Teacher's Pet

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When a fantasy goes too far it can only have one outcome-the destruction of both parties. And when a teacher treats her pet with too much attention, there is a price he will pay. With his life.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Greta had turned forty-four that past year. She lived by herself, in a red brick house overlooking the freeway. It was small and primitive, with only a spindly birch tree, which barely reached the shingled rooftop. Her aged car was constantly breaking down, and this seemed suitable enough for an under-paid Psychology teacher. She didn’t keep any pets and she certainly didn’t keep suitors, but what she did keep was a single dark secret lodged in her heart like a deep-rooted splinter.

 This secret destroyed her from the inside, turning her intestines black and making her stomach coil with fear of discovery. It throbbed inside of her mind, making even a simple task of washing plates beyond the bounds of possibly for her hands would shake with worry. Her usually kind, sea-blue eyes would dart to-and-fro, making sure that there were no stray glances in her direction. She avoided any social activities, afraid that upon interacting with others the words would slip out and she would be caught in a web of mortifying humiliation.

Greta only felt comfortable in her classroom. This wasn’t because she enjoyed teaching Psychology as a subject, if anything she resented it, but because of the occupant of the table farthest from her. His name was Jacob.

Jacob had turned 15 that past year. His hair was unruly, forming into quirky curls, which frequently got in the way of those brown eyes that shone like buttons on a brand new coat. His nose was too large for his face, and this was common for a boy going through the early stages of puberty, Greta had remarked to herself. His lips, which were always forming some sort of new atrocious comment, were puffy from the recent adjustment of metal adorning both the top and bottom of his mouth. Greta would never ask him questions in class, because she was fearful that once her face turned crimson, everyone would know. Instead, she made sure to avoid his pervasive gaze by placing him as far from her as possible.
When in the teacher’s lounge, Greta often spoke of Jacob’s insolence as a way of masking her real feelings for him. In between sips of coffee, she would turn to her colleagues and remark: “Ah yes, that boy Jacob. I almost feel sorry for him, I do, but he’s reached the age now where he is out of our hands.” Many of the other teachers thought Jacob still had hope, but even though Greta’s adorned and almost worshipped the boy, she couldn’t help but admit he was really hopeless. Or maybe she was hopeless. If anything, she would rather they be hopeless together to share the path of a similar fate.

However, Greta’s predicament was different from Jacob’s. Being lazy is something one can fix with motivation and goals. Being infatuated with someone, in Greta’s eyes, was a feeling that no magical elixir could solve or vanquish. For Greta, her lust for Jacob ran so deep she could feel it in the core of her bones, the flutter of her heart, the sickness of her mind. She was in love, but this revelation only cast her into an abyss of woe for the cure to this malicious disease could only be death. She could not survive without him and she could not survive with him either.

It was a Friday, and this meant she would be teaching Jacob last. For her, this was the highlight of her week. Yet, this only made the demon of jealousy arise within Greta, for Jacob often spoke of the parties and girls he would be attending to later that night. But this time Jacob was sullen, his head was cast down and a bruise adorned the left side of his pale cheek. The bell had rung, and Jacob was still sitting at the back, slumped down and silent.

“Is everything alright, Jacob?” Greta felt her voice waver so she cleared her throat in hopes he hadn’t realized how nervous she felt.

Jacob didn’t reply. Greta shuffled across the room, her swollen legs dragging past the empty seats. Finally, she reached him, and settled down beside him. He turned his face away, unwilling to let her see the tears forming in his eyes, but Greta reached over and pulled his face towards hers. The look of frozen, pure fear was evident, but this time it was not Greta’s-it was Jacob’s.

Greta clung to Jacob’s arm and let the yearning completely envelop her, she thrust herself at him only to hear Jacob’s quiet whimper. Her dry, cracked lips pressed upon his and she only clutched him tighter as he fought to keep her off. But Greta was too overpowering, and soon Jacob’s body grew limp.

Greta squeezed him tighter and tighter, she wanted him to become apart of her, and she wanted them to be conjoined into one. She smothered him in kisses, she ran her large palms down his back and shoulders, and she slobbered over him like a hungry animal ready to make the final attack on their prey.

But Jacob was still. His body was unmoving. And only then did Greta realize the power of her crushing love. 

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