Fifty percent ch. 2

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This is continuation of a story I am writing

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



Fifty percent: CHAPTER TWO
`As I was falling Wind swirled around the car, it sounded like a tornado. I
curled up and hoped for the best, all of a sudden the force from falling flung my arm to the side, I
knew that wasn't good… Then, everything turned black, and it stayed like that for a while. My
eyes struggled to open, they rolled back into my head and I started to go into convulsions, I
grabbed onto something and calmed the tremors running through my body, my vision came back
into focus as I felt a rush of weakness as I looked over at my arm smashed in between the
passenger seat and the roof. I know I lost it. I reached into my pocket and got out my 1 foot long
switch blade, it was my favorite, my father gave it to me…before he died. I knew it would save
me one day. I had to cut off my arm, I knew this from the time I first looked over, I must have
been out for a while because my arm was growing gang green I carefully placed it on the rotting
flesh and started to cut, it didn't hurt to bad because it was rotting, until I got to the bone, I had to
break it some how… then I remembered the heavy metal flash light I have in the glove
department. I stretched my arm over as pain shot through my back, I thought I broke it. Now I
had the flashlight in hand and ready to start the "surgery" again, I rose the flashlight into the air
and came down on the bone with beastal force. The bone cracked and I screamed because it felt
like all the nerves in my body where on fire. It was easy to get loose from then on, I opened the
car door and it fell off, I would have laughed except that the fact I was in horrible pain, I drug my
self out and looked up, I fell a long way down, It was a miracle I am alive. I looked over the other
way into the distance and seen a road. I took a step and pain went though my body like a jolt of
electricity. I was mile away from the scene of the wreck and I was feeling weaker and weaker
with every step I sweat, I cringed, I cried and almost passed out from the pain a few times the
whole time I was looking at my feet and dragging on and when I was about to give up, I looked
up and seen the road… I felt like screaming for joy but it hurt to talk. Then…I fell..I just fell for
no reason and I let out and extremely loud yelp that made my throat feel as if it was getting
ripped in half, I thought to my self, surely someone heard that. I felt sick all of a sudden I leaned
over and coughed up a puddle of blood. Everything went dark once more as sound of Jerees
voice Echoed through my mind " Don't worry about me." "just go!" and it repeated over and
over again. Beep….beep…beep, I heard as I awoke to a doctor standing over me.
"oh my god…hes awake!"
"qickly now, call his mother!" the doctor said with extreme urgency
"Don't move son… you've been through a lot, my god, you're lucky to be alive."
The doctor looked to be about 40 had long gray hair with a full beard. As I stare up into the
florescent light I loose myself in thoughts of my life and mom. That crash..and us
getting caught made me think a lot about life, my life was pretty normal through my childhood
until...the dad...he died. It was like any other day, my dad got up got ready for work
also got me up to get ready for school, I was 11 in the sixth grade. My dad worked at a pastry
factory, it was heaven for me when I was 11, had all kinds of free cakes and cookies from my
dads job. After work he would go to the local bar, but that day was different, it was a day that
changed my life, I had that same sinking bad feeling that I had the day me and jeree got caught
robbing the electronics store. The Nurse handed me the phone with my mother on the other end, I
swiftly rose up my left and only remaining arm to answer it,
"Yes? Markus? Is that you?"
"Yes." I managed to say in a weak trembling voice
"How long was I out mom?" I said
"A month and two weeks...."she replied
"Rea...really?" I studered in a mildly surprised voice.
"One more week in therapy and I will be able to see your beautiful face again mom." I said
"Don't flatter me, my face is a wreck right now, I was up all night crying and worrying about my
baby,I smeared makeup everywhere." my mom replied as she chuckled "Awww,momma you
could never look ugly, you an angel from heaven momma." I half-sung in an upbeat voice. I
talked like this to keep my moms morale up, she was depressed a lot, especially since the wreck I
was in.
"Momma, I love you, I just wanted you to know."......
"Me too mark, me too." she said half sobbing
"I guess I will see you later then mom?"
The nurse walks in with lunch, chicken patty, salad, green beans and mashed potatos,
she said "Lunch is ready" in a way I knew something was wrong so I said
"Hey, wanna talk about something?"
"Is it that obvious?" she replied
"yeah, even the sadist person could pick you out in a crowd from a thousand miles away."
"yeah..." she said in a distant voice
"My mother died last week..." she said while looking at her feet
"Have you heard of someone named Jeremy Haden?" I said to change the subject and distract her
from her obvious pain
"Yes, the guy who got caught breaking into Linkmans electronics store?" she said
"Really?" I said trying not to give myself away
"Yea, I heard about him on the news last night." she said gesturing over the tv
"You know, my dad died a few years ago when I was in middle school, I know what its like." I
said in a soothing calm voice as I reach over and patted her leg
"Im sorry....what happened? I would understand if you didn't want to talk about it though
"I will tell you if you tell me what happened to your mother,ok? I replied
"Ok, sounds fair, it might be hard but ill do it." she said in a trust worthy voice
"First, what your name?" I asked
"Shalene." she told me
"what yours?" she asked
"Markus." I replied
"About my dad...he was at work leaving early going to his favorite bar for a pint, except he was
being followed that day after he got out of the bar as he was heading home walking out of the bar
someone hit him in the head with a glass bottle then brang out their knifes and stabbed him
repeatedly when he was on the ground the kicked him, they didnt even let him get up they treated
him like a dog they let him bleed to death, there where at least 5 of them, no one did anything...."
"How do you know all these details?" she said holding back her tears
"I...Iii..was...cutting school and I seen it all, I was next to my father when he took his last breath."
My eyes started to burn and my fists clinched into a fist as a single tear rolled down my face.
"Im sorry." she said with sincerity
"Why do you say Im sorry, you didn't do anything." I said
"Im sorry that had to happen I mean..."
"yea" I muttered
"So, what happened to your mom?" I said
"She over dosed on her medication, nothing nearly as harsh as what your dad went through, I am
"Yea...I guess." I said as my mind was wandering off
"Well, I got to go." mumbled shalene as she glanced over at the door
"ok, see you later, nice food by the way."
"Thanks, but I didn't make it, It was Martha." she responded
"Well tell Martha thanks." I said quickly right before she shut the door
"Hello Mr. Lane how are we feeling?" said the grey haired doctor walking in with his clip board
in hand
"Fine, except Im feeling quite achy around all the hundreds of places where my bones broke,
other than that I feel fine, why?" I said in a sarcastic voice
He chuckled a little then said
"well...I see your funny bones doing fine." He said like it was supposed to be funny
"oook" I said looking at him with my head cocked to the side
"Thats a hit with all the 9 year olds." He said as his voice trailed off
"Anyway, I was looking at your charts and it looks like you might be able to get out next week"
He said excitedly
"cool." I responded
"This wont hurt a bit." The grey haired doctor said
"wha?" I began to say when I passed out
The doctor is standing over Markus with a serenge.
As I approached the front doors of the jail house I felt the sense of freedom rush over me, then
the sense of freedom became worry, I was
thinking about Markus, I wonder if hes ok. My ride pulled up just in time, it was my friend
Derek, He just got his drivers license a week ago
He Yelled "Whats up Jeremy!"
"Hey man can you take me to St.Thomas hospital? Im going to go see Markus"
"Yea, I was thinking of visiting good ol marco too, hop on in." He said
As we pulled up to the hospital Derek said
"I hear some pretty deep stuff is going on, I heard my man marco lost his arm."
"what?!" I snapped back quickly
I knew he was in the hospital for because of a car wreck but I didn't know how bad it was.
"Yeah man he done drove himself off of a cliff, it's a wonder hes alive." he said
"So hes still alive?" I said still surprised
"yeah." he said
"I don't know what to say, but I really want to see him now." I responded
As we pulled up to the hospital I seen someone that made my stomach cringe Vince Hancock,
nick named Vance
He is defenatley bad news, he has been after Markus since he was 9
I have to get to markus fast!

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