Eden's Heros 7 The Hate of A Damon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
More on Mendo and her crew. We learn more about Nova. And the battle on Damon where Ren VS James.

Submitted: April 30, 2009

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Submitted: April 30, 2009



( At the Hotel bar on Earth Troy, Ivory, Lei, Rio, Ricky and Robert sit at a round table and drink a couple of beers while they talk about the fight.)

Lei- So who knew lil Robert could go toe to toe with someone that size.

Ricky- Ya well next time I recommend you keep the sword. You could have been killed.

Robert- Okay Rick Damn. Stop riding me about that we won didn’t we

(The table goes silent with discomfort)

Rio- So more drinks for everyone (holds up a large bottle of liquor)

(Everyone nods yes and Rio pours them a glass.) ( Then Rio takes a huge gulp from the glass)

Troy- Wow you can really put down some liquor Rio.

(A bit tipsy Rio replies)

Rio- Unlike those fragile Jawran brauds of yours us Damon women can get just as down and dirty as the men ( She shoves the bottle in Troy’s chest) Take a gulp lil man see if you can out drink me.

(Troy begins to take a drink from the bottle when Nova walks into the bar.

Nova- Hey Ricky and Robert brothers of sun and light. Nice fight yall had

Robert- Thanks Nova

Nova- No problem kid. ( Looks at everyone) I see your friends finally got some new clothes. Good yall needed some new threads. ( He notices Ivory in his cowboy outfit) Well look what we have here a no shit cowboy.

Ivory- Nice to meet you the name is Ivory.

Nova- Cool what’s that thing on your back their cowboy (point at Ivory’s Charge rifle)

Ivory- My charge rifle it’s a long distance weapon.

Lei- Ya but you still need to work on your close quarters combat.

Nova- Really well you know I’m the best boxer in this area. Maybe I can teach you some.

Ivory- Ya I would like that.

Nova- How would you like to learn now.

Ivory- Huh

(Nova grabs Ivory by his arm and points at a drunk man)

Nova- See that man? He insulted me earlier but being a fighter I can’t fight him or I get kicked out of the street fighters guild. So I want you to kick his ass cowboy.

Ivory- Hold on their buddy I ain’t going to fight some drunk dude in a bar.

Nova- Aww come on cowboy I seen those movies, bar fights is suppose to be your thing. Hey you drunk bastard see this man here. ( The man looks over at Ivory) He’s the one who sleep with your wife. ( The drunk man stands up angrily and draws a smalls sword).

Ivory- What wait I . . .

(The man come forward and punches Ivory in the nose knocking him back into Nova’s arms)

Nova- Look cowboy he’s going to go for a right hook duck it, and give him a body shot then follow up with a uppercut ok. (pushes Ivory back towards the man.)

( The man goes for a right hook just like Nova said. So Ivory ducked and with his left arm gave the man a quick jab into the stomach then Ivory followed up with a right uppercut hitting the man square in the jaw. The man stumbled back a bit. Then stepped forward even more mad now.)

Nova- Damn he’s got a hell of a good jaw

( The man went for a left Jab)

Nova- bob right cowboy (Ivory bobbed right) now weave left and with a right jab (Ivory did this once again hitting the man in the jaw) Damn he ate that punch too. Umm…Side step kidney punch.

( Ivory side step and punched the man in the kidney the man lent forward and grabbed his side so then Ivory grabbed his head and kneed him in the face knocking him out.)

Nova- Good job, knocked him out all by yourself. I personally would have went with a round house kick ya know. It’s a bit more flashy, but this is a good start.

Ivory- (still a little shocked) What the hell was that.

Nova- That was your first lesson cowboy.

(Troy and Rio turns to Ivory they both are totally drunk)

Troy- (drunk) Good fight Ivory ( He falls out of his seat and passes out)

Rio- HA! Light weight ( she then falls out of her chair drunk and passes out)

( Back on Damon ) (James sits in a tent on his computer when Dumen walks in.)

Dumen- My Prince

James- Aw, General come here I have something to show you.

Dumen- Yes my prince

James- That formation you was talking about the Damons weren’t the first to do it. I Pulled up some files from something called the American civil war in around 1860.

Dumen- That was sometime ago

James- Probably the reason you didn’t recognize it.

( They watch the video as the American Union soldiers get and formation and fire into a crowd of confederate soldiers.)

Dumen- That’s it, That’s exactly how the soldiers explained it to me.

James- Now if we can figure out how they countered this it may help us defeat Prince Ren and his Army.

Hailey- Calvary! ( Hailey appeared behind them.)

James- Huh

Hailey- Calvary are fast past mounted striking units. They are the counter to the shooting squad.

Dumen- And you know this how?

Hailey- Well since Ivory’s Earth Region was America I studied up on their history.

(Strike enters)

Strike- Kind of stalkerish don’t you think?

James- No this is great. We need to form a Calvary unit to counter the Damon firing squad.

Strike- Well incase you didn’t notice Damon is horseless.

Hailey- Well Ivory use to ride his motorcycle to his sniping areas. You can use something like that for your Calvary unit.

Strike- You really are a stalker.

Hailey- I use to work with him. I was his spotter.

Strike- Whatever.

( On Neptune inside the ship Flank Captain Mendo, Murphy and the rest of the crew sit in the ship eating the fish like creature that the people of Neptune caught for them)

Ship member- should we really be eating this? I mean we don’t even know what it is.

Murphy- We land on a planet that isn’t even suppose to be able to sustain life. Greeted by their natives and provided with a meal and you ask questions.

Ship member- It’s just I don’t know, things don’t fit right with me. (Leans in and whispers) I think they are studying us.

Mendo- What makes you think that soldier speak freely.

Ship member- Well Captain look out the front window.

(They all turn and look and see a Neptune native typing in a little handheld computer. He then looks up and notices the humans saw him and he runs away.)

Mendo- umm… I’m sure it’s just innocent curiosity.

Ship member2- Captain do you think Troy will ever find us?

Mendo- I sure hope.

(Ren Oken stands on a hill with King Jagon and Fila over looking the Jawran camp. They see a ship landing and coming out of the ship are large crates. Ren sees this all through binoculars.)

Ren Oken- So is the Jagon army ready for this.

Fila- Jagon’s are always ready for battle.

King Jagon- She’s right prince Ren just try to keep up.

Ren Oken- Last night I stood on this hill with Jalt and he asked me a question.

King Jagon- What he ask?

(Ren Oken lays out he’s speech and as he does he has a flash back of standing on the hill with Jalt)

Ren Oken- He asked me, do you hate them? (chuckles) Do you hate them. My friend I told him. Hate is a strong word. I have a duty to free my people from fear. I am the justice that stops the unlawful blade of a Jawran soldier. And (Yelling) What right do they have to swing their blades at my people. (calming and realizes he is back on the hill with King Jagon and Fila.) None, none at all. They are nothing more but beast and I am their slayer. But, I must admit every time I slay a Jawran beast. (turns and smiles at Fila and King Jagon) I enjoy it.

Fila- and why is that Ren.

(Ren Oken lays his hand on Fila’s soldier)

Ren Oken- Because I hate them. ( exit’s the scene )

( Back in the hotel Troy and Rio are being put to sleep by Ivory, Lei, Ricky Robert and Nova. )

Nova- Friends had a bit to much to drink.

Ivory- Ya well I’m not sure about her but Troy don’t normally drink very heavy .

Lei- He’s out I think I’m about to it the hay too.

Nova- Cool, I’m going out for a bit of fresh air yall wish to join me.

Ivory, Ricky Robert- Sure

(The three make their way outside Nova leans up against the wall and the shadows seem to hide him along with his already dark skin complexion all you can really see is the red glow of his eyes behind his glasses)

Nova- Aww love this the fresh mid night air.

Ricky- So cold and crisp here at night.

Nova- (chuckles) Ya but the bitter cold air is the best to breath in. It gives me chills. ( Looks over at Ivory )

Hey cowboy thanks for shutting up drunk chuck for me.

Ivory- Well to be quite honest my friend you didn’t really give me a choice to not fight the guy.

Nova- (chuckles) Ya true but either way you beat his ass and I appreciate it.


Ricky- He Ivory your friend Troy talking about seeing angles finding a blond boy and saving the world you know anything about that man.

Ivory- To be honest that’s all news to my ears too.

Robert- Maybe your friends gone a lil crazy.

Ivory- Maybe with all the thangs he’s be through I not surprised he ain’t crazier then a kicking bull.

Nova- Well we all have are hardships

(Ivory turns to Nova and can’t stop starring at the to red glows behind Nova’s glasses. So being as blunt of a person as he is Ivory asked Nova)

Ivory- Hey there buddy if I may be so kind to ask what’s the deal with the whole glowing red eyes trick.

(Nova leans is head back)

Nova- (Sigh) I figure this come up. Well cowboy do you know who the Lord of Evil are?

Ivory- I’m guessing someone you don’t take to kindly to.

Robert- The lords of evil are self proclaimed King and Queen of this eastern region.

Ricky- Once everyone left to explore and colonize other planets. Earth became a complete anarchy. Governments fell civilizations died people began to get desperate. Then their was this couple two former prisoners who have formed an Army of thugs, gangsters and punks and they rule this region.

Nova- The King and Queen of Evil… The Lords of Evil.

Ivory- Well I be damned all you hear back on Jawran is how beautiful Earth is and people should always go back and see the planet that birthed humanity.

Nova- That’s only true in those tourist traps Earth has set up. The Lords will even be in control of that soon. Anyone who has ever had misfortune one way or another it had to do with the lords.

Ivory- So I take it they are the reason behind why you have glowing red eyes instead of normal eyes..

Nova- (Chuckles) Yes and for the record my eyes are white. It’s the tent of the glasses that make them appear red I thought that would look cooler. But these eyes are a blessing and a curse. My father once was a loyal apprentice to the Queen of Evil. She said she would give him great power that the power would run through his families blood for ever. She laid two fingers over my fathers eyes and then suddenly energy from his body began to spew out of his body. She then put sun glasses over his eyes because spirit energy cannot transfer through glasses. Thus my families curse was born.

Ivory- Why do you find it a curse.

Nova- Lots of reasons. (Looks Ivory in the face) Every time I take my glasses off and the energy spews out it hurts so much. A pain that makes a few minutes seem like a lifetime of torture. I feel like I’m shooting glass out of my eyes not spirit energy and if I let out to much energy from my body it will consume me. Also no woman want to be with a guy knowing this is what her child will inherit. My father was tricked into this deal and when he asked the Queen to remove it she just laughed at him and said be careful what you wish for.

Ivory- So you hate her cause she tricked your father.

Robert- Every hates the Lords. What’s to like?

Ricky- Our father spoke against the King of Evil once. The King had him killed for it.

Ivory- Kings and Queens abusing their powers huh guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

( On Damon) (Ren Oken’s Army stands on the desert plains outside the city of Lyn) ( The City of Lyn had been captured by Jawran and had been transformed into a very heavily fortified stronghold. The wind was blowing really hard kicking up the desert dust. Ren Oken shielded his eyes with his hand. He stood with Jalt, King Jagon and Fila as well as the rest of his army.) (Ren turns to his army raises his sword and says)

Ren Oken- This is it! Take this city and Jawran will be forced to retreat! Take this city and we win the war!

( Ren’s Army is now massive in size Damon’s and Jagon’s scream out roars as they await the battle.) ( Then the walls to Lyn start to separate and open.)

Ren Oken- Here they come ready the charge rifles.

( the first two lines of Ren’s army pull out their C.R.s and aim at the opening walls of Lyn as the battlefield falls silent. The battlefield remains silent for a few more minutes until Jalt says.)

Jalt- My Prince shall we charge.

Ren Oken- No! They will come.

(Then hundreds of high-tech motor bikes spew out of Lyn all going different directions trying to not make themselves easy targets knowing that the Damon’s all have horrible aim.)

Jalt- What’s this

King Jagon- They are trying to make themselves difficult targets to hit.

Ren Oken- FIRE!

( Ren’s two front lines fire at the enemy like usual but this time not nearly as successful. The black motor bikes swerve and skid and the Damon C.R.s aim isn’t good enough to hit them. Some bikes crash and burn but only a few. The Jawran bike riders now regroup and form a solid formation and the riders all draw their blades and then ride towards Ren’s Army.)

Fila- They are going to plow right through us.

Ren Oken- Scatter!

(Ren’s massive army tries to scatter but the soldiers end up just running into each other and causing a panic. The Jawran bike cavalry rides right through Ren’s Army. Their bikes ran over some soldiers and swinging their blades as they rode by killed others. Ren looked upon his army as the jawran bike cavalry rode through it and then turned his eyes back on the wall at Lyn. Their he saw the true Army marching out of the walls of Lyn and leading that army was James. Ren was about to call his men to charge when he turned and saw a Jawran on a bike speeding right towards him. The man on the bike raised his sword as he rode closer. But Ren side stepped to the side of the bike and swiftly swung his sword low cutting the front tire, stopping the bike and ejecting the rider out of the bike. Then Ren stood up and pointed his sword at the army lead by James coming out of Lyn.)

Ren Oken- Charge!

James- Charge!

( The two armies charge toward each other and meet with a force. Swords where swinging and both Jawrans and Damons fell dead. It was currently a stalemate. Ren pushed his way through the fighting looking for James until he found him.)

(screaming over the noise of the battle.)

Ren Oken- James! You where sent here to kill me huh. (James not respond aim his sword at Ren) You know its your brother I really want. I want the man who killed my father and ran off with my sister.

James- Troy is dead.

Ren Oken- Aww don’t bullshit me. Is that the lies you tell your people. Troy is who I want ,but you will do for now.

( Ren charges James. He leaps and swings his sword over head at James and James blocks it. They lock swords but Ren pushes off and swings his razor sharp claws across James chest. This cause James to fall to one knee and Ren goes for another over the head strike. James raise his sword and pushes upwards effectively blocking the attacking and coming back to his feet. James swings his sword around but Ren ducks and dodges the attacks. James keeps this attack up and he swings his large broadsword with so much velocity you can hear it whistle in the wind. James swings to take Ren’s legs out and Ren does a back flip as the blade passes underneath him. Then James swings again this time for the head Ren puts his short sword up trying to block it but James swung with so much force he couldn’t stop the blow and not only knocked Ren to the ground but knocked his short sword out of his hand. James took his large broad sword with two hands over head and tried to come down on Ren but Ren rolled out of the way. Ren came to his hands and knees and saw his sword a couple feet away from him. Ren made a mad dash for his sword but James raised his hand faced his palm out and fingers up and a ball of white energy shot from his palm to Ren’s sword knocking Ren’s sword even farther away from him. Ren looked upon James in shock as James walked closer to him.)

Ren Oken- What the hell was that?

(James walks over to Ren still on his hands and knees. James raises his sword again going for the final blow when out leaps Fila pouncing on top of James. With her sword in hand the young Jagon tried to go for her killing blow but James kicked her off of him. James came to his feet as did Fila. They both stood in a fighters stance ready for the next move.)

Ren Oken- Fila don’t!

(She attacked James and they traded blows parrying each others attacks and trying to come back. Fila came with a very overly aggressive over the head swing and James swiftly stepped behind her and sliced her from behind.) (Ren still on his knees reached out one hand and screamed.)

Ren Oken- Noooooooooooooo!

(Fila dropped her sword and fell to her knees. Ren looked into her eyes she looked sorry to him. Sorry she wasn’t able to kill James for him. But then she gave a slight smile because for a Jagon to die in battle is an honor. Then she fell forward onto her face. The young Jagon warrior was dead.)

Ren Oken- No! You bastard!

(Jalt and King Jagon come up behind Ren and grab him.)

Jalt- My Prince we are taking to many casualties we must retreat.

(Ren doesn’t respond)

King Jagon- Get him out of here Jalt. (yelling to army) Retreat! Retreat!

( Ren’s army fled from the battle field and the attack was a failure. As they ran they heard behind them the cries of victory from the Jawran army. The enraged Ren so much he broke free from Jalt’s grasp and faced toward the Jawran army in the distance.)

Ren Oken- You Bastards! I will kill you all! Every last one of you! You all deserve to die! All of you! All of you!

(He was so far away they couldn’t hear him) ( Jalt grabs him again to pull him away)

Jalt- My prince we must flee.

(Ren being a Damon can see peoples emotions. As he looks onto the Jawran army he sees yellow energy spew from the army meaning happiness.)

Ren Oken- I hate them so much!

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