Hello Drugs!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Welcome to the ugly truth!

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012





Hello my lovely and friendly drug,

Are you ready to take a trip with me in the light?

We gona dance and we gona laugh our lungs out,

Im gona be happy once again in this black and white world.

So needle come and push through my skin,

Inject the liquid of gods into my blood,

Nothing will beat me after this.

Even rocks will feel like pieces of gums,

When I will be stand up in front of them.

The violent work now was done,

The needle seems like had its fun,

So now we wait for the beast to come alive,

And so it does inside my body.

Like millions of dancers start having a party inside me,

Everything seems good and everything seems fun,

But what happens when it becomes dark?

I stand in middle of the black asphalt of the road,

And i hear lodly from far away a howl,

A howl that could tear my ears and squash my brain.

Turning my head in a flowing motion

 I can clearly notice five silhouettes.

Wondering that those might be my lovers,

Wondering that those might be some stripers.

My imagination was shocked when I notice,

five huge and freakish smiley hyenes.

Their fur was as black as my teeth,

And I noticed that they didnt like me.

Because they started running and howling,

Like some bulls attracted by a man made of glowing red skin.

The run seemed the only solution I could see,

But the hyenes were as fast as devils chariots,

So they managed to get near me.

A nearby building was my salvation,

Where I hoped I would lose my trails

On the heaven endless stairs.

I keep climbing them up going higher and higher

With every second my skin lives in this dimension.

Probably 666 floors i climb till something appears in front of me…

It was a big and angry Rottweiler dog

Grinding his teeth for fresh meat and for fresh blood.

I couldnt afford escaping anymore,

And to face death or glory was my only choice.

I just run toward the Rottweiler screaming and cursing,

With my fists targeting his jaw and head.

When I get close enough to hit him,

I try once but I miss it ,

So the Rottweiler turns his head and bites my arm,

Which he won’t let go of it anymore.

Many people come to try to push him away,

But the devil got his teeth hard on me,

And even if I would cry and scream for six minutes

He wouldnt let it go anymore…

The hyenes came and tear up all my those who were helping me,

Start chewing on their meat and drinking their blood,

Like a thirsty desert  man finds an oasis after six days walk.

Im left alone with these devils hounds,

And I know there is none that can help me,

They tryed but it was too late...

So I let my body fall into the ground.

Raising the dust from the floor,

The Dust of many wasted years, 

And the devils hounds keep chewing in my body parts.

At this moment the Rottweiler takes out his teeth from my skin,

Showing me the big black hole on my vain,

 The dark red blood kept  flowing away from my brain and body,

And the black hole was the last thing I saw...


When you abuse drugs dont just think you are only hurting youself but also the others that care for you and want to help you out

You might not understand right away but your Tornado will get them in its rotation all the people that are near you

Like the Hyenes did...

So quit before it is too late because your next drug trip

Will be the trip to Devil hounds teeth

ANd the black hole will be last thing you see and care for

Wont be like in movies where all life will go in front of your eyes

Only a big black hole will appear to you on your last breath.

Please share this writing, like it, comment so the drug abusers will proabably be boosted to take professional treatment or just try to quit it with their force of will...



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