Eden's Heros 8 ( The Run In)

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The gang has a run in with the police.

Submitted: May 16, 2009

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Submitted: May 16, 2009



(After the loss Ren reported back to the palace where is mother stayed. He was in his mothers throne room knelt before her as she sat on her throne.)

Queen Oken- I see…. As saddening as this is it is only a minor set back. The Jawrans do not have enough man power to stage a counter attack.

Ren Oken- This only delays their attack mother you know they will be back.

Queen Oken- Yes, and when that happens I call upon you again my son. ( She leans forward in her seat and reads his energy. Blue energy spews from his body) My son why are you sad?

Ren Oken- My personal feelings have nothing to do with the current situation my Queen.

Queen Oken- But I am your mother. And I worry about you. I can see that your sad my son I have the gift and you spew a blue energy.

Ren Oken- My Queen…

Queen Oken- Please son call me mother.

Ren Oken- Mother… call me when you have further military report.

(Ren turns and walks out of the palace. Queen Oken sadly sighs knowing her son is hiding something and can be difficult to reach at times.) ( When he reaches the outside of the palace he is approached by King Jagon who for once seems very serious.)

King Jagon- Ren!…Ren I wanted to talk to you, you seem troubled.

Ren Oken- I think any prince would be a little troubled after leading his army into ambush.

King Jagon- Ren this is a war, casualties will happen. You don’t win every battle.

Ren Oken- I know that. Just loosing to them is like salt in my wounds.

King Jagon- That’s another thing Ren I have known you since you where a boy and I must say it frightens me to hear you speak with so much hate in your heart.

Ren Oken- Do I not deserve to hate. They killed my father, kidnapped my mother and sister. They ravaged our lands and killed my people, and they killed Fila.

King Jagon- Fila died with honor she wouldn’t want to go any other way.

Ren Oken- Ya well what about the kids or any of the other civilians. They didn’t want to die. They didn’t want a war. So why is this happening to us, cause we are different. Jawrans are all evil King Jagon.

King Jagon- (Yelling) REN STOP! Don’t you realize when you talk like that you sound no different then them.

(enters Jalt)

Jalt- They call for genocide on our people. The Jawran empire is not only a threat to us but the entire Milky Way Galaxy is under threat by their radical thinking.

Ren Oken- So maybe they should be the ones that are targeted for genocide.

King Jagon- Ren listen to your self…

Jalt- Do the Jagon people side with Damon or Jawran.

King Jagon- Damon but…

Jalt- Then follow the princes’ orders and don’t ask questions. Come on my prince.

(Jalt and Ren exit.) (Leaving King Jagon by himself looking worried)

(Troy stood in a vast white room by himself. He was dreaming and his dream had brought him to a dream world where he expected a visit from his Teacher. Then Teacher appeared in front of him)

Troy- Wow… I guess I’m not crazy.

Teacher- I told you I would come to visit you in your dreams.

Troy- Ya, Well I got some questions about this kid I’m about to find. I mean I virtually know nothing about him at all.

Teacher- His name is Lincoln he is 17 and he lives in a small village east of here in the former state of Delaware. He is approximately 5’8 170 pounds.

Troy- And how is he going to help me save the world.

Teacher- That you have to find out on your own and I suggest you leave to Delaware now because I have already told my friends I’m getting my wings so I need them soon.

Troy- Wings! Is that all you care about wings. Millions and millions of people will die if I don’t succeed.

Teacher- (Sarcastic) And that’s your motivation. My motivation is my wings.

Troy- WHAT!

Teacher- Troy every decade the world is about to end and a wingless angel is sent to fix that problem if they don’t fix that problem they don’t get their wings. Have you ever seen a wingless angel. Uhh! not for me.

Troy- Umm… Your wingless aren’t you

Teacher- Not for long if you do your job right.

Troy- Okay so about this me dieing thing.

Teacher- Troy! If you die then you die just make sure you save the world first so I can get my wings okay. Now bye!

Tory - No wait…

(Teacher snaps her fingers and Troy wakes back up in his hotel room. He sees Rio putting on her make up in the mirror)

Rio Oken- Good morning light weight you Jawran’s really can’t take a couple of drinks can you?

Troy- I guess not. What are you doing?

Rio Oken- Just putting on some foundation.

Troy-Oh Damon’s wear make up.

Rio Oken- Why the hell wouldn’t wear make up Troy. Cause we are all beast right.

Troy- No! I didn’t mean it like that.

Rio Oken- Damn it! You see this is why I don’t talk to you. I tried to be nice but no you got to say something stupid don’t you.. ( Rio stands up) Jawran bastard. (Exits)

Troy- Next time I just won’t say anything.

(Troy makes his way down stairs Nova and Ivory are talking at the bar while. At a table sit Rio, Lei Ricky and Robert.)(Troy joins the group at the table as soon as he sits down Rio gets up and walks away.)

Ricky- She doesn’t like you very much does she.

Lei- Well he did kind of kill her father.

Ricky and Robert- WHAT!

Troy- Lei what the hell man.

Lei- Sorry Troy I have been hanging with Ivory to much. I don’t really think before I speak anymore.

Troy- well now that the cats out of the bag. I am a Jawran soldier. Rio’s father attacked me and I killed him.

Robert- Well to be honest Ivory told us your whole situation last night.

Ricky- Ya but failed to mention you killed Rio’s father. I mean he just said yall where in prison for treason and you broke out and ran to Earth like all the other runners from the war.

Lei- I bet he also failed to mention Rio is the Princess of Damon.

Ricky and Robert- What!

Troy- Lei!

Lei- What you said the cats out the bag.

Robert- If Rio is the princess that means… You killed the King Damn it, I knew that was you. They where looking for.

Troy- Wait what , who’s looking for me?

Ricky- Space cops. Two milky way portal officers came by hear with a picture of you. They got you for war crimes on Damon and Treason on Jawran. Yet you seem like such a nice guy I didn’t think it could have possibly been you.

Troy- Ya that’s me.

Robert- So is it true?

Troy- I did kill the King yes, but it was because he had attacked me. King Jawran had tricked us he told us we where going on a peace treaty mission and then we where ambushed. I was only defending myself when I killed the King of Damon

Ricky- Well Troy we also heard from the cops that you had killed an entire army of Damons with one attack now is that a myth or what.

Troy- (sigh) Honestly I don’t remember it. I blacked out and when I came to all the Damon’s where dead, and I was in a hospital bed.

Ricky- I can’t believe I never matched the face and name up. I know who you are Troy everyone does. Your legend on Jawran. Your notorious on Damon and on Earth you where just folklore. We thought you was just made up by the Jawrans to boast their military dominance. I mean come on. Some of the stories where you killed a whole army with one attack and another is you stormed into Vevon killed the king and captured the Queen. That’s unbelievable but, your real.

Troy- Ricky can you take me to Delaware I believe that’s where the boy is.

Ricky- Let me guess your dream.

Troy- Ya!

( In another part of Philadelphia Kio and Michi are walking around asking questions with Troy’s poster. Nova just so happen to be wandering around that area an the to police officers stopped him.)

Kio- Excuse me sir have you seen this man. (Holds up a poster of Troy)

(Nova does notices Troy’s face but doesn’t see any reason to intervene. So he lies)

Nova- Can’t say that I do officer you have a nice day (turns to leave)

Kio- What about this man ( Holds up a picture of Ivory)

(Nova turns and is very shocked to see Ivory’s picture)

Nova- Umm no

Kio- Your not lying are you.

Nova- (stuttering) umm… No officer.

Kio- Give me a call if you change your mind and want to tell the truth.

(Kio and Michi turn and leave)

Michi- (excited) That’s was so cool Kio. You called him out and he was all like umm no officer. That rocked!

Kio- Michi?

Michi- Ya Kio?

Kio- Shut up.

(Nova walks away and turns a corner where he sees Ivory bent over lacing his boots. He looks up to see a puzzled look on Nova’s face.)

Ivory- Something wrong partner.

Nova- why are the galaxy police looking for you cowboy.

Ivory- Pardon?

Nova- A space cop is going around town asking about you. Is there something you need to tell me Ivory?

( Ivory has a shocked looked on his face. He is also worried that there are police out looking for him)

Ivory- Umm.

( Then a crash was heard. Nova and Ivory turned to see a girl knocked over trash can. She is a young short haired blonde women with blue eyes. She almost looks like a Barbie model but she packs a pretty good punch. As she laid on the ground five men came out of the alleyway.)

Thug1- Your no match for the champ and were going to make sure of it.

Thug2- I got to much money on him to see you take him down with a lucky shot.

(Nova rushes over to help the girl and Ivory followed.) ( Nova comes over and with a running straight punch knocks one thug off his feet. Ivory not far behind draws his charge rifle off his back with his bayonet attached to the end of it. With the butt of the rifle Ivory swings the back in of the rifle and clubs another thug in the side of the head.)

Nova- Are you alright Sarah.

Sarah- I got this Nova get out of here.

Ivory- Well little lady five on one don’t seem to fair we are just trying to even the odds.

Sarah- Who’s he?

Nova- A Jawran guy. I will explain later.

( The thugs grabs bats, pipes and one pulls out a high tech version of a pocket knife.) (Two men come at Ivory with pipes. One comes with and over the head swing at Ivory. Ivory raises his rifle with two hands catching the attack and then kicks the thug in stomach. This makes the thug bend forward and grab his stomach so Ivory finishes him with a rising knee. One man with a bat swings high for Sarah’s head she ducks the swing and rises up with a swift kick to the jaw breaking it. The mans eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell backwards.)

Nova- Nice kick Sarah. ( She turns to him.)

Sarah- Thanks Nova

(Then a man appears behind her. The thug swings a bat and strikes her in the ribs. She falls to her knees screaming in pain)

Nova- Sarah!

( Nova comes over and the man swings at him Nova swiftly ducks the swing and strikes the man hard in the stomach with a punch. The man keeps swinging for Nova but with ease Nova bobs and weaves using his boxing skills and continually strikes, jabs and punches the man. The man is a little dizzy from taken so many blows and Nova finishes him with an uppercut. That’s when the thug with the switch blade grabs Sarah and holds his switch blade to her next.)

Thug1- Back off Nova! We just want to rough her up a little bit but if you come any closer. I swear I will kill her right here on the spot.

(Suddenly the man gets shot in the shoulder.) ( Everyone turns to see Ivory holding his Charge Rifle)

Nova- Ivory what the hell was that? You killed him!

Ivory- Naw partner he’s okay. I just nipped him.

Nova- So that’s what a charge rifle does huh.

Ivory- Yup that’s what she does.

Nova- Impressive cowboy.

( Another man tries to sneak up on Ivory but Ivory turns and points his rifle in the mans face. His bayonet was only centimeters away from the thugs face. The man began to sweat as Ivory spoke.)

Ivory- Now don’t go and do something stupid buddy. I recommend you run along right about now.

(the thug turns and runs off) (Sarah stands up holding he ribs)

Sarah- Why didn’t you just shot him.

Ivory- Well the problem with the charge rifle is well… it has to charge I won’t be able to fire another shot for 15 minutes.

(Sarah falls to her knee holding her ribs)

Nova- Sarah ( He goes to comfort her) I’m not letting you fight like this.

(Sarah pushes him off)

Sarah- You know Nova I always knew you could beat the champ. Now I know why you never challenged him.

Nova- So listen to me then Sarah please don’t fight tonight.

Sarah- I’m not a puss like you though. ( She exits )

(On Damon Hailey sits in here tent on her computer when James enters. Hailey turns and notices him.)

Hailey- Hey James

James- Hello Hailey , I you mind if I ask you some things about Ivory.

Hailey- Umm ok sure.

James- He was known all over Jawran for being the best marksmen on the planet. He had reached legendary status among our people. So… Why didn’t Dumen like him.

Hailey- Well you the Jawran people heard all the glamorous about Ivory. But only Dumen and I along with the rest of the crew knew the real Ivory. Ya he was a great shot and he never missed. But…

James- But…

Hailey- He always froze up right before the shot.

James- What?

Hailey- He would start to breath hard, loose his breath, and sweet. My voice was the only thing that would calm him down and then he would take the shot.

James- (chuckles) So without the sound of your voice Ivory wouldn’t have made one shot?

Hailey- (chuckles) Ya I guess not. Wish he was still alive I miss him.

( James has an uncomfortable look on his face. Though he himself doesn’t care much for Ivory he feels uncomfortable lying to Hailey about Ivory when he himself knows Ivory was still alive.)

(Back on Earth people have gathered around to see Sarah take on the camp. Sarah is trying not to show that she has an injury, but everyone can see that her ribs are badly busted.) (The Champ enters he is a very large older man very tall and muscular. His hair is grey with age.) ( People cheer as the Champ enters. The champ raises his hand and says.)

Champ- I am not here to fight.

(Gasp roll throughout the crowd.)

Sarah- What why?

Champ- I know about what happen earlier today. I will not fight you in the condition you are now. We will fight again when you heal. (Turns to the crowd) And anyone who harms this women will have to deal with this women… Personal.

(Champ turns and exits. As he makes his exit he passes Nova and gives him a slight nod.) ( A couple of minutes later after a crowd of disappointed fans have left Nova and Ivory approach Sarah.)

Nova- You okay Sarah?

Sarah- Nova?

Nova- Ya Sarah

Sarah- How did The Champ here of my injury?

Nova- Well you are a pretty popular girl Sarah.

Sarah- Nova I’m not stupid.

Nova- Look Sarah I …

Sarah- I don’t need your help Nova. I never asked you to look over me. You mind your own damn business and stay out of my damn life.

(She tryies to walk away but Ivory cuts her off)

Ivory- Hey little lady he was just trying to be a good guy.

(enters Ricky, Robert, Troy, Lei and Rio)

Troy- Hey Ivory we are headed out you ready to go.


(They all turn to see Kio and Michi with their police sabers drawn out)

Troy- Umm… excuse me.

Ricky- Those where the cops I was telling you about.

Kio- You all are in here by under arrest as well for assisting these criminals.

Robert- With all do respect officer what makes you think you are any match for the Troy the Jawran legend and slayer of a thousand Demons.

Troy- Huh

Ricky- Robert what are you doing.

Robert- Hey Troy’s got to find that boy to stop that war and save the universe right. So we can’t get arrested here now can we.

Kio- Hey everyone shut up and get on the ground.

Troy- Hey Rob I appreciate the moral support but…

Ivory- Come on officer you really think you can take the legendary Troy.

Troy- Ivory!

Lei- One swipe of his blade and your dead.

Troy- What are you guys doing?

Rio- You don’t stand a chance against him.

Troy- Rio you too?

Kio- I’m not scared of you Troy.

Michi- I don’t know Kio he looks pretty strong.

(turning to yell at Michi)

Kio- Shut up Michi

(Why she yells at Michi)

Troy- Run!

( Troy, Nova, Ricky, Robert, Ivory, Sarah, Lei, and Rio all take off running)

Kio- Damn it! Come on Michi don’t let them get away.

Ivory- Lets get to my fly pod.

( The group turns a corner and run down an alley. They then cut across the street as Kio and Michi run after them.)

Kio- Halt in the name of the law.

( They get to the air port and see Ivory’s fly pod.) ( They all make a run for the fly pod until another police fly pod lands in front of them.)

Rio- What the hell

Lei- Another cop

( The hatch opens up and another female cop exit’s the ship. It was Samantha. The beautiful female with short brown hair and blue eyes.)

Michi- Hey it’s Samantha. Hi Sami ( Michi gives a joyful wave at Samantha.)

Samantha- Hello Michi and hello to the legends Troy and Ivory.

Ivory- Well hello officer you have got to be the prettiest thing I have ever seen in a police uniform.

Kio- Hey! Wait you hit on me too.

(Ivory ignores her)

Samantha- I should have known Kio wouldn’t be able to catch Troy and Ivory.

Kio- Hey I was in the process of arresting them.

Samantha- Is that why they where about to get away on this fly pod. (sigh) Let me take care of this.

(Samantha pulls out her saber and attacks Troy. They trade blows as they parry each other attacks. She spins and swings her saber. Troy ducks as it she swings over to top of his head.)

Lei- Wow how graceful and elegant she moves.

Nova- I never seen a woman fight so fierce and beautiful before.

Samantha- Hey! It’s not that great. I mean I can do that to

(Nova and Lei ignore her)

(Troy swings aggressively forward but Samantha side steps and tries to strike him from behind but Troy blocks the blow with the back edge of his sword. Troy spins his double bladed sword as he takes a horizontal swing at Samantha but she jumps back and then lungs in for quick stab with her saber. But Troy swings his blade quickly knocking the blade out of her hand and follows that with a spinning round house kick that knocks Samantha on her bottom.)

Michi- Oh no Sami are you okay?

( Samantha sits up and pulls out a charge pistol and aims it at Troy. Troy freezes and puts both hands in the air. Everyone gasp and stands still in shock)

Samantha- Freeze scumbag.

Kio- What the hell is that?

Samantha- Oh just these knew weapons they are handing out to all the top officers you get one if you get promoted.

Kio- What! You got promoted… Again

Nova- Ivory what is that?

Ivory-That’s a charge pistol it’s a hand held version of my rifle. Doesn’t pack as big of a punch but is easier to carry and has only a 5 min reload time.

(Samantha comes to her feet with her pistol still pointing at Troy.)

Samantha- Seems that I have caught the Legendary Troy of Jawran.

( Then a shot is heard and a charge shot hits Samantha’s pistol. Her pistol explodes in her hand and Troy turns to run. Standing by his fly pod is Ivory with his C.R. still cocked in his shoulder.)

Nova- Damn You’re a good shot cowboy. Come on lets get out of here.

(Ricky, Robert, Sarah, Lei, Nova, Ivory, Rio and Troy all get on the ship. )

Kio- Well, well, well seems like the great Samantha let the perp get away.

Samantha- Like you could have done better.

Kio- I could too.

Michi- I don’t know Kio Samntha is the best officer on the force.

Kio- What! Michi back me up your suppose to be my partner.

Samantha- Thank you Michi.

Michi- Welcome Michi it’s an honor to be by your side and tell Anthony Hi.


Michi- Oh I forgot he left you for Sami.

Kio- Whatever! You know what Sami. I will show you and the whole force. We are going to catch Troy, Ivory and his whole crew. Come on Michi.

(Kio turns to leave.)

Michi- Bye Samantha

Kio- Michi!

( On Jawran King Jawran is in his office doing paper work. Then a knock at his door is heard.)

King Jawran- Yes?

( The door opens and it is Aken his daughter)

Aken- Umm father a scout comes with an important message.

King Jawran- Let him in.

( The Jawran scout enters)

Scout- Sir Ivory and Troy have been spotted on Earth along with Lei, Princess Rio and other.

King Jawran- Excellent to here. Now get out and speak to nobody of this or I will have you and your family killed.

(The scout chokes on his words)

Scout- Umm Yes my King (exits)

King Jawran- Troy (chuckles) Did you and your friends really think you could get away from me.

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