Chance Encounter

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The two women in this book found each other by a chance encounter. Josephine and Abriana are complete opposites in many respects. They are both intelligent but come from entirely diverse environments and upbringings.

Josephine is from Bogota, New Jersey, a small suburban town outside of New York City. She is the product of an unhappy marriage and a sexually abusive father. While very intelligent, she has never had the opportunity to go to college and settled into a menial sales job at Macy’s, Herald Square, in New York City. She has, at twenty-six, resigned herself to her plight, but continuously struggles to improve her station in life.

Abriana, at age twenty-eight, has lived a life of privilege. Her father is a former United States Senator from Massachusetts. Her parents live in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, where they both spend the preponderance of their time in philanthropic pursuits. Her parents were rarely available to give her a normal childhood. In truth, Abriana was reared by Au Pairs, house servants and the customary assembly of usual suspects used by parents to raise an unwanted child. She did her undergraduate work at Wellesley College and received her Jurist Doctorate at Yale. Abriana now works for a prestigious law firm in New York City.

This is their story.

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Chance Encounter

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