Eden's Heros 6 The Life on Earth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Back on Earth we meet new people. Finally see what happen to Captain Mendo and her Crew. James and the King take a huge step closer. Ren Oken is unstoppable.

Submitted: April 17, 2009

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Submitted: April 17, 2009



( In a hotel on Earth Ricky enters behind him is Rob and Ricky. The hotel made up of dry wood and seems to be very worn. The three enter a bar on the bottom floor of the hotel.)

Troy- This place seems to be falling apart.

Ricky- Are you kidding me this whole city is falling apart. Earth is falling apart.

Troy- Why?

Robert- Because everyone left. All the skilled and wealthy left Earth to colonize Jawran and Damon.

Ricky- Leaving just the poor and stupid. You see Earth us suffering from under population.

Robert- But everyone is fleeing the war on Damon right. So that should help.

Ricky- It won’t Earth’s low population got even worse when people left for Mars. The first real planet to be colonized by humans.

Troy- That’s where your wrong Rick. Jawran and Damon where the first planets to be colonized.

Ricky- Jawran and Damon are moons of Jupiter not planets. Just cause they can sustain life doesn’t make it a planet. Anyways shouldn’t you be getting to sleep.

Robert- Aw come on bro lets take him to the fight.

Ricky- No! I don’t want to be seen with no runner. ( Ricky exits upstairs)

Troy- What’s a runner?

Robert- People who run from the war and come here are considered weak and cowards.

Troy- Why?

Robert- Well you did turn your back on your planet… or moon or what ever you call it.

Troy- I told you I was sent here to find a boy

Robert- By who you King?

Troy- No by umm…

Robert- Dude tell me there aint nothing I haven’t heard before.

Troy- Well I think they where angels.

Robert- Wow! Ok then I was wrong. There are things I haven’t heard before. Your pretty whacked dude. Has war messed with your mine that bad?

Troy- Maybe

( A young man enters with a huge smile on his face. He is a black man with a fade and dressed in all black leather. Yet the thing Troy notices most about him is his eyes. He had a pair of black eye wear that looked like sun glasses but behind each lens where glowing red balls of energy.)

Robert- O wow it’s Nova.

Troy- Who?

Robert- Some say he’s the best brawler on Earth. They guys undefeated.

Nova- Hello Philadelphia! Are yall ready for the fight to night (Cheers) Yours truly will be there to pound some heads and I have a feeling after tonight I will still be undefeated.

Drunk Chuck- Your only undefeated cause your to scared to take on the camp.

Nova- What’s your name

Drunk Chuck- Chuck

Nova- I will remember that Chuck.

( The door swings open at the hotel entrance and a man runs in and he seems excited.)

Man- A shuttles have landed in the port!

Robert- Probably more runners.

Troy- Thought yall hated runners.

Robert- Well people like my brother hate runners they think they are cowards, but business owners love runners because that’s means more people to by their shit.

(Ricky comes down stairs with two swords one has a blade with white paint the other sword has a blade that is painted orange.)

Troy- What’s with the swords?

Robert- Well we also brawl. We are a tag team

Ricky- Ya (Holding up white bladed sword) Light! (then holds up Orange bladed sword) and Sun! It’s our little gimmick we got going on, the fans love it.

Troy- Kinda corny don’t you think.

Ricky- Ya well corny cells tickets and all the fighters get twenty five percent of the profit

Robert- and more if you win. Lets go check out the port.

(At the Philadelphia airport) (Many shuttles landed and Troy recognized one. There was a crowd waiting out side to see the new arrivals. Troy was in the crowd with Robert and Ricky.)

Troy- That ship, the red one it looks familiar. ( The doors to the ship opens up and a familiar face walks out he noticed him immediately by his trademark brown pony tail.) Ivory!

( Ivory exits the ship and behind him is Lei the Rio)

Robert- Hey the chick with the tail is kind of cute.

Ricky- She must be a Damon, but what is a Damon doing hanging around a bunch of Jawran soldiers.


(Troy pushes through the crowd shoving people out of the way to get to the front of the crowd. As Ivory, Lei, and Rio we exit the people in the crowd are already interested in them. )

Ivory- Wow we are more popular then clown at the rodeo.

People in crowd- Who are they, do they got any money, What’s with the girl with the tail?

Troy- Ivory!

(Ivory , Lei and Rio turn around)

Rio- He’s alive!?

( Back in a fly pod around Mars Kio lays back in her chair almost asleep with her hands behind her head. As Michi who is sitting next to her, looks out the front window and another fly pod whizzes by them.)

Michi- Oh, oh, oh Kio they where speeding lets get them.

Kio- Let them go, I’m tired.

Michi- You no Kio in article A section 13 it says on duty we shall be alert and ready to stop all crimes in pursuit.

Kio-(looking over at her) Michi

Michi- Yes Kio?

Kio- Shut up.

( Dash board alarm goes off and a screen opens up on it is a very pretty women with short brown hair blue eyes and a blue streak just like Kio’s)

Michi- Hey look Kio Samantha is call us. (Kio just grunts and looks the other way.) Hey Samantha!

Samantha- Hey Michi remember what I told you about those guys who blew up Jawran castle.

Michi- Ya

Samantha- Well they are in you area here are pictures of them. ( The pictures came up of Troy, Ivory Lei Rio and Queen Oken)

Michi- Oh Kio pulled them over earlier but she let them go.

Samantha- What! Kio would do something bone headed like that.

Kio- What was that Samantha!

Samantha- Find those runners Kio.

Kio- for get it find them yourself.

Samantha- I can’t I’m off duty today I’m going to spend it with Anthony. (signed out)

Kio- (slamming fist) That Bitch! I can’t stand her.

Michi- (thinking) Antony, Anthony oh isn’t that your X boyfriend.

Kio- Michi shut up and take us to Earth.

( On Jawran) (King Jawran is in his new office with a scout, Aken and James)

King Jawran- What!

Jawran scout- The Damons have taken back three more of their cities my King.

King Jawran- How is this possible?

Jawran scout- Their prince Ren Oken has been given control of his own personal Army and is some how quickly taken back cities on Damon.

King Jawran- One Damon will not ruin this for me I want him dead.

Jawran scout- I will spread the word to the troops on Damon my lord ( Jawran scout exits)

James- That’s not going to be easy my King. Are soldiers greatly fear prince Ren of Damon.

King Jawran- (hands on his head) I know, I know, Damn it somebody call Lisa.

James- Actually my King it appears Lisa has abandon us. Soldiers stopped by her house. The day after you sent her home and she was no where to be found. We suspect she fled to Earth.

King Jawran- What, I refuse to believe that. Lisa may be a little cold hearted but she loves Jawran. I refuse to believe that she is a runner! Get out! Get out right now. I need some time to think.

(Aken and James exit)

Aken Jawran- Wow, father sure is upset.

James- Jawran’s are getting slaughtered on Damon it’s only a matter of time till this gets leaked out to the press. Then the J.E.S.G. will have a field day with the King and force him to end the war.

( They get to James room ) (James Opens the door)

Aken Jawran- You seem so tense James.

(She removes his Jacket exposing his bare chest and then wraps her arms around him and kisses his neck)

James- Aken don’t, not now. Not again.

Aken Jawran- Aww come on James. You do seem very stressed lets work some of that out of you.

(pushes him down on to the bed. And lays on top of him)

James- You sure your fathers ok with this?

Aken Jawran- James, I’m a grown ass woman. I can make my own decisions.

( Back on Damon ) ( A large ship landed in front of the Damon Palace and Queen Oken, Ren Oken and Jalt stood outside. The ship had a huge door on the side of it that opens up and out rides. King Jagon rides out on what seems to be a giant wolf)

Queen Oken- (whispers to Ren) I do not see why you had to call them for help.

(King Jagon dismounts and walks towards them. The Jagon’s look like up right standing wolves with black fur large fangs and claws. The are not as large as the Full blooded cat beast Demons but are very fierce strong and cocky. King Jagon has piercing blue eyes. When he gets up to Queen Oken, Ren and Jalt he dismounts from his wolf and looks at the three Damons with a smile. When he speaks he has a slight sneer and growl in his voice.)

King Jagon-Well look what the Cat dragged in (chuckles) ME! ( Starts laughing harder ) I’m so sorry I have be waiting the whole ship ride to tell that joke.

Queen Oken- How charming (she exits)

King Jagon- Aw what a poor sport. So Ren your all grown up.

Ren Oken- Umm I know you?

King Jagon-Well The Cat beast and the Jagons use to be good friends. Anyways allow me to introduce myself again. I am King Jagon and this is first sergeant Fila.

Ren Oken- Umm I’m sorry where is your sergeant.

King Jagon- Oh I’m sorry. Stand up soldier!

(The wolf that King Jagon was riding stands up right and Ren notices she wasn’t a wolf at all she was also a Jagon. Fila looks like King Jagon except her eyes are yellow.)

Fila- 1st sergeant Fila here.

Ren Oken- Wait you ride each other.

King Jagon- Well nobody rides me I’m the King nobody rides the King.

Jalt- Well It’s nice to have you aboard. King Jagon

King Jagon- Wow! I forgot how big you assholes are. Damn your huge. Anyways so what we killing.

Ren Oken- Jawran has set up a base in the city of Lyn. It’s the largest concentrated group of Jawran soldiers on Damon. We surprise them, then we can kill them all. With such a loss in life they won’t have the man power to continue taking cities on Damon the war will be over.

King Jagon- That’s very ambitious of you Ren.

Ren Oken- Well we have a new technique and it works ever time.

(Back on Earth Troy, Ricky and Robert has brang Ivory, Lei, and Rio back to the hotel bar. They sit at stools at the bar.)

Lei- Okay Troy so you mind telling us how you are alive.

Troy- What you ain’t happy to see me.

Rio- We all saw you get cut down by that Jawran knight.

Troy- I was dead and I was in the after life. I saw Flank, Danielle and another women.

Robert- Not this again.

Troy- This other women told me I was to find a blonde boy who was suppose to help me save the universe.

Ivory- Umm how hard did you get hit exactly.

Lei- Ivory!

Ivory- What you talk about going to heaven and all this crazy shit. Don’t tell me you going to get all born again christian on us Troy.

Troy- No it’s not like that but I do need to get some sleep.

Robert- Okay, but after the fight.

(All of the sudden Nova steps up behind Troy and the others.)

Nova- Hey how are you all. Couldn’t help but notice you say your going to the fight tonight. Look if you are a runner that’s cool but yall at need to get rid of those old ragged ass military uniforms. I mean honestly please tell me your not planning on showing up at the fight dressed like this.

Rio- I would kinda like to get out of these clothes.

Ivory- I thought you planned to ditch us once on Earth.

Rio- I will! After I get to know the place a bit. I be stupid to try and settle on a new planet by myself.

Ivory- Oh so now you need us.

Rio- Only because my mother dropped me off with you and just because I’m sticking around doesn’t mean I like any of you assholes (stares at Troy) especially you.

Nova- Wow you can cut the tension here with a dull knife. (chuckles) You all going to take up the offer on the new threads or not.

Ricky- Go ahead Troy you and your friends do need some new clothes.

Robert- and be at 5th street at seven so you can see our fight.

(Back on Jawran King Jeremy Jawran is in his office as James walks in)

James- My King you want to speak to me.

King Jawran- Yes please go ahead and sit down James. James I have seen that you have taken quite the liking to my daughter Aken and you don’t have to hide it. I know you know and the whole planet knows because it’s all over the news every day. This is why I wish to promote you.

James- Umm sire there is no higher ranking then the kings 1st Knight.

King Jawran- How about Prince.

James- My King are you serious.

King Jawran- Very much my boy. Marry my daughter , love her and be fruitful. You have grown like a son to me so we mine as well make it official.

James- (excited) Well thank you my King!

King Jawran- On! One condition James my boy.

James- Anything my King

King Jawran- My son the former Prince was killed by the Prince of Damon. Not only that but now he commands what is said to be an unstoppable army on Damon. James as the new Prince of Jawran I want you to put an end to his rein of terror.

James- Yes my King

( Back on Damon King Jagon and Fila stood with Ren Oken and Jalt on the sandy plains of Damon. Behind them was their ever growing army of Damons with charge rifles.)

King Jagon- I must admit I can not wait to see this new technique you where talking about Ren.

( An enemy group of Jawran’s appear in the distance. The emerge over a hill and begin to charge right towards the Damon army)

Ren- These charge rifles or C.R.s are able to kill Jawrans at a distance. Only problem is they take about ten minutes to charge after you fire a single shot. So we really only get one shot and our soldiers aim isn’t the best. But if you line them up side by and have them aim into a crowd of enemies. Like so, Ready… Aim… Fire… ( The Damon soldiers fire off their charge rifles and many of the attacking Jawran’s are shot down.) Then aim isn’t really an issue.

King Jagon- Aww yes I like, I like.

Ren - I’m glad you do ( looking over at Jalt) Jalt kill them all don’t let any escape.

Jalt- Yes my Prince ( Turns to army ) Damon’s attack!

( The Damon soldiers drop their C.R.s and draw their short swords and then charged into battle. Jalt rips in to the army of Jawrans with his claws. One swing of his claws kills a Jawran then he grabs another and breaks his neck. Now Ren, Fila and King Jagon came in cutting down Jawran’s with their short swords and claws. )

Narrator-The fight was over quick and the Damons left nobody alive. The Jawrans didn’t even have a chance.

(Back on Earth night had set in as Troy and the others had arrived at 5th street. They all had new clothes on Troy wore blue jeans black shirt. Lei also in blue jeans and a well fitting colored blue shirt. Rio had on a very nice pair of white pants and a red shirt. And Ivory was dressed like an old time cowboy from his cowboy hat to boots. They stood in the crowd waiting for the fight to start.)

Lei- Why did you pick that out you look ridiculous.

Ivory-Well everyone use to call me cowboy figure I dress the part.

(Ivory opens up his cowboy vest to reveal his well tone abs)

Lei- well you look stick out like a sore thumb

Rio- (checking out Ivory) Well I think he looks nice.

Troy- As do you Rio

Rio- (snapping) Was I talking to you Troy

Troy- I was just trying to be nice.

Rio- Well don’t and stop staring at my tail.

Ivory- I don’t think it’s your tail he was looking at.

Rio- What! (stands aggressively over Troy with her fist clinched)

Troy- Don’t be silly it was your tail. I was looking at.

Rio- it better have been. (stands down)

( A man makes his way to the middle of the crowd. Then he picks up a megaphone and says through it.)

Announcer- Hey, hey, hey everyone back up and make a circle for the fighters because it’s time yall for the team event of the night, the champion ship fight! 1st let me introduce you to the brothers of Sun and Light Ricky and Robert.

(Ricky and Robert walk out of the crowd with their swords in hand Ricky held the Orange sword named Sun and Robert held the white sword named Light.)

Lei- Wow those two must be pretty good if they are fighting for the championship huh.

Announcer- And their opponents the defending champions Lucas and Marcus.

( Two massively large me enter with their swords in hand) It’s going to be something fun to watch tonight and you only get to see a fight like this on 5th street remember that yall. Now the way to win is either K.O. or tap out. Killing is not necessary but totally legal. Now fighters lets get it on.

(The 1st man Lucas comes forward with an over the head strike to Ricky. Ricky catches the blow by holding his blade over head but the large man uses his pure strength to bend Ricky back. That’s when Ricky side steps and the man falls flat on his face. Meanwhile Robert and the Marcus had already been exchanging blows. Their swords clang as the parry each other’s attacks again and again. That’s when Robert noticed he was being backed into a wall. The man lunged forward hard with his sword but Robert ducked and the man’s attack and Marcus drove his sword deep into the side wall.)

Announcer- Wow the owner of that shop is going to be pissed cause he just got a new wall ornament.

(Back to Ricky Lucas was up back on his feet and was swinging his sword very aggressively. The man swung his sword again missing Ricky and slamming into the ground shaking the Earth.)

Announcer- Wow did you feel that? This guy just earned a new nickname EARTHQUAKE!

(Back to Robert the man he was fighting had lost his sword but he wasn’t backing down. Robert then tosses his sword to the side to make it even now they where both unarmed.)

Announcer- I wouldn’t have done that your going to need all the advantage you can get.


Robert- You are very strong but you sacrifice speed for power. That won’t win you no fight. Not against me.

(The man goes for a hard right hook Robert ducks the punch and gives him two hard punches to the stomach then rises up and roundhouse kicks the man in the face. The man goes for two jabs but Robert knocks them both away with his hands and gives a quick punch to the throat. While the man grabs his throat Robert gives some hard body blows. The punches are so had as they connect to the mans mid section he falls to his knees. That’s when Robert gives one last spinning kick to the side of the man’s head which knocks the man out cold.)

Announcer- Ladies and gentlemen he is down and I don’t think he just got the wind knocked out of him.

(back to Ricky the man he was fighting swung diagonally and Ricky parried it. Then the man came with a hard uppercut hitting Ricky in the stomach knocking him back. The crowd broke as the large man came in looking for Ricky. Lucas saw Ricky laying on the ground and swung hard at him but Ricky spun out of the way so the man grabbed Ricky’s leg and tossed him back into the circle surrounded by the crowd. Ricky came to his feet and the man walked back into the circle. The man swung for Ricky’s head and Ricky slide in between his legs to get behind him. That’s when he noticed the sword Robert had dropped. He grabbed Roberts sword and with one in each hand sliced the back of both of the mans ankles. The man fell forward and the fight was over.)

Announcer- Their ain’t no need to count to ten because he is not getting up. That means the winner and new champions is The brothers Ricky and Robert.

Ricky- What where you thinking dropping Light like that?

Robert- I didn’t need no sword to beat him. He was slow.

Ricky- That man would have killed you if given the chance

Robert- So I didn’t give him the chance.

(Ricky shoves the sword of Light into Roberts chest)

Ricky- Just hold on to your damn sword.

( That’s when Ricky and Robert noticed they where being lifted in the air. Ricky was on the shoulders of Ivory and Robert on Troy’s shoulders)

Lei- That’s was awesome guys your champions.

Ivory- What you say we head back to the hotel bar and celebrate.

( Cutting away from that scene)

Narrator- Remember the ship that Troy and the others took to Vevon to deliver the peace treaty but then was suddenly attacked. Well this whole time they have been lost in space. Captain Mendo and the rest of the crew on the ship where starting to loose hope of rescue.

(In the cockpit of the ship Captain Mendo sat with Murphy the both looked thin in the face and you could tell have been starving.)

Captain Mendo- Well give me the bad news Murphy.


Murphy- My men and I did the best we could captain but now I’m afraid the last engine is down and we can’t get it to start. Which means that…

Captain Mendo- We are now floating around lost in space damn! How’s the food and water supply?

Murphy- Running low, I’m sorry Captain

(Captain Mendo leaned forward in her seat and took her Captain’s hat off. Her hair fell out and draped down her shoulders. Her hair had grown so long now.)

Captain Mendo- Murphy you’re a good tech. If it wasn’t for you and your boys we wouldn’t even have lasted this long. Tell the rest of the crew to kick of their boots and let their hair down. We might not be getting rescued any time soon. Even if Troy was coming back for us I don’t think he would be able to find us.

(Murphy looks out the front window and sees something.)

Murphy- Captain maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but I think I see blue.

Captain Mendo- Blue!? ( she turns and sees the planet ) Oh! you got to be kidding me that’s Neptune. Jawran and Damon are both moons of Jupiter and if we see Neptune then we are no where near Jupiter.

( Suddenly the ship starts to shake and alarms go off.)

Murphy- Captain I think we are going in.

Captain Mendo- What

Murphy- I think we are being pulled in by Neptune’s gravitational pull.

( The ships gets pulled towards Neptune. It enters the blue clouds of Neptune which are beautiful.)

Captain Mendo- Wow that’s beautiful to bad it is probably going to kill us.

Murphy- What!

Captain Mendo- Neptune’s atmosphere is highly poisons no life would ever be able to live here.

(as soon as that was said their ship fell out of the clouds and the saw cities. Tall buildings covered with ice and snow.)

Murphy- What the?

Captain Mendo- Ladies and Gentlemen we have just discovered life on Neptune. Hold on ever one it is going to be a rough landing.

( Captain Mendo and the rest of the cockpit crew strap themselves into their seats. The ships lands hard on Neptune surface near a city.)

Captain Mendo- Is everyone okay?

(mumbles from cockpit crew saying that the where okay.)

Murphy- Captain look (pointing out the front window. )


( Their was a crowd forming outside the front window of people. The People where completely blue from head to toe with webbed feet and hands. They stood upright on two feet like humans but their heads looked very fish like with gills and small blue eyes.)

Captain Mendo- Murphy get me a thermal suit ready.

Murphy- What why?

Captain Mendo- I’m going to go talk to the blue people.

(Captain Mendo, Murphy and some other ship crew members come out of the ship in their thermal space suits. They walk towards the Neptune people. Some of the Neptune people look scared some look curious. They seemed to be talking in some language)

Captain Mendo- (slowly) I am Captain Mendo. We come in peace

Murphy- Really… We come in Peace that’s such a stereotypical thing to say when seeing a new life form. Plus they probably don’t understand you anyways.

( Captain Mendo’s stomach growls and all the Neptune people jump back. That’s when one turns and runs towards a body of water and dives in.)

Captain Mendo- Opps

Murphy- Your stomach scared some of them off.

(Then the Neptune native came back out of the water with what seemed to be a very large fish. It drug the fish like creature over towards Captain Mendo and her crew and laid it and front of her. The Neptune native then looked up at Captain Mendo and smiled with it’s arms open and offered it to them in it’s native language.)

Neptune Native- Nemfi

Captain Mendo- It new I was hungry.

Murphy- I guess a growling stomach means the same in any language.

( Back on Damon at a Jawran Military base lands James’ ship. As he walks off he see’s General Dumen)

Dumen- Hello 1st knight or should I saw Prince James.

James- I see word of my engagement has already reached the good people here.

Dumen- Yes and the people are honored to have a fellow solider be the Prince of their Planet. (sticking out his hand) and we are even more honored to figt beside you.

James- (shaking his hand) Thank you General Dumen. I read your profile you are the leader of the charge rifle company correct?

Dumen- That is correct my company and I was moved here because there are stories of Prince Ren’s army using charge rifles in a way that has never been seen before.

James- I have question general I know you have had a lot of students, but did you know a sniper by the name of Ivory.

( A women approaches them)

Hailey- Ivory you mean cowboy.

Dumen- Aw yes Ivory he was a good shot but reckless ,stupid and had a weak stomach when it came to pulling the trigger if I remember.

Hailey- But he never missed General. I heard you meet him Prince James how is he.

( Strike walks up behind James)

Strike- He’s dead.

Hailey- What! (tears of disbelief form in her eyes)

James- Umm… Ya I’m sorry Hailey

Hailey- (pause) How do you know my name Sir Prince.

James- beautiful brown skin, pretty eyes you sound just like he described you to be. ( looking back up at General Dumen) General about those C.R.s the Damons are using.

Dumen- Yes, It seems they line them up in some type of formation together instead of using them as individual snipers.

James- I see I will look into that thank you General.

( Strike and James turn and leave. Leaving General Dumen standing next to a sobbing Hailey)

James- Why did you say Ivory was dead.

Strike- Better then telling her he is a runner and a traitor. He mine as well be dead. Anyways you’re here for one reason and on reason only my Prince to kill Ren Oken. You know it, I know it, everyone in this base knows it, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Ren knew it.

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