Eden's Heros 9 ( The Runner)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Learn the truth on how Troy and everyone escaped. Thier is hope for Mendo and her crew after all and Hailey tells James something shocking.

(On earth Troy and his crew where in Ivory’s fly pod.)(They had been flying for a couple of hours now. Ivory was sitting at drivers seat controls. Next to him sat Lei. In the back of the fly pod sat Nova, Sarah, Troy, Ricky, Robert, and Rio.)

Ivory- Uh Oh

Troy- What is it Ivory

Lei- We seem to be low on fuel.

Troy- What you didn’t fuel up in Philadelphia?

Ivory- Sorry it was hard to do while the cops where chasing us Troy. We will just fuel up when we get to Delaware okay.

Nova- Umm Ivory…

Ivory- Ya Nova.

Nova- There is no airport in Delaware.

Ivory- WHAT! Well we got to turn around.

Ricky- You won’t make it back in time to fuel up.

Robert- Plus umm the cops are there.

Ivory- Oh Ya

Lei- Guess we got to press on and then walk the rest of the way.

Ivory- I’m not leaving my fly pod out in the middle of some rural area.

Lei- Looks like you don’t really have a choice buddy.

Nova- He’s got a point cowboy.

Ivory- Damn it.

( Back on Damon In James’ tent) ( James was on his computer doing research on the war. Behind him asleep in his bed was Strike) ( Hailey enters with a folder)

Hailey- Prince James I think you should read this.

James- What is it Hailey?

Hailey- Troy and Ivory have been spotted on Earth. They are alive.

(Strike wakes up instantly upon hearing this)( James pretends as if he didn’t already know this)

James- Oh umm. How did you get a hold of such news.

Hailey- Dumen… King Jawran sent a report out to all his Generals. I suspect you got it as well my prince.

James- Oh umm…

(Strike sits up in his bed from behind them.)

Strike- Tell her the truth James. No need hiding it anymore.

Hailey- My prince… What is he talking about?

James- Hailey (sighs) I know my brother and Ivory are still alive. We just didn’t know where they had gone so we keep hush until we found out.

Hailey- Why did you not tell me about this my Prince?

James- I didn’t want to tell you that you where in love with a traitor.

( Hailey’s face has a very hurtful look upon it.)

Hailey- Oh well okay. Well since we are revealing traitors. I thought I should tell you something my Prince.

James- Yes Hailey.

Hailey- You have been working with a traitor. As a matter of fact you have been working very closely with him. You two even sleep in the same tent.

James- What! You mean Strike.

(Strike stands up aggressively)

Strike- Hold Your tongue young lady what do you dare accuse me of.

Hailey- His real name is Muhammad Manvear. Earth region Saudi Arabia. He was recognized for his exceptional combat skills and pulled out of basic training and put into the Jawran Military Academy. That is where he meet his roommate a man by the name of Matthew Jeter Light Infantry Earth Region Germany. Muhammad and Matthew became close friends in their training mission together but when they graduated they had to go their separate ways. In the initial attack on Damon Mr. Jeter’s pod what shot down and he was badly injured and could not move. He was doomed to die in the dry unforgiving Damon desert. That is until he was rescued by one man. (Pauses) Your brother.

James- What does this have to do with Strike, Hailey!?

Hailey- Don’t you see James. Lisa ordered Strike to kill Troy, yet Troy lives. He let Troy escape with his life because he looked up to Troy for saving his best friends life. There is no other way.

James- Strike do you have an explanation for this.

(Strike stood with his head hung low)

Strike-(sigh) I couldn’t kill him James.

James- For now on you address my as Prince James now kneel! (Strike Knelt to one knee) You hypocrite, you scumbag traitor you aided the escape of the most threading crew of men and women to the Jawran Empire.

Strike- I did it in the honor of my friend.


(Yelling in anger)

James- And for him you betrayed you’re the Jawran Empire.

Strike- No! I did it because it was an order from my Princess.

James- What? Princess no. Do not dare bring my dear Aken into this.

Strike- She did what she felt was best for the empire.

James- Explain yourself.

Strike- My prince I am a royal guard. That’s what I do. I guard the royal family and I only take orders from the royal family only! Do you really think I would take an order from Lisa.

James- Rise solider. Are you trying to say Aken gave you the order to kill Troy.

(Strike begins to have a flash back)( In the flash back he is seen talking to Lisa)

Strike- I take orders from the royal family only.

Lisa- Well think about it this way my boy. Kill them tonight in their sleep and you will be paid richly just think about it for me okay.

(Lisa exits)

Strike- She’s a snake in the grass.

Aken Jawran- Yes she is. (Strike turns and sees Princess Aken Jawran)

Strike- Princess Aken.

Aken Jawran- Royal Guard Strike. I have an order for you.

Strike- Anything for you my Princess.

Aken Jawran- Follow Lisa’s order.

Strike- What why?

Aken Jawran- But let them escape.

Strike- What?

Aken Jawran-You see Sir guard you could go to my father as you where probably about to do and tell him what Lisa just told you. And all that would happen is that he would yell at her and that would be that. But… If she tremendously screws up and her order actually leads to their escape. My father might fire her. Then he won’t have a little birdie singing in her ear to continue this pointless war. This should be easy enough for you to do Sir guard. I have heard you are quite fond of Troy.

Strike- Umm Yes Princess Aken he saved a good friend of mind.

Aken Jawran- Then pay him back the favor set him free.

Strike- Very well Princess Aken but what if Lisa becomes suspicious.

Aken Jawran- I will deal with her.

(Flash back is over back) (Still on Damon Strike is trying to explain himself to Hailey and James)

James- What did she mean by “I will deal with her”

Strike- My Prince your little Aken isn’t as innocent as you may think. You haven’t figured it out? Lisa just disappeared off the face of Jawran. Aken killed her and I was their to cover it up.

(Back on Earth Troy and his crew stand outside Ivory’s fly pod because it has ran out of gas. Everyone is preparing to make the rest of the trip on foot. All expect for Ivory. Who is trying to fix the ship.)

Ivory-(yelling) You got to be kidding me! Damn It (throws wrench to the ground)

Lei- It’s out of gas Ivory not broken. You coming or not.

Ivory- You have any idea how much this fly pod cost me and we are just going to leave it out here in the middle of no where.

Lei- Not like anyone is going to use it. It’s out of gas.

(Ivory walks over to the rest of the group)

Ivory- How much farther till we get to this village Troy?

Troy- It’s on the other side of these woods.

(Troy points at the heavily wooded area ahead. As like most forest in Delaware the woods where dark and the trees grew so close together it made it hard to walk.)

Ivory- You realize something in there is going to try to kill us.

Rio- Probably. Is the great Jawran scared.

(The group sets foot into the woods.)

( Back On Neptune Captain Mendo and her crew are inside their ship eating another fish that the Neptune natives have brought them. That’s the door to the ship open and five Neptune natives came in. Four of them held spears. Their blue fish like bodies seemed to glow in the dark ship. The fifth Neptune Native stood on front of the other four with a blue pad like slate in his arm.)

Crew member- What’s going on here.

Murphy- They came to kill us.

Mendo- Hold on their Murphy. (slowly) We… mean… you…no…harm.

( That’s when the native spoke in their language for the first time Mendo an her crew was shocked. Though the native couldn‘t speak human language well. The native spoke very slow and his words where choppy and pronounced a little oddly.)

Nall- We know. Hello My name is Nall.

Mendo- Oh… Well hello Nall. (pause) Oh umm I’m sorry how can you understand me.

Nall- I speak the talk that you speak from watching you.

Murphy- That’s why they where studying us.

Nall- I am sorry I am new to your talk. What is Studying?

Mendo- He was saying that’s why you where watching us. To learn how we talk.

Nall- This is true, Yes.

Murphy- Well damn that’s great I thought they where going to kill us.

Nall- Umm… What is Damn?

(Murphy giggles)

Murphy- Wow umm we have a lot to teach you.

Mendo- I am Captain Mendo what do you call this planet of yours Nall.

Nall- This is our home Nefoon. Why are you here.

Mendo- Well we got lost on our way home and crashed here.

Nall- You want to go home.

Mendo- Very much so.

Nall- If we fix your ship for you. Will you show us your home.

Murphy- Captain permission to speak freely.

Mendo- What is it Murphy?

Murphy- We know nothing about their people I’m not sure that would be wise.

Mendo- They have feed us and gave us water. I assume this is because they are interested in use and our civilization. If we deny them that they might kill us then. (Captain Mendo turns to Nall) We would be happy to show you our planet.

( Back on Earth Troy and his crew are walking through the forest. )

Ivory-Damn it’s Trees, trees and more trees. What a pain

Rio- I think it is quite beautiful actually.

Sarah- It’s just a forest.

Troy- Damon is a desert planet. She has never seen a forest before. Let alone been inside one.

Ivory-(sarcastically) Oh well poor her.

Robert- Do they not have trees on Damon.

Ricky- Robert! Sorry miss Rio. Sometimes 17 year old boys don’t know when to not ask questions.

Robert- I’m 17 not 12 don’t treat me like a little kid Ricky.

Rio- It’s quite all right you two. And Robert to answer your question there are oasis and rivers on Damon. Around there are a few trees but nothing like this.

( seeing that Rio was in a good mood. Troy felt this was a good time to try and get on her good side)

Troy- Well Damon is also a very beautiful place.

Rio- Is that why you and your people tried to destroy it.

Troy- I was just trying to…

Rio- Well don’t okay. I don’t like you Troy. I’m only with you because my mother told me to stay with you.

Troy- Why do I even bother with you.

Rio- That’s a good question why do you even bother.

(Rio’s comment finally get to Troy as he explodes)

Troy- You know I have done nothing but try to help and protect you and you still treat me like a piece of shit!

Rio- That’s because you are a piece of shit! You’re a murdered and a liar. You have killed thousands of my people including my father and you expect me to freaking like you. NO!

Ricky- HEY YOU TWO! Ok I realize you two have some bad history between each other but for right now can we work on getting out of this forest.

Ivory- Whoa you say that like were lost.

Ricky- Well umm we kinda are.

Nova- Wait What! I thought you knew the way.

Ricky- I knew the village was on the other side of this forest but I don’t know my way through the forest.

Sarah- Well shit man don’t you think you should have told us that before we cam in here.

(While everyone else argues Lei takes a couple of steps ahead and notices something.)

Lei- Hey guys their seems to be a cabin up ahead.

Ricky- Seriously?

(Everyone but Ricky and Robert runs ahead to see what Lei is talking about.)

Robert- Looks like your off the hook big bro.

( When the all notice the Cabin this all rush over towards it. When they arrive Troy knocks on the door)

Troy- Hello is anyone their.

( Ivory pushes on the door and it opens up. Then he enters.)

Lei- Ivory what are you doing you can just walk into someone’s house.

Ivory- Calm down Lei buddy this place is probably abandoned.

( Everyone else then enters ) ( They cabin is a small one room with a bed and stove)

Sarah- (sarcastically) Cozy in here huh.

Nova- Umm guys I don’t think this place is abandoned.

Rio- What makes you think that?

Nova- The stove is on.

( A voice is heard from the door way)

Daniel- What are you doing in my cabin

( The group turns and sees probably the last thing they expected to see on the planet Earth. A full blooded Cat beast Demon. His voice deep and his body was still massively large. Yet his mane was starting to grey. Though he was still very large and fierce looking you could also tell he was rather old.)

Sarah- What is that.

(step forward and up to the beast. A certain elegance comes out that she has not shown the rest of the group until now)

Rio- This is a full blooded cat beast demon. (She touches his mane) One of the proud natives of Damon. What is your name fellow Damon.

(Daniel is shocked to see his princess in his own house. He immediately falls to one knee.)

Daniel- My princess I am Daniel.

Rio- Strange… You have a human name.

Daniel- I have disregarded my Damon name my princess. For I do not deserve it.

Rio- What have you done to loss your name?

(Daniel lifts his head and looks into his Princess’ eyes)

Daniel- I am here my Princess. Don’t you see I am a runner.

Rio- You fled Damon because of the war.

Daniel- Yes a decision in which I regret every day. ( He raises his hands) But I see you have come to retrieve me and I accept my punishment.

Rio- Umm Well actually Daniel that’s not the reason I am here please sit I have a lot to explain to you.

( Back on Damon Ren is in his room. When there is a knock at the door. Ren answered it and it was Jalt)

Jalt- The Queen wises to speak to you my prince.

(Ren and Jalt make their way to the Queens throne room. Where they see Queen Oken and a milky way galaxy police officer.)

Ren- What is going on here mother.

Queen Oken- I thought you would want to read this my son.

(Queen Oken lifts her hand showing a piece of paper. Ren walks up to her and takes it and begins to read.)

Ren- It’s just a notice for the Milky War Fighters Tournament.

Milky Way Officer- It states that neither Damon or Jawran well be competing this year.

Ren- What! why?

Milky Way Officer- By rules of the Tournament no two planets at war may enter the Tournament. You know this Prince of Oken. Probably for the best since you might kill someone else live on universal television.

Jalt- Do not disrespect the Prince Officer.

Queen Oken- Ren I am calling for a cease fire so that you may enter the tournament.

Ren- Good be nice to get those Jawran scumbags off this planet.

Milky Way Officer- Actually by Articles of War. Those lands that the Jawran’s have captured now be long to Jawran, and they do not have to leave.

Ren- What!

Queen Oken- Ren! Forget about that right now. You winning this tournament in a respectful and honorable way may be the boost of morale that our planet needs. Will you do this Ren?

Ren- (Looks at the officer, Jalt, and his mother.)(sigh) Yes Mother I will.

Milky Way Officer- Well if that’s the case you better find a partner because this year is a doubles tournament.

(Back on another Part of Damon James is in his military base reading the same paper while Dumen and Hailey stand over his shoulder)

Dumen- So who are you going to choose as a partner then?

James- It doesn’t matter King Jawran won’t call for the cease fire.

Dumen- True he will probably be against it, but you know the J.E.S.G. will over rule him.

James- True.

Dumen- So who will you choose as a partner then.

James- I don’t know who would be a good enough warrior to repersent Jawran.

Hailey- James that should be obvious. Pick Strike.

James- What!? I would never work with him.

Dumen- I know what is going on between you two, but you must admit he is the finesse warrior Jawran has to offer. (pause) Next to you of course my Prince.

Hailey- You have a much better chance of beating Ren and who ever he chooses with Strike by your side.

James- Well… I suppose your right.

( Back On Earth night has fallen upon the sky. The full blooded cat beast Demon stood outside his cabin with Rio. Daniel felt like he had betrayed his planet and didn’t feel that he had the right to even be in the presence of Princess Rio.)

Rio- Everyone is asleep thank you for letting us stay here.

Daniel- My princess it was the least I could do for you.

Rio- Daniel I must ask even though I know it will be hard for you but, why did you run.

Daniel-(sigh) I am not young my princess. When I was draphted at first I was scared. I had a family to take care of. Then I had gotten a letter that my home town of Dankle had been destroyed by Jawran C.C.s. My wife and kids all dead. That’s when commander Jalt took control of our platoon.

Rio- Commander Jalt that’s the highest ranking full blooded catbeast demon in the Damon army. I know him he is my brother’s right hand man.

Daniel- Yes he is. He wanted to defend the city of Gertland. But I felt I know longer had anything to fight for. Defending Gertland was a sucide mission anyways but Jalt told us that our deaths would be nessary. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t feel like it was even my war to fight anymore. So I stole a fly pod and fled to Earth. (sigh) What a fool I am. A fool and a coward.

Rio- Daniel there is a way you can reclaim your honor.

Daniel- My princess I have done the worse thing someone can do to their planet. I do not think reclaiming my honor is possible.

Rio- Not even if I made you my royal guard.

(Daniel cat like ears shoot up as he looks at Rio)

Daniel- I do not deserve that honor My princess. I’m rather old, not very well trained and…

Rio- It says in the Deleration of Damon that the royal family must have a Damon royal guard with at all times. As you can see none of the people I am with have even a quarter if Damon blood in them so you get the job by default.

Daniel- My Princess I…

Rio- Daniel You don’t have a choice. You must follow my orders I am you Princess.

(Daniel Kneels to Rio)

Daniel- Yes Princess Rio. I will protect you on this journey I know it has been hard the young human Troy explain everything to me in much detail.

Rio- Troy (grunts) I’m hate him.

Daniel- I was unpleased with him aswell when he told me that he had killed the King your father. Yet when I read his energy he seemed like a very kind creature. Not of the murderous type. I belived him when he told me he did not want to kill King Oken.

Rio- Well I didn’t.

Daniel- Why!? Could you not read his energy?

Rio- Yes I read his energy. I just still don’t belive him. He tries to come off as a good person. I just know a Jawran could never be a kind hearted person especially the one who killed my father and kidnapped my mother and I. He broke my arm to ya know.

Daniel- That was to refrain from killing you a promise he made your father.

Rio- Ya well I still don’t like him.

( The net morning came and everyone was standing outside the cabin and was ready to leave.)

Daniel- I know these woods like the back of my paw I will get you all out of here in know less then a day.

( Sarah looks at Ricky)

Sarah- It will be good to be lead around by someone who knows where their going for once.

(Nova and Ivory walk by Ricky)

Nova- Sorry my man she can be like that sometimes.

Ivory- Feisty though ain’t see and kinda cute

( Lei comes along behind Ivory pushing him forward )

Lei- That’s enough Ivory.

( They finally make it out of the forest and onto the plains of Delaware their destination wasn’t far away now. That’s when Ivory accidentally stepped on something and heard it cracked he picked it up and it was a CD case.)

Ivory- What the hell is this?

Robert- Oh that’s a music CD those things are ancient. I have only seen them in history books.

Nova- Looks to be a rap CD.

Ivory- what’s that mean.

Nova- Rap is a old style of music. If you could be able to say words in a poetic rhyming form that would mean you could rap.

Ivory- Oh can you rap Nova.

Nova- (upset) why you think I can rap cause I’m black! That’s kind of jacked up cowboy!

Ivory- What?

Sarah- He is from Jawran Nova he doesn’t understand Earth racism Nova.

Nova- Oh ya.

Ivory- What is racism ?

Lei- Nova I think you asked enough questions.

Nova- No it’s okay I think he deserves to know why I snapped on him. Racism is when you don’t like someone or assume something about someone just because of their lifestyle or the way they look.

(Ivory then has a sudden flash back of when he was talking to Hailey)

Hailey- Is it really that wrong.

Ivory- (Screaming) YES IT IS!

Hailey- You realize if you and I would have lived back in those times where skin tone mattered people would have killed us for loving each other.

(Then Ivory came back to.)

Ivory- Nova buddy I have a question.

Nova- What is it?

Ivory- Was their ever a time on this planet where people your skin tone would be able to date people my skin tone. I mean I know that sounds stupid but I was just wondering… (chuckles)

Sarah- Yes Ivory their was such a time. Back before the time of the Tree of Eden back even before Earth’s world wars. Their was a time in which skin tone made that much of a difference.

Ivory- What!? But that’s just silly.

Nova- Well a lot of people think the reason you and Damon are fighting is silly.

Rio- Fighting (huff) the Damon people aren’t fighting we are protecting what is ours. Jawran’s are evil people and it’s just in their nature to try to kill anything that’s not like them. They all should be destroyed.

Nova- Just assuming that all Jawran’s are killers. See Ivory’s that’s a perfect example of racism.

Lei- Ya, I mean she’s understandably upset but even though she can read emotions and see that Troy isn’t lieing when he said he didn’t want to kill her father. She honestly still doesn’t believe him because he is a Jawran.

Nova- It’s sad. Why where you so curouis anyways?

Ivory- O well just nothing…

Lei- Wouldn’t have anything to do with Haiely would it cowboy.

Ivory- (Lie) No!

(Lei looks to Nova)

Lei- Ivory’s girl friend from Jawran is your complextion Nova.

Nova- oh really Alright Cowboy.

Ivory- She’s not my girlfriend just a friend.

Sarah- Please Ivory you can see it all over your face that that’s not true. I don’t need to fancy Damon emotion magic to even know that. Kind of glad though I was starting to think you where some type of horn dog. You probably miss her though.

Ivory- Well

Robert- Don’t worry Ivory if anyone knows how you feel it’s Sarah. Her boyfriend was kidnapped by the Queen of evil.

Ivory- Really!?

Sarah- Thanks jack ass for laying out my business like that. But anyways ya that’s how Nova and I meet. He hates the Queen of Evil for putting the curse on his family. I hate the bitch for taking my man and brainwashing him to be her damn servant. (calling out to) Hey Ricky, Robert want to make me a deal?

Ricky, Robert- What?

Sarah- If I ever get a chance and you help me kill the Queen of Evil. I will help you kill the King of Evil for murdering your father.

Ricky- That’s a deal.

Robert- Hell ya!

Daniel- there it is

(pointing to a small huddle of houses. Troy is happy to finally see this place.)

Troy- That’s where the boy is I am suppose to find. I know it.

Rio- Ya well it is getting late so we will see your little boy friend in the morning. We are setting camp here.

Troy- What are you serouis the town is right their off into the distance.

Ricky- I am kinda tired Troy we will walk their tomorrow.

Troy- You guys got to be kidding me.

Submitted: June 05, 2009

© Copyright 2020 EdensHeros. All rights reserved.

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Alice Clarence

James just had his bubble burst! I am do happy for his shock. I hope that he loses on the doubles though.
I love the added in lesson on racism. It adds alot of sentimental value to this episode. I hope that Troy and they survive. Keep me in the loop.

Fri, June 12th, 2009 4:52am



awesome, really kl , i liked it :)

Thu, July 23rd, 2009 1:26pm

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