Kalie's Cave

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL STORIE, much unlike others. Kalie Jonsey Mirramont lives in another world, or so she likes to believe When her eyes close, her mind gets to exploring. Kalie doesn’t find all the things that a normal 14 year old girl would probably find interesting. She doesn’t have much of an interest for the boys at her school and doesn’t like having to stay home with her parents. She runs off day and night to her own little world in her head. She runs off to her cave were she feels much safer. She can think up her own people to talk to and create her own dreams of wonder. But what happens when in her mind, she starts to realize that she can’t always make things up and hind from the real world. What happens wh her real world and her bade up world start to colide an her land starts slowly fading away and things are crashing down in her made up land as she try’s to make it last for ever.

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