MYstery (I wanted)

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The best image of our life is what we see in the mirror without hiding our truth

"Je veux être avec toi

Et Je ne aime pas sans toi"

Thousands of tears placing my mind into fire.

Loneliness I've gotten to inspire.

I wanted to love you when I didn't find myself in front of me

I wanted to hug you when I didn't wrap my hope so close to me.

I can't expect to see when I haven't opened my eyes.

Nam myoho is growing around where I fight to see my soul rise.

It is a winding road of devotion to nurture 

It is a narrow way of chanting to my future.


I wanted to run when I was not able to walk

I wanted to sing when I was not able to talk

I wanted to fly when I was not able to stand my ground

I wanted to speak when I was not able to hear my soul-sound.

I will be right back when I see myself in my eyes getting high

I will give my hands when I can find more than I could cry. 

Submitted: November 16, 2013

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