he tilts his head to the side and stares at her. He then sees orange begin to fume from her body. Teacher then notices him looking at her and she snaps her fingers)

Teacher- What are you looking at.

Troy- (smiling) Your proud of me!

Teacher- huh

Troy- Your fuming orange that means your happy and the reason your happy is cause your proud of me. (giggles) I can read emotions something the Damon Queen taught me to do with my energy.

(Teacher grabs him by the ear and lifts him in the air)

Teacher- You are not to use your powers on me any more ok

(as he is being held in the air by the ear)

Troy- Okay Okay! (She sets him down) got a temper don’t you

Teacher- What was that!

Troy- Nothing, nothing

Teacher- Good now moving on (She snaps her fingers and an even larger boulder appear)

Troy- (Whining) Aww!


(cuts to Ivory flying his fly pod he sits at the controls and next to him is Lei. Behind them stands Queen Oken. Next to her looking out the side window is her daughter princess Rio Oken. The interior of the fly pod looks like a large red room. With two seat at the controls and in the back there are two small rooms the bathroom and the engine room.)

Ivory- Well I will set a course for Earth.

Queen Oken- I know you all have done so much for us but may I ask you for another favor?

Lei- what is it?

Queen Oken- Drop me off at my planet. Right now my son is in charge and he’s a good boy but he’s no King.

Lei- Well it’s up to Ivory. What do you say dude we are going to pass Damon on the way to Earth anyways.

Ivory- (sigh) Okay but I’m not landing on Damon. There’s an escape pod in the back you will take that.

Queen Oken- Thank you young one your so kind.


(Back on Jawran King Jawran and James in the castle. They hear the explosion and everything is shaking)

King Jawran- What is going on?

James- Sounds as if we are under attack.

King Jawran- Impossible no enemy solider has ever gotten within a mile of my castle.

James- Well something has happened.

( A wall crumbles and smoke fills the room. The castle final stops shaking a guard runs up to the King)

Guard- Sir it seems to be the work of a Chare Cannon

King Jawran- What C.C. did all this damage the only way that’s possible is if.

James- The shot came from inside the building.

King Jawran- Dammit! I better not hear they got away. James find them now!

(mean while Aken Jawran and Lisa have been escorted out of the building by Jawran guards)

Lisa- They escaped damn that man of yours. He wouldn’t let Jeremy just kill them.

Aken Jawran- He’s not a killer and neither is my father.

Lisa- Well look at what they have done.

( They both look onto the castle and only half of it stands the rest is reduces to dust and rubble.)

Aken Jawran- This never would have happen if you would have just stayed out of this.

Lisa- I’m the reason the J.E.S.G. didn’t put a stop to the war effort. You should be thanking me. All we had to do was kill those fools and none of this wouldn’t have happen.

Aken Jawran- I’m telling James what you did.

Lisa- Go ahead tell him. The only reason King Jawran is keeping him around is because he doesn’t know about what happen, and when he finds out King Jawran will have him killed. Right now your father is just using him as a symbol, to show how evil those Damons are. Because he thinks he was tricked by them. If he finds out that’s not true me might go run to the press and we can’t have that can we.

Aken Jawran- Your nothing but a cancer on this empire.

Lisa- What are you going to do Kill me your father is in love with me.

(Back on Ivory’s fly pod)

Ivory- Here we are, Damon

Rio Oken- It will be nice to get back on Damon again.

Queen Oken- Umm Rio… I want you to stay with these two and escape to Earth.

Rio Oken- What! Mother no I want to be with my people.

Queen Oken- Rio this war isn’t going to turn around. Damon will fall to the hands of King Jawran and they will kill us all. They don’t seek to just win the war they seek genocide. If you escape to Earth and live a life out there and start a family. Then King Jawran doesn’t succeed in his attempts to wipe us out. Every breath you take will keep the Damon spirit alive.

Rio Oken- Mother are you telling me to be a deserter.

Queen Oken- Our planet may fall but as long as you still live we will always have a chance to come back. I love you my daughter. Take care of her young ones.

Ivory- (sighs) we will.

(Queen Oken gets in the escape pods and it launches away from the ship and sails towards Damon. Rio sits back into a seat and begins to sob a little.)

Lei- You ok? (he steps towards her but she swings her clawed hand at him with a feline like hiss.)

Rio- Get Away from me you Jawran scum. Drop me off at Earth and then leave me alone forever. I never want to see a Jawran ever again.

Lei- You sure? I kinda think your mother wanted us to look after you.

Rio- I’m a grown ass women I can take care of myself

Ivory- Find by me lets ditch the bitch and go start over ourselves.

(Back on the Jawran) (Outside of the castle James is on one knee he picks up a piece of derby and sighs that’s when Aken walks up behind him)

Aken Jawran- hello James are you okay.

James- I can’t believe my brother has done this.

(Aken kneels down behind him and wraps her arms around him.)

Aken Jawran- It will be okay James

(that’s when a news crew comes behind them with cameras)

Reporter- Princess Aken how do you feel about this strange explosion.

(They both stand up)

Aken Jawran- No comment ( she exits left )

Reporter- How do you feel Sir Knight

James- umm it’s a tragedy and we will find out who did it.

Reporter- Any information on who it was

James- That’s a question that would probably be best fitted for the king

Reporter- Okay so…. Sir Knight what was going on between you and the Princess a moments ago? Is it possible the Kings 1st knight and the Kings daughter are dating.

James- What! No our relationship is strictly professional.

Reporter- So any thoughts of moving that relationship to a more personal level.

James- Huh! No more questions (Exits left)

Reporter- Aw what a poor sport. I defiantly think something is going on between them though.

(Back on Ivory’s fly Pod) ( Ivory and Lei are sitting at the controls while Rio looks out the side window)

Rio Oken- You really think Troy is dead?

Ivory- Why do you care you hated him anyways?

Rio Oken- I don’t care I just wanted to thank him for sneaking me food. He can still root in hell for all I care Jawran bastard.

Ivory- Wait he snuck you food. Dammit that’s what happen to my food bar.

Rio Oken- Oh ya he said not to tell you that oops.

(Back in the after life Troy stands sweating, tired and out of breath. Behind him is Teacher, Flank and Danielle)

Teacher- Do it again Troy

Troy- I’m exhausted give me a break

Teacher- There is no breaks when it comes to saving the universe. Now do it again!

(Troy extends his arm and raises his palm. He then fires a great beam of energy and the energy rushes out of his palm. He then stops and falls to his knees)

Teacher- Very good Troy! Oh yes I am defiantly getting my wings.

Troy- I’m so tired.

Teacher- Why of course you are your almost out of energy.

Flank- The amount you have built up in you is amazing Troy. You came a long way since school.

Troy- Well tomorrow is my last day isn’t it.

Danielle- That’s right. Your three months training will be over but remember three months here will only be one week when you come back to life.)

Teacher- Don’t worry though If you need help I will visit you in your dreams.

(Back inside Ivory’s fly pod)

Ivory- We are passing Mars now.

Rio Oken- Uh Oh…

Lei- What?

( They all begin to hear a siren go off. Then Ivory notices a black and white fly pod behind him with red and blue sirens.)

Ivory- Aw damn I hate Space cops.

( A screen came up on the control board in front of Ivory. A woman in a blue police uniform came up on the screen she had short black hair with streaks of blue highlights in it.)

Ivory- Oh! (flirty) well hello officer what seems to be the problem?

Kio- You where going a little fast back there. My partner has her C.C.s on your ship if you try anything we will take you out. Now I’m coming over with your ticket.

Ivory- You won’t have any problems from me officer. So…. When they start letting officers dye their hair.

Kio-(sigh)The streaks of blue is to represent my high ranking. Now sit tight I’m coming over.

( a few minutes later Kio came floating up next to Ivory’s fly pod in a Blue space suit.)

Ivory- Hello officer

Kio- I will leave the ticket in your hatch

Ivory- You sure you don’t need to come in and strip search me?

Kio- (sigh) No that’s not necessary. You were only speeding. (That’s when she notices Rio in the ship) This is a Jawran ship right?

Ivory- Yes

Kio- So why do you have a Damon women on board?

Lei- Umm… we are fleeing the war and we found her and thought we save her.

Kio- Oh that’s nice. It’s a shame what’s going on between Jawran and Damon good to see not all of you are hell bent on killing each other. You know what. No ticket today just watch your speed and get out of here.

Lei- Thank you officer. (Kio exits)

Ivory- She thanks I’m hot that’s why we got out of the ticket.

(Back on the police fly pod Kio enters through the hatch on the side of the ships. Takes her helmet off and that’s when she sees her partner a tall blond woman who had her hair in a short pony tail her name is Michi. Michi means well but has this high pitched and very annoying voice.)

Michi- What happen Kio?

Kio- I let them go. It was more people fleeing from that stupid war between Jawran and Damon.

Michi- Oh. That’s really nice of you Kio. I never knew you could be so kind.

Kio- Thanks Michi,

Michi-Cause you been a real hard ass ever since that Samantha girl stole your boy friend.

Kio- Michi! How many times I got to tell you to not mention that. (Sits back in seat) out of all the people they partnered me up with the chiefs daughter.

( On Damon at a large building guarded heavily by Damon soldiers. Out the two front doors walks Ren Oken being followed a tall full blooded cat beast Demon his name is Jalt.)

Jalt- My King! The King of Jagon will be here shortly

Ren Oken- Good with their help we may be able to push back Jawran’s forces enough. To hold on to a what land we have left.

(That’s when Ren notices off in the distance of the desert plains a woman.)

Ren Oken- Jalt What is that?

Jalt- A women

(the figure falls to the ground)

Ren Oken- She needs help (He runs out into the desert)

Jalt- My King wait.

(Ren runs up to the women as she laid face down in the sand. Ren turned her over to see it was his mother.)

Ren- Mother?

(Jalt also notices)

Jalt- The Queen! GUARDS! Bring a medic it’s the queen!

( Back at Jawran in a conference room on the castle there is a large screen that comes up. King Jawran, James, Lisa and Aken Jawran all turn and notice it.)

King Jawran- What is it.

Conference man- A transmission from Damon

King Jawran-Turn it on

Ren Oken- Hello Jeremy Jawran, I have someone I would like you to meet.

(In front of the screen steps Queen Oken)

Queen Oken- Hello King Jeremy Jawran. (gasp fill the conference room.) Yes I am back on Damon, Yes I am back in control and yes I do know what you did and I will expose you to your own people. They will riot in the streets and call for your head. I also…

Lisa- Turn that off! Block all transmissions from Damon. If any signal gets through to the media your all fired understand.

Conference people- Yes!

Lisa- Good spread the word (turns to King Jawran) May I speak to you in private my King.

Aken Jawran- Don’t listen to her anymore father she’s the reason we are in so deep.

Lisa- I only have your best interest in hand my King and I will do what ever you say unlike your daughter here. (pulling out a news paper) remember how you told her to not get intimate with your first night well look at the cover of the Jawran Times .

(On the cover was a picture of when James was knelt over and Aken had her arms around him. It read Destruction and Love in Jawran Castle.)

Aken Jawran- So what I like him ok! Does that make me not loyal to you father.

Lisa- and I caught them kissing.

(King Jawran stares coldly at James)

James- Umm… My King it was a one time thing and it won’t happen again I promise.

King Jawran- Look I have more important things to worry about right now James. If you have feelings for my daughter that’s fine. Just don’t mistreat her and everything is okay.

James- Huh?

King Jawran- and Lisa you keep out my daughter business your job is to advise me and nothing else.

Lisa- (sighs) Yes my King.

Conference man- Sir the surveillance tape has just arrived from the port. It has footage of how they destroyed half of Jawran castle on it.

King Jawran- Play it.

(The screen comes up and you see Troy as he has fired the Charge Cannon up into Jawran Castle. Then you see strike appears behind Troy.)

(On The surveillance tape)

Strike- Troy I was hired by King Jawran’s girl to kill you. I wasn’t going to do it till after the execution but now you just speed up the process.

Troy- Don’t do this man.

Strike- I’m sorry my friend, you are a hero to me and I praise you for what you have done for this planet.

(Strike cuts Troy down from behind then drags Troy’s body into his Fly Pod) (King Jawran turns to Lisa)

King Jarwan- You sent one of my soldiers to kill someone with out my permission.

Lisa- My King it was in the best interest for our planet

King Jawran- You over stepped your boundaries this time Lisa. You did not have that right and you know it I am temporarily reliving you of your command.

Lisa- My King!

Aken Jawran- Father fire her for good!

King Jawran- That punishment I think is a little to harsh I think Aken my dear now you too get out of my site.

Aken and Lisa- But!

King Jawran- That’s final James come with me my boy.

James - yes sir!

(James and King Jawran exit) ( That night Lisa is on her way home. She was coming up to her house which was a small home with a fence around the yard. She turned around and in the darkness saw a figure in a green robe.)

Lisa- Hello? ( She opened up her coat to show a sword still in it’s sheath.) (Aken steps out of the darkness)

Lisa- Oh Princess (Closes coat) you scared me

Aken Jawran- You should be scared Lisa. I can’t have your thirst for power be a cancer to my father or the good people of Jawran anymore.

Lisa- What are you talking about my dear.

Aken Jawran- I came here to kill you. ( She begins to walk closer to Lisa)

Lisa- What! You, daddy’s little girl.

Aken Jawran- You have poisoned him with your thoughts.

Lisa- You really think your father is so pure.

Aken Jawran- Shut up! ( Aken takes a hard swing at Lisa. She through a hook punch knocking Lisa to the ground) (Lisa checks her lips and see she’s bleeding).

Lisa- You Bitch! ( She stands up and pulls a short blade from her sheath. Then attacks Aken with an over the head slice but Aken blocks the blow with her wrist by lifting her right arm up over her own head. She then kicks Lisa in the stomach and with a left hook knocks her back down again. She then pulls up her right sleeve to show a thick metal bracelet around her wrist.)

Aken Jawran- What? You think I would have came unprotected. I told you if you messed with my father I would kill you.

( Lisa jumped up and gave three strikes. All parried by Aken’s bracelets. Lisa then lunged in for a low stab. Aken then side stepped left grabbed the arm Lisa had attacked with by the wrist and with Aken’s right arm gave Lisa a hard elbow to her face and again knocking Lisa to the ground and this time she dropped her sword. Then Aken stood over top of Lisa and held both hands bent our in front of her, with her palms up. That’s when her energy started to flow out her body and collect in her hands.)

Lisa- You can’t do this Princess people will ask questions.

Aken Jawran- You know the best part about using an energy based attack. If powerful enough it will disintegrate it’s target. (chuckles) Nobody will ask questions cause know body will find your body Lisa you will just disappear.

Lisa- Princess NO! ( And with a hard push Aken launches her energy ball at Lisa disintegrating her.)

(Back on Damon Queen Oken stands over a map with General Jalt and her son Ren)

Jalt- My Queen we are currently in Fajik here but with the fall of Graqu I fear it may be the next target for Jawran attack so we will have you escorted back…

Queen Oken- No! I’m tired of hiding back while my people die. Fajik is not falling. We haven’t won a single battle this whole war but that is about to change. I have some intel I want you to spread to all of our troops. (she grabs a paper and a pencil and begins to crudely draw a picture of a charge rifle) This is called a charge rifle or C.R. Now think of a charge cannon but smaller not as powerful but it sacrifice’s power for mobility and reload time.

Jalt- How long does it take to reload?

Ren- about five minutes (pause) I have seen my men being fired on by those things.

Queen Oken- Look if you see this weapon use it! Use your energy to recharge it yourself and fire upon them.

Jalt- Well we have captured some Jawran soldiers armed with them.

Ren- Yes Fajik has one of the largest prisons on Damon that’s why the Jawran’s are attacking here to try and free them and all there weapons where confiscated.

Queen Oken- Grab all those charge rifles I have an idea.

( A fly pod lands on Earth) ( Inside the fly pod lays Troy hooked up to a medical machine keeping him alive as it beeps a man is standing over him.) (Back in the area where Troy was waiting to return to Earth.)

Teacher- Okay Now Troy remember to find the kid and don’t die until you save the world.

Troy- Could you not talk about me dieing.

Teacher- Hey! Look numb skull this isn’t about you it’s about me and my wings

Flank- and saving the universe right.

Teacher- Umm… Ya and that too.

Flank- Troy my friend, before you go. I saw you on the battlefield that day when I fallen. I saw so much hate in your heart. (He places his hand on his shoulder.) Never let hate fill your heart Troy. Hate is in James’ heart and look what it’s doing to him. You’re both great guys and I can believe no matter what happens you and little James will always do the right thing. Promise me that Troy that you will always do the right thing.

Troy- I promise Flank

(Troy begins to fade away because he is leaving back to Earth)

Flank- Thank you my friend (As Troy fades away Flank says one last thing) Oh and thanks for naming that ship after me that was pretty cool.

( Back on Earth Troy lays in a bed as a man stands over top of him. Troy whispers with his eyes closes.)

Troy- Your welcome buddy.

Strike- Having a good dream?

(Troy suddenly comes too and he is in Strike’s fly pod on Earth.)

Troy- You… You’re the man who killed me.

Strike- I didn’t kill you Troy you’re here aren’t you.

Troy- What’s going on I thought you where sent to kill you.

Strike- I was Troy but I just couldn’t do it.

Troy- Why?

Strike- I remember the day you became famous because my good friend told me a story about you. Do you remember a man named Matt. You saved his life back on Damon. Just like everyone else on Jawran you are a hero to me and I couldn’t bring myself to kill you. (The both stand up and walk to the door of the fly pod) At the same time I can’t let you interfere with King Jawran’s plans.(Strike pushes Troy out of his fly pod and Troy falls flat on his face.) I’m going to drop you off here and I want you to stay here on Earth and never return to Jawran. I repeat don’t return back to Jawran or else next time I will kill you. (He closes the fly pod) ( The fly pod then flew away heading off to Jawran )

Troy- (Yelling at him) You didn’t have to push me out you JERK!

( Back on Damon Queen Oken, Ren and Jalt all stand with a Damon soilder holding a charge rifle he aims for a target drawn on a wall and misses far to the left)

Queen Oken- Another miss.

Jalt- Not one solider can shoot these things there aim is all horrible. What good is long range weaponry if you can’t hit anything with it.

Queen Oken- Indeed it is a problem.

Ren- I have an idea. What if you lined the soliders in three columns side by side and have them all fire at the once into a crowd of enemies. Ya there aim is horrible but this way the don’t have to have good accuracy, they all just aim in a direction. Instead of using them as snipers we use them as some type of support for our melee troops.

Queen Oken- That’s brilliant Ren. Now we can hit them before they even come close to the city.

Jalt- Yes and the support that from Jagon will also help.

Queen Oken- What? Ren you…

Jalt- You have’t told her yet?

Ren Oken- Mother we needed help.

Queen Oken- I told you that the Jagons are nothing but a bunch of war hungry animals and I don’t want us to have any part of those monsters.

Ren Oken- Well monsters is what we need right about now! Do you understand we can get them back now mother for what they did to us. It’s time we dig deep into our inner demon and rip those damn Jawran bastards from limb to limb

Queen Oken- That’s what King Jawran wants you idiot! He wants you to go out there and act like a beast like a Demon. So he can justify his genocide on us.

Jalt- My Queen maybe you found a soft spot for the Jawran people but they came here burnt down are cities killed our people relentlessly. Is it so wrong to feel some hate for them.

Queen Oken- but if you hate like them you become like them.

Ren Oken- Mom save that spirtiual mumbo jumble for men who haven’t been on the battlefield.

(Ren and Jalt exit) (Back on Earth Troy along a dirt road on the grassy plains of Earth. He still had on his Jawran military uniform but it was a little raggy after everything he had been through. He is tried and a little weak and sits down to rest when he hears a voice.)

Robert- Umm hey dude you okay.

( He see’s a young boy with short thin brown hair and brown eyes about 18 and then he notices next to him what must have been his older brother because they looked exactly alike except the older brother looked to be in his late 20’s)

Troy- huh?

Ricky- Robert leave the homeless dude alone.

Troy- Hey wait, I’m acaully kinda lost I need help.

Ricky- Look we know why you’re here your fleeing the war on Damon right?

Troy- Well no not exactly.

Robert- Then what are you doing here on Earth? You obviously aint from here you got some weird clothes.

Troy- I’m looking for a little blonde boy. (Ricky looks disgusted and pauses for a minute)

Ricky- What are you some type of pervert?

Troy- No, no, no I was sent to find him. It’s a long story.

Robert- Well what’s he look like there’s a lot of blonde people on Earth.

Troy- (thinking) Well umm… actually I don’t know. That bitch didn’t tell me anything else about the kid except he was blonde.

Ricky- Who are you talking about?

Troy- Nothing, nothing you wouldn’t understand. I no this is weird but do you guys know a place where I can sleep. If I sleep then I can find out where I need to go.

Robert- We can hook him up at hotel in the city. Maybe he just needs some rest and he will stop acting so weird.

Ricky- I don’t know he’s kind of weird and I think he’s a pedophile. I mean he came to Earth in search of a little blonde boy.

Troy- I’m not searching for him to…. Look he is going to help me save the universe but all I know is he’s a little blonde boy here on Earth.

Ricky- Ya okay then dude we are going to go.

Troy- Wait don’t go. Just one nights sleep so I can find out where I need to go then you guys can point me that way and I will be out of your hair.

Ricky- (sigh) Fine we are on our way to Philadelphia to see the big fight anyway.

(Back on Damon is an army of Damon’s standing out in front of the city of Fajik to meet the attacking Jawran army. Standing in front of Jalt and the rest of the Damon army is Ren Oken.)

Damons! Many have given up hope. They say we are out matched and our effort to resist is futile. Morale is low and doubt is great. Damons I am your Prince! And I no you are thee most fierce warriors in all of the galaxy. You are not human and your are not Demon. You are a Damon, a pure breed that is elite to all others. That’s why they want to kill you, because they are threatened by your power. Take away their fancy weapons and they are weak. They fear us! Now my people. I say we give them a reason!

(Cheers and roars come from the Damon army) ( A massive Jawran Army is seen in the distance. The Jawran Army clearly out number the defenders of Fajik. 4 to 1. The Jawran Army charges in.)

Jalt- My prince we await your orders.

Ren Oken- Not Yet Jalt. Let them get closer.

(The Jawran soldiers continue to charge Fajik across the desert plains of Damon they are half way to the city when Ren Oken gives the orders)

Ren Oken- Ready! (Front and second line of Damon soldiers take the chare rifles off their back) Aim! (The front line the kneels and aims the Chare Rifles into the charging Jawrans. Then The second line draws their Charge rifles and aims at the Jawrans over top of the kneeling front line.) FIRE!

( The blast of charge rifles goes off small popping blast from each rifle fire into the oncoming Jawrans. The Jawrans take the hit hard. As many of them start to drop from the volley of fire. The blast of so many C.R.s going off all at once stirred up a lot of sand making it hard to see. The Damons all cough and coke from all the dust and sand.)

Jalt-(coughing) Did it work? Did we get them

(When the dust cleared. Jawran bodies are scattered across the battlefield dead. The Jawrans who are alive stand in shock as more then a quarter of their soldiers laid on the ground dead, but the Jawrans still had the Damons out numbered.)

Ren Oken- CHARGE!

Jalt- With pleasure

( The Damons gave out cheers and roars as they charged into battle. Jalt being a full blooded cat beast Demon. Withdrew his claw and was the first to charge in. Jalt gives a backhanded swing of his massive claws knocking Jawran infantry airborne across the battlefield. His sharp claws are slicing Jawran soldiers left and right. He gives out a might roar into the air. Ren Oken comes fast as well. He with a quick swing kills one of the Jawrans and another slice cuts the throat of a Jawran. He ducks a high swing from a Jawran and raises up and stabs him in the chest. That’s when out of the crowd a Jawran general appears and he is wielding a twin blade. He doesn’t say anything he just quickly dives in to attack Ren with a quick stab from one side of the sword. Ren parries it but the twin blade soldier spins and tries to strike Ren with the other side of the sword but Ren catches the blade with his sword they lock up and push away. Circle each other and Ren comes in with a swipe at his mid section the Jawran soldier parries the attack and counters with the other side of his blade. The attack went right over his head as Ren ducked and came up with his claws upper cutting the twin blade soldier leaving scars from his claws going up his chest, neck and face. The Jawran stumbles back grinds his teeth and comes again their swords cling and clang as they strike and parry each others strikes. The Jawran twin blade soldier spun and gave a hard downward swing. Ren side stepped and the Jawran soldier not only missed him but drove one side of his sword into the ground. He bent down trying to pull it out and Ren kicked him in the stomach knocking him away from the sword. The Jawran laid on his back and as he tried to get up Ren leaped on top of him. Then gave him a strong firm punch to the side the head with his right arm and with his left arm a swipe of his claws. Then Ren stood up and looked down on the Jawran. That’s when he lifted his foot and gave one hard stomp to his head killing him and he gave out a might roar. Jalt saw this as he looked on Ren he smiled and said.)

Jalt- My prince you are strong!

Ren Oken- Kill them all!

Narrator- The rest of the battle was a massacre. Even though the Damons where out numbered. With the help from the volley of the charge rifles and their new found fierceness. The Jawrans didn’t even stand a chance.

Submitted: March 28, 2009

© Copyright 2022 EdensHeros. All rights reserved.

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Alice Clarence

This is amazing. I am sorry that it took me forever to read this, since I am not used to reading script format. Anyway, this is amazing and tell me when you update.

Mon, April 6th, 2009 11:39pm

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